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Centurion Code Lock

Centurion Code Lock

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Have to throw out over a 70c connector - do NOT recommend. Find another brand.

The YL99 has worked fine on the door and still does, but the batteries needed changing. This time the male connector (on the wire from the board) let go a wire (probably a bad crimp) and so after putting in fresh batteries, I cannot connect the battery pack to the door handle. It is now useless and the door permanently locked from the outside. Should be easy right? 70c 3-way (3 pin) white plastic connector (7mm x 4mm). Apparently not. Altronics, Jaycar and RC Components don't carry a connector that small, or with 3 pins, or in a male/female and the larger size won't fit inside the door knob. But wait! Centurion should be able to fix it right? Wrong. A male ([name removed]?) who couldn't get me off the phone fast enough and almost yawned with boredom told me the only connectors they had were already connected to other (new) door locks. No, they don't keep parts and won't be able to fix it. But he will very kindly sell me a new door lock (approx $100 without installation). I'm disgusted. The lock is fine and I was very happy with it. This product is very poor value for money due to a design weakness and exceptionally poor customer service.

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