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Awful. Slowest wine delivery, will never use this company again

I have now been waiting 12 working days and still no wine. Have been buying wine elsewhere for Christmas parties. Of course, the money was taken from my credit card 19days ago!! I asked about any form of compensation for the terrible service but apparently it's not available. I predict they have many, many similar complaints.....

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It got worse. After numerous phone calls I was informed that my wine was damaged in transit. Unable to get any wine to me before Christmas (I was willing to change my order if required), so they suggested I cancel my order?! Still no sign of my refund. Contacted another wine company who have guaranteed my wine will be delivered by Christmas. Honestly my worst ever retail experience, this company should be ashamed!

Great Wine for great value

I'm new to Cellarmasters after receiving an email recently. Bought a mixed case of wine (6 x red & 6x white wine), it was well received, as my friends and family enjoyed it at a recent dinner party. My only criticism is that delivery was a little slow, so would recommend a week buffer if you need it for a specific date.

Great Wine Delivered to Your Door - Love it!

Ordered a case of the Black Wattle Mt Benson Cab Sav after trying it at a friends place and falling in love with it. Great value wine without the fuss or need to pick it up at the shops. Was delivered to my doorstep in around 5 days and received a text to tell me it arrived. Easy.

Very Slow Delivery

Nowhere do they tell you that a delivery will take at least 5-7 days, and that they won't worry until its 9 or so (not because there is a problem but because that is how they operate there shipments) . I have had items from HK arrive overnight! I won't be using them again, why would I, they are not selling anything unique so they must compete on service.

Too many phone calls

I once bought a case of wine from this online shop. I didn't like it and so did not reorder. They don't stock the wine I like. Since then I have received a gazillion calls from them despite the fact that I never make an order, or redeem their vouchers, and have asked to be removed from their list. I blacklist the number and they call from another one. I blacklist again. High pressure calls. Harassment by phone.

Online shopping shouldn't be so hard- but the wine is great!

I don't usually shop here but I did this once to buy a 12 pack of James Halliday 90+ rated reds.

I received a message telling me my wine was ready for pickup. Went to BWS at the Ponds to pick up only to be told that the case was there but the 'paperwork' wasn't. First impressions actually do matter HOWEVER I don't think it is fair to slam Cellarmasters because the staff at BWS couldn't care less.

On the topic of the wine...

I am very impressed. Yes I bought a more than decent case of wine, but the quality of wine surpassed my expectations. I will definitely be back.

.I received a call from a rather smug, bordering on rude sales rep yesterday. Will remember to tell them to take my name off Cellarmasters' calling list next time. Not acceptable guys.

Slow delivery

Stuck at "shipped" status for a week and no news after that. If I knew beforehand I'd just go and pick it up myself instead of waiting 3 weeks for delivery.

Excellent wine, good price, great service,

Ordered the Woolworths shareholder's dozen. So good I order another and will keep ordering. I don't know if all their selections are as good as this. All the wines were all excellent. Fantastic value, and much much better than the local bottle shop. Delivery was prompt and without fuss. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys wine.

3 weeks, 5 calls, 0 wine

I'm not in the business of leaving 1-star reviews indiscriminately but really feel my experience justifies the rating.

After ordering some wine for pick up and waiting a week without any communication or advancement of the order on my account, I gave cellarmasters a call. Representative wasn't sure of the delay so said he'd get the order going and would communicate when he had done so. No communication after two days, so called again. Was told that they were out of stock, could not get the stock and couldn't fulfil the order.

I asked for the order to be cancelled and refunded, and was told the refund would take 3-5 days. Called again after 5 days and no refund, only to be told the order had just been given to the accounts team, so refund would take another 3-5 days. After waiting this time a refund came through.

End of story, right? NO. It was only a partial refund (due to two different payment methods being used). So I sit here awaiting another callback to explain what has or hasn't happened this time, and when I'll receive the remainder of the money I spent 3 weeks ago

I've spent almost an hour chasing wine that will never arrive and a refund that doesn't seem to want to leave the maw of Cellarmasters/Woolworths. And do you know the worst bit? I can't even drown my sorrows in what I bought! For my first experience of Cellarmasters, this is also my last. There are many many people out there doing online wine sales far better and cheaper than Cellarmasters - I suggest you use them instead.

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Wait - it gets even better! I received the remainder of my refund approximately 4 days after this review. Then the day AFTER I received my refund I received an invoice from Cellarmasters stating that the amount of the part-refund was still outstanding to them! Because everyone sends out invoices for items they take payment for and never provide, right? This is serious comedy-farce, and I can only laugh because my persistent contact delivered my refund.

Slow delivery and no help from "customer service"

Placed an order for 3 dozen wines 22 April - as at today, 11 May, they have still not arrived.

Update: My wine arrived 13 May. It just took 3 weeks, 3 follow-up emails and one request for a refund.....

2012 Chateau Tanunda Shiraz

I'm primarily a white wine drinker, but this soft red is exceptional -rating ******* Thanks ! Berry fruit, pepper aroma, subtle vanilla.

Cellarmasters - snailpace delivery

Placed an order with Cellarmasters on 2 April, and as at 15 April it still has not arrived. This is not good enough for a delivery to Ulladulla which is not exactly a remote location. Why is it that I can receive on line orders placed with just about any other company across Australia within 2 to 3 working days but no so with Cellarmasters. They are quick to cash your purchase but they can't deliver within a reasonable timeframe. They cover themselves with t's and C's which do not guarantee a delivery date! They do not respond to emails and are tardy returning phone calls. Cellarmasters is not worth the aggravation. Much better off going to the local where there are plenty of comparable specials. I still await delivery of my purchase with the latest advice from Callarmasters is to call them again if my delivery has not arrived by 22 April! Not happy!

Leave me alone Cellarmasters!

I ordered a mixed dozen of whites before Christmas. The deal was great value, the wines were ok (some of them not my taste but for the price I can't complain) and delivery was quick. If it had ended there I would have been a happy customer and would have probably ordered again. However, since then I've had constant marketing calls, usually while I'm at work. It's extremely annoying. After reading similar reviews here I went to change my contact preferences, only to see that I had already selected to only be contacted my mail and email, yet they're calling three days a week anyway, once very early on a Saturday morning. I'll never buy with Cellarmasters again, it's worth paying a bit extra at the bottle shop to be left alone in between purchases.

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Hi Charlotte. We're sorry to hear that you're getting called too much. If you do not want calls you can tell the wine advisor that you no longer want to be called or you can update your contact preferences in the my account dashboard. You mentioned that you had changed your preferences and still received a call though, so if you can send me a message here with your details i will check to make sure you are 100% blocked from receiving calls Thank you Customer Care.

Great sales rep.

I have a guy from Cellarmasters who rings me regularly (on an agreed schedule) and offers my really good wines at prices I am comfortable with. He keeps a track of what I order and what I say I particularly liked and then suggests similar good deals at the next call. Thanks Simon.

Great Wines/Great Prices/Great Service

I have been buying my Red Wines from Cellarmasters online Store for the past eight (8) months. I wait for the Great Specials with Free Delivery on Carton lots to be advertised online. I always buy Red Wines as this is my particular wine preference. The wines I have been sent have almost always been excellent and on the one occassion I didn't like a particular wine Cellarmasters replaced that particular wine and credited my account for the wine I didn't like. I love this company !!! As I stated in my Title for this review.....GREAT WINES/GREAT PRICES/GREAT SERVICE really has to be the 'motto' for Cellarmasters. I would recommend them to everyone.

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Thanks Kim for your kind words, we're really happy to hear you're enjoying shopping with us.

Not sure we share a definition of 'home delivery'

Ordered two cases of wine a week before their Christmas cut off... it didn't arrive by Christmas. It still hadn't arrived by New Year and now we discover that it has been waiting somewhere an hour drive away !?!

Um, that isn't home delivery! I could have just driven to the shops and purchased my own choice of wine.

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Hi Katie, sorry to hear about your experience here. Can you please private message us your email address so we can investigate this and sort this out for you. Regards, Cellarmasters Team

10 days and still cant tell me when

Having paid and waiting 10 days with still no sign of the wine, I had to send two emails with no replies ., phoned and they still could not tell me when...this is rubbish in these modern times give it up ... give me back my money today we don't want to wait another 10 days for that .

Hi Nick, sorry to hear about your experience here. Can you please private message us your email address so we can investigate this and sort this out for you. Regards, Cellarmasters TeamPlease just refund me the money today without delaysHi Nick Unfortunately Product Review doesn't give us any information about you so we don't know who you are right now. If you give me your email address i can identify you in our system and sort this out Thank you

Hopeless - Wish I Read Reviews Before Ordering

I ordered a gift card to be delivered to my father as he uses Cellarmasters. The card has not been received.
I was told card would be couried and received next business day. 5 days later it was not received. I spoke to 3 people of whom told me that they would all call back and did not. I was told that I could contact Cellarmasters 3rd party courier company myself if I wanted and follow up with them if I want.
As yet card has not been received and no one had called me back to tell me where the card is.
How is this so hard?
My father is to cancel his account with Cellarmasters and I will never use again.
I will be contacting my credit card company (Amex, who are good at doing it) to have the transaction cancelled for "failure to complete contract."

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Hi Matt, can you please PM us with your details so we can investigate this. A Third party does manage our vouchers but we do raise any concerns direct with them so we should be able to get this issue sorted out. Regards, Cellarmasters Team

They Never Take No For An Answer

It is amazing how aggressive these sales people are. Three times they called and were told no. We told them our cr card had expired and we were not ordering anymore. They managed to do an unauthorised transaction on my expired cr card. Explain that!!
The customer service girl is rude and talks over you as well. Awful company - awful service

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ANZ Bank will investigate this fraud.

Wine Not Delivered

My order in May 2015 was not delivered - I arranged to be home on 4 occasions to receive delivery and in each case I was either told the wine was delivered or that no one was home, which was not correct. Eventually I had to resort to cancelling my order as I could not take any more days to stay home. Based on the reviews here it looks like this was a common issue.

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Hi, We're sorry to hear about your experience. If you could please message us your email or phone number we would like to investigate to understand where we went wrong. Since this time we've been working hard on adding new delivery options such as Click & Collect through over 300 BWS stores across Australia and will have more news on this front next year. Regards, Cellarmasters Team

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I received a text saying my order was delivered but the wine was no where to be seen! Just wondering if anyone had the same experience.
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Does not surprise me at all. Had money taken from my account without my consent and no delivery for over a week.I had exactly the same experience (I suspect they have done it to me twice - the first time I was overseas and so I didn't follow it up). They claim that they sent me a letter offering me their Wine of the Year and that if I didn't respond I was automatically charged for the purchase. Seriously poor form, and possibly illegal.I cant leave fast enough too much push push wine so so. Very quick to get your cash. Not happy.

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