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BEWARE - Cheap faulty product

4 years ago almost to the day we moved into our newly built home, and 2 days ago our Centurion Garage Door (sectional, double) completely collapsed onto our car and hit our son. Our son is ok, a bruised arm, our car is dented and scratched and the garage door is in pieces. We called Centurion and we were told there is only have a 12 month warranty and they lectured us for there being no service history listed. We honestly did not know we had to service the door annually and we were definitely not told by our builder. Centurion have a record of the door at our address but under the builder's name. Centurion also lectured us that a garage door should be serviced like we would service our car. What, really?? Well, we've never heard of this!!?? Actually, our friends and family are also surprised by this and admit that they never service their garage door, only if it is particularly noisy or broken etc. Centurion did not ask about the welfare of our son, they did not care. What if the door hit him on the head, I shudder to think...

Apparently, we should have read the manual and the sticker on the back of the door, as both recommend servicing annually. Well, we can't find a manual, (if the builder even handed it over), and we found the sticker today, stuck on the top of door about 7-8 feet up, we cannot see it or read it, the print is extremely small.

Centurion will not admit any fault or responsibility at all. They coldly suggested for us to book their technician to come out, fix it and service it, with a starting call out fee of $165 plus parts etc. etc. So, Centurion do not back their product for any longer than 12 months, not good!! Just extremely bad quality, cheap product (the joints are plastic!!??).

We are now trying to claim through our Home insurance (excess $.....) and also Car insurance (another excess $.....). What do we do?? Centurion have NO duty of care?? We are at a loss, literally.

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Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service & Product Support

We highly recommend Centurion Garage Doors. The product support and after sales service has been excellent. A company that care and a pleasure to deal with. "They have gone above and beyond our expectations and delivered a faultless service!"

Product Quality
Job Satisfaction
Customer Service
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Thank you so much for your feedback Chris. We take great pride in our product and our service. Hope you enjoy your garage door for many years to come. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

Very Dissatified ........ Crappy Motor

When my house was built just under 2.5 years ago the builder installed a centurion single roller door and motor. First issue with motor about 12 to 18 months ago was covered under warranty. Last week this just started to play up again with the door not going up on down with the motor not working. I have had a garage door tech out this morning because I am told by centurion that the warranty period was only 2 years which I find pretty poor !!!
I am told by the Technocian who attended this morning the gears are stripped and the motor needs to be replaced. So not only gu did I have to pay a callout fee today but also the cost to replace my motor ..... not happy would expect alot longer life and warranty period with your product !!!!!!

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Store LocationBuilder Arranged
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Good Afternoon, we are sorry to hear about your experience and would like to investigate it further. Could you please contact our branch on 07 3441 4900 or alternatively could you please email ljohannessen@cgdoors.com.au at your earliest convenience. Regards Customer Service Centurion Garage Doors

Poor product and customer service

My husband, Richard, and I had a centurion garage door installed six and a half years ago. We have had recurrent problems from the outset, with countless call-outs over this time period. Initially, the issues were unable to be correctly identified/addressed; eventually, a repair person discovered that the door had been incorrectly tensioned upon installation and adjusted it. My husband and I have spent plenty of dollars along the way for the repairs for various other issues including the replacement of the power board. For every call-out/repair, we have had to be at home resulting in many hours of lost work time. There have been also many days that our cars have had to be parked on the verge, and we have had to endure lots of dismissive phone calls with staff who demonstrated a reluctance to genuinely assist and a lack of accountability on the behalf of Centurion. Our latest issue is that the webbing on the edges of the garage door has come away. The service person attended last week and stated that the reasonable life expectancy of the door including the integrity of the webbing was 12-15 years. Despite acknowledging this, a quote for replacement of the whole door was delivered at a cost of almost $2 400 (initial quote did not even include the motor)! Our belief is that the faulty product ought to be replaced by Centurion, and should have been when it was patently obvious that we had a lemon very early in the piece. We have been forced to seek assistance from the ACCC and will be following their pathways. My recommendation is that you avoid this company as their product and their customer service leave much to be desired.

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Good Afternoon, my name is Brenda and I have recently started working at Centurion Garage Doors as the Customer Service Manager. I would love to help by having a look at the history of your door but require some information first. I need to know whom you purchased your Centurion garage door through and what your address is? Could you please email me this information and a contact number and I will get back to you as soon as possible - bknox@cgdoors.com.au Thank you Brenda KnoxThankyouHello Brenda, At this point in time we have not reached a satisfactory resolution. We are still being asked to pay $2000 for the garage door replacement as CG doors is unprepared to bear any costs themselves related to the sale/installation of their faulty product. Over the last 6 and 1/2 years we have paid $3062.80 for the original product purchase and installation, and many more hundreds of dollars for the various callouts/repairs/replacements of parts since. Now we are are being asked to pay a further $2000 to have it replaced. This is all becoming ludicrously expensive and painful. We would appreciate a satisfactory resolution that is not drawn out any further please.

Horrible Warranty! Go elsewhere!

Have a Centurion Garage Door track design and the motor has currently died not even 2 years when installed!

Builder organized someone from Centurion to come out to assist but no one called, then called the builder instead of me and telling them someone came out and motor is out of warranty when no ones even looked at the door yet, no one even came! Liars! Also then tried to blame me telling me my garage door hasn't been serviced even though it was serviced when it was serviced last year, even payed the gentleman $165 for him servicing for not even half an hour!

The motor should be covered under consumer law as it isn't old, the motor is only not even 2 years old and the price paid for this unit, it should last longer. Will be reporting to consumer affairs for misleading consumers on their rights! Product should last for a reasonable amount of time!

Shame! Stay away from these guys, would 100% recommend Steel Line superb customer service and managers actually ring and tell off their staff if they provide horrible customer service! We use these guys in our second property and cant fault them!

Dear Ello, My name is Mark Canning a director and owner of Centurion Garage Doors, I am sorry to here that your experience in our service has not met your expectations and I would welcome the opportunity to investigate this further, we are certainly not in the business of letting our customers down , unfortunately I am unable to assist further here with out some help from you as I have no way of identifying your door through this post. My email address is mcanning@cgdoors.com.au and I would be more than happy to investigate this further if you are happy to contact me and furnish me with some specifics around your home namely the address and builders name. Hope to hear from you at your convenience Kind regards MarkHi all just wanted to tell you that the issue has been rectified thanks to the help of Mark!

Great to deal with!

I found the entire process from quote to installation seamless and hassle free. Clear communication and great pricing. Couldn't be happier with the product.

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Hi K and F Thank you for your kind words. We are very proud of what we do and do appreciate you taking time to let us know. Enjoy your new door! Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Excellent customer service

This company has a process in place to deal with quality issues. The initial door they installed wasn't very straight, which was partially my fault and due to the fact that the wall wasn't straight. After my complaint, they manufactured a whole new door and rectified the problem. No charge, although I offered to cover some of the cost.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know about your experience. It is appreciated :) Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager Centurion Garage Doors

Amazing excellent service

Guardian Star Property Pty Ltd- https://www.guardianstar.com.au/new
Centurion Garage Doors manage to replace my damaged polycarbonate panels in record time and not just 1 door but 3!
We had an unfortunate event when our newly installed Sunshine series garage doors at our new development was damaged by a post-construction cleaning team. This would have had a detrimental effect on the launch and timing of our project.
In came super Mandi and her team and had all 3 doors removed, repaired and replaced in a matter of a week! Yes that's right in a week.
We are so grateful to Centurion Garage Doors for their service and will recommend them to all our friends and business contacts.
Well done guys!

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HI Neels Thank you very much for your kind words. This was a challenge but with the help of a great team , we did it :) It was a pleasure helping you with this problem. Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Great Customer Srevice And Product

From first contact with Centurion Doors the experience was great .The sales person was on time to measure up and quote he was very pleasant not pushy to sell like others I had quotes from and the quote was very good
The sales coordinator was easy to deal with and kept me informed as to when my door would be installed.
The installer was very particular about his work and did a great job .
The door looks fantastic.


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Hi Steve Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We really do appreciate it :) Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Terrible Customer Service

I'm writing this review on behalf of my dad.
He doesn't use computers (Yes I know he needs to learn)
After the garage door was playing up for about a week my dad contacted Centurion complaining of the problem, which the customer service representative advised he get a service he was quoted $165 (We don't carry cash in the house)
My dad got the correct change ready.
The guy arrived did the work was playing around with it changed logistics board that didn't help changed it back to the original.
He told us he had finished the job it was $260 we paid $165 as stated above we don't carry cash in the house and left garage door up.
Little did we know it wasn't finished it wouldn't go down.
We had to call them they informed us we need to press learn button and click garage button a few times.
My dad called [name removed] in regards to $260 we were told as the garage motor was replaced in June 2014 and has a 5 year motor warranty to which [name removed] replied it was a logistics issue and that wasn't covered.
My dad said that's crap I watched him its got same logistics board in it at this point [name removed] got Irritate yelling you aren't going to pay.
Which we never said we wouldn't we just wanted to know about Warranty etc.
My dad did tell her that her customer service was crap.
He was hung up on.
She rang back 35 minutes later to which my dad picked up the phone and said "Have you calmed down yet"
She started banging on about you should of paid invoice in cash today give me your email.
Dad obviously doesn't deal with computers and wouldn't know email address if his life depended on it.
I thought maybe this could of been an isolated incident but it has become evident on reviews on here and google that this is a reoccurring issue with her customer service skills. She is supposed to be face of company head office that deals with all these issues.
I would suggest that people go elsewhere if you want fantastic customer service.
Because the Head Office in Wangara will not offer this for you.
Maybe if you are reading this [name removed] please engage in some sort of telephone/customer service techniques course.

Dear Valued Customer, We regret that you had a negative experience. I have taken note of the issues you have raised and will certainly look into this further. It’s unfortunate that the work being carried out wasn’t explained to your father directly and that the door remotes were not coded for you. This would have prevented any frustration. As you said these are often isolated instances that can occur simply by virtue of miscommunication and being human. We do endeavour to maintain a high standard of professionalism and the good work often goes unrecognised. Having said this, it’s important to always look to improve and your feedback is of great value to us in identifying where we can focus our attention. We take this opportunity to apologise and reassure you that we have taken your comments on board and will review our procedures. Yours Sincerely Nino Bongiovanni State ManagerUpdate after speaking with Nino the issue has been sorted My dad would like to thank you for all your help.

Great product

Very happy with the product and service. We had an unusually complicated situation and this company cared enough to design and produce a door to meet our requirements.

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Hi Kitty Thank you for your feedback. We try our hardest to deliver the best service we can to our clients and it really does make our day when people take the time to let us (and the world) know about their positive experience. Have a wonderful weekend! Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Excellent product and service!

We built a new home 11 months ago and used Centurion's Garage Door. We are happy with the look and the operation of the door, it's so quiet! Recently however, something must have misaligned and it started to sound different. A call to Centurion was warmly accepted and a maintenance technician was despatched very quickly. The technician who came, Jamie, was absolutely fabulous. He listened carefully to the problem so that he could get right to the heart of the problem and was able to resolve it effectively. We found him to be personable, helpful, thorough and competent in his work, not just wanting to tick off the job in the least time possible, but caring enough to ensure that it will not happen again. Jamie is certainly an asset to Centurion Garage Doors. Thank you, Jamie!

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Hi Patrick Thank you very much for letting us know about Jamie's visit to your home. As the largest moving machine in your home, adjustments can be necessary to ensure smooth operation. We are very proud of the service we offer at Centurion and the people who work here. We look forward to hearing from you next year when your door is due for a full service :) Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Have to press the button over 5 times to get it to open.

Recently I have to press the button over 5 times to get the door to open, sometimes it don't open at all, sometimes it opens when I press number 4 button? I had 3 of these fitted to my house 2 years ago. The problem has been a there about 6 month. I phoned Centurion and the first thing they said is over $100 for a call out. I am not paying that!
The after sales service is terrible. All lovey dobey till they got your money, then we want more of your money.
I have loads of spare new controls so I changed all the controls and reprogrammed them multiple times but still the same issue.
I wont buy from them again and wouldn't recommend them.

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Hi Kish I have answered your email sent to Centurion late Friday afternoon. You have mentioned interference with your neighbours door bell to us over the phone, this may be causing your problem. I look forward to hearing from you to assist you in getting to the bottom of this issue. As you door is over 2 years old and does not have any service history, we will always advise you that you really should get this done soon to avoid issues in the future. Looking forward to hearing from you, Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

General Service

Excellent service by Paul the technician, very helpful with advice in all aspects. Highly Recommended, Pleasure Doing Business, Thanks Again

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Hi Gary Thank you for the positive feedback. It makes our day when people take the time to say Thank you :) See you next year! Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manaager

Professional Service

Received very professional and prompt service from this company. The technician that attended was also very professional and very helpful in the advice he gave me. Would definitely recommend their services.

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Hi Ange Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Centurion Garage Doors. We really appreciate it. I would like to thank the Technician who came to see you. Would you mind sending me an email to enquiries@cgdoors.com.au with your address so I can identify your job :) Again, Thank you Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Great service.

I would like to thank you for the service that was done on our garage door.
Aaron was very friendly, on time and very informative about what had been done with the service.
I would also like to say that Tanya was very helpful and courteous as a first point of contact for the company.
They were a pleasure to deal with, a credit to themselves and Centurion garage doors.

Thanks again.
Alan McNaughton.

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Hi Alan Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We do pride ourselves on offering the best Customer Service possible and it is so nice when people take the time to tell us we are doing a good job. I hope you have a great weekend :) Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Thanks so much Mandi from Centurion Garage Doors!

I had a Centurion Garage Door installed when I built my house 6 years ago. Looked great at the time but the installer (not Centurion) touched up the paint inadequately and after a year or two the touch up marks started to show and it looked terrible. It got worse and worse over the years and eventually I contacted Centurion.

I was met with a warm reception initially and then sent to Mandi "Customer Service Manager" who was even better. She looked after me well, even though I took about 4 years to contact Centurion after the initial fault. She arranged for my Garage Door Panels to be replaced and once sorted only took a week or two and now my Garage Door looks brand new!

I even got another remote and the new contractor that installed the Panels even cleaned everything and greased it up and now it runs smoother then ever.

Thanks Centurion Team and Mandi for handling my unique case professionally and with care!

Poor Quality.. Ripple Marks.. Replacement had same issue

I had a new Centurion door installed about a year ago. Installation was great - door is secure, but unfortunately it LOOKS TERRIBLE.

I want everyone to know the facts before contemplating buying a Centurion door. The door installed may have ripple marks that looks like someone has used your door as a golf practise net.

When I complained to our insurance company (SGIO) - we were told that Centurion says the door complies with Australian standards.

I have included a link to a picture of our brand new garage door so you can see the quality of centurions product for yourself. Keep in mind that we have not impacted the door and the installation was perfect.. The ripple marks evident are actually an example of what Centurion says is ok quality and it complies to Australian standard.


To who it may concern

There was no report to Centurion of excessive oil canning (ripples) from Pinnacle Garage doors at the time of installation as would normally be the case if noted. Nor have we received any complaints since that date.

Varying signs of oil canning is common with roll forming steel sheets when making garage door panels.

The accepted std for quality control is standing 3 metres away from and directly in front of the door.

Ripples in the panels can be caused but impact to the door after installation.

Centurion has and continue to use only genuine Bluescope colorbond steel (0.6mm) to make our Sectional garage doors.

[name removed]
Sales Manager


********** Panels were replaced by Centurion **************
Unfortunately the panels had the same issue - so it was a waste of time and demonstrates a lack of quality control even when the Sales Manager offered to do the quality control inspection himself. The installer saw that the same issue existed on the replacement panels prior to install but continued with the install anyhow because they are not paid to check the panels.


Absolutely appauling service

I had a Centurion roller door fitted to my garage 7.5 years ago. In Feb this year the webbing that's on the edge of door came off and kept tangling with the door when trying to operate it. Basically I couldn't use the door. I called Centurion to ask if the could fix it. I was told that it was not possible to fix and I'd need a new door! It would be over a week before they could come out and measure and quote for a new door. I made the appointment only to be contacted later to let me know that they would have to move the appointment to a later date as the man that was coming out had hurt himself and wouldn't be able to attend until several days later. Now over 2 weeks without the use of my garage! I was also told that it would be approx 20 days from quote until another door would be made and installed. I'd had enough as I needed access to my garage. I called a garage service company. They sent out a man to inspect the door immediately. He was amazed that Centurion had failed to come and inspect the door, said it was easily fixed and did so on the spot. It cost $150.00!! I was appalled at the lousy service offered by Centurion and the fact that they not even willing to consider fixing the door.

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Hi Phil .... I am sorry your experience has lead to you writing the above review. I have looked into your comments and it is true, our Rep was off work due to a nasty wisdom tooth extraction. We were expecting him back when your booking was originally made on 27th Feb for 10th March. We did try to move to 13th March but this call out was then cancelled. Had the door been repairable upon inspection, we defiantly would have advised this and not gone down the path of a new door. I am sorry we did not meet your expectations for this call out. Having this Rep off work unexpectedly did create a back log in bookings we were working through to resolve with clients ASAP. It was unfortunate we were not able to offer you the service we would normally expect. I am glad your issue was resolved for you and wish you all the best in the future. Kind Regards Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

Exceptional Customer Service

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 had a Roller Door serviced by Adam of Centurion Garage Doors.
Absolute exceptional customer service. Adam was efficient, professional and clearly explained what he had done during the service.
Thanks again Adam !

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Hi Diana .... Thank you very much for your positive feedback. Adam is a really nice guy who always makes sure he gives the best service to all of our clients. I am so glad you took the time to let us (and the World ) know about him. Kind Regards Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

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Questions & Answers

My centurion garage door functions with the remote but not with the wall switch.
4 answers
Good Afternoon Rodney, Have you tried replacing the battery in the wall remote? If this is not necessary you may need to re-code in your wall remote. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service ManagerAre you talking about the two concave buttons on the wall? If so do I just get the cover off and see a battery in there?Afternoon Rodney, Yes if you look at the bottom of the cover against the wall you will see a little clip. Just push the clip back and the top cover of the switch will pop off. You can then replace the battery and just pop the cover back on again. Hope this helps. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

Hi - I have a Centurion SDO-10 - today it has stopped working and if a button is pressed it will start to open and then close almost immediately... The are no obstructions, and if I disconnect the door from the chain it goes up amd down freely... Any ideas?
1 answer
Good afternoon Jae, Firstly let me apologise for the delayed reply. There could be a number of reasons for this one of them being that you require a new logic board to be fitted. Please could you contact our service department on 9302 7500 and we can schedule a technician to come out and assess. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

Hi, I have the RDO-10 unit and it suddenly stopped working yesterday. The remotes work and I can see the red led light go on when I press the remote button but it just makes a single click sound and nothing further happened afterwards. I've also tried to reset the transmitter but it still won't open. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
1 answer
Good Afternoon, Please have a look to see if the red manual release cord is not hanging lower that the green cord when in manual mode, if this is the case then you will need a technician to come out and assess. This could also be a fuse or a logic board issue. It is best that you call us on 08 9302 7500 and to schedule a technician. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

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