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Motor for Garage door and servicing of all 3 doors.

I would love to mention my grateful appreciation of your installer Jamie, who can out on time to install a motor to my side garage door and to service them. I found him to be very polite and knowledgeable about your product answering my questions and insight in how the door rolls and the spring that tightens it. After finished he hooked all doors to our remotes and garage panel and spare ones. He cleaned up after himself even though raining he stood there to make sure everything was to my satisfaction and was happy. Don't often give great reviews only to the people I regard that deserves it. He is an asset to your company and deserves a well done. Thank you.
Refer to Tina who I sent an email to and Cameron who rang me this morning to thank me for email.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know about your experience with Centurion Garage Doors. We do take great pride in offering the best Customer Service we possibly can and do appreciate your kind feedback. Mandi Carlson Customer Service Manager

garage door

they are terrible people to deal with the door had a hole in it and they refuse to fix the door don't deal with centurion doors you will regret it, now I know, why you have to pay the full amount before installation. they know their workmanship is not to except able standard

Extremely happy

Our Centurion Garage Door was installed when we built our new home over 12 months ago. We had an operational problem with the door which can happen with any new item.
Our door is now operating perfectly. We have been extremely impressed with Centurion's after sales service. They have always been friendly, prompt, and helpful, they show up with the intention of doing the job properly and satisfying the customer.
I would like to personally thank Aaron, the technician who worked on our door, and Cameron, the Manager who we dealt with.
Thanks guys
Extremely happy
John, The Vines.

Stay Away

Terrible customer/after sales service. Poor quality product breaks down regularly(same problem).
Promised it would be fixed permanently last year only for the same thing to happen again this week. Now they tell me they cant service this door anymore. Not a pleasant experience with this company. At expressing my disbelief of the situation to their 'customer service manager' she began to speak over me which in my opinion is 'customer service what not to do 101'. When I told them I would write negative reviews their 'customer service manager' told me to "be very careful about what I say". Ha. It's my opinion and I'll write exactly what I want (this is what I yelled down the phone to her when I hung up). I have since called an independent service agent and they couldn't believe that Centurions won't service their own product.

As the State Manager at Centurion I get to deal with many issues throughout the week. In today's internet review system it is very easy for someone to post a very one sided review. Thankfully we do get an opportunity to clarify the events. The door in question is over 16 years old. It uses a tracking system that was not common in its day and one that hasn't been available from Centurion for 10 years. Given we no longer stock this part last year we provided information on a company we recommend that may be able to assist with resolving the issue. Our customer service manager assisted with this information last year and attempted to assist with this information this year. We have a very clear direction to our team, when a customer becomes abusive and starts to swear at our staff we ask them to stop or we will be hanging up the phone. So I suppose being talked over when your calling someone a f and c when all your trying to do is help in my view is perfectly understandable. It is a shame some people don't understand when you phone a company you are dealing with real people with feelings. Abusing someone is not how your going to get the best customer service. To anyone reading this message. It is becoming common for us to post when we find fault but we don't post when we have a good experience with a business. We manufacture and install thousands of doors a year and have done so since 1976. I like to think we have tens of thousands of happy customers. Next time you get good service from someone, please let them know.I'll start by saying that the door is no older than 15 years as that is the age of the house. I was told yesterday you didn't know how old the door was because you had no records of installing it!! You are right, it is easy to post a very one sided review particularly if the poster has had a very one sided experience, as I have... all bad. In regards to the part you no longer stock, I was told by your technician last year that he would get stainless steel pulley cable which may resist the fraying which was occurring to the normal steel cable and was causing the recurring problem of the door to go up and down unevenly. I was told this cable was no longer available. stainless steel cable is available in many sizes so what is the part you no longer stock??? I believe the door has inherent design/installation faults which to rectify would probably involve reconfiguring the pulley system, which it seems your company wants no part in, hence the "we don't stock that part, try this guy" line. I did get abusive on the phone but not until I was cut off and spoken over by your manager a number of times while I expressed my disbelief at her comments of "there's nothing we can do for you" and "we cant help you". Companies don't stop servicing their products just because they are old. I had already come to terms with the fact that my door is a dud and that if a cheaper option of reconfiguring the pulley system wasn't possible that I would need to get a new door. Your company was entirely focussed on shutting out an existing customer rather than working with me to maintain a level of customer satisfaction. I mean, you could of sold me a new door! but you don't stock that part do you!! You can be sure that I will heap praise on the company who fixes my door or replaces it if they are worthy. Credit where credit is due, and your due none. I do apologise if I upset your manager, no one should have to cop that at work. If I may make a suggestion on how good customer relations could of dealt with that situation, it would have been to send a senior member of the company out to inspect the problem admit that the design is the problem and then proceed to sell a new door. Customer gets a new door, company gets a sale and ongoing service work... everyone's a winner. The only winners here are the people reading this.So after this last comment in march 2016 I had an independent garage door service company come and fix the door. Previously when serviced by Centurion it needed repairing at least annually even with regular cleaning by me. I am extremely happy to say that in the almost 3 years since being repaired by 89's Garage Doors it hasn't needed any further attention other than ongoing cleaning and silicone spray. Thanks heaps 89's. They managed to fix a fault in a product that the manufacturer couldn't.

Great quality!

Centurion have very good service and great quality doors. Extremely happy with my purchase. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Noisy, Door goes up and down on its own.

I've lived in my new home less than 3 years and had nothing but problems with my garage door. Firstly around 10 months after moving in the door started opening and shutting on its own randomly at different times of the day and night. I thought maybe someone in my street has a remote on the same frequency. I checked with the neighbours and looked out for people opening or closing their doors at the same time. This wasn't the issue. I called a technician out as it was still within warranty by 2 months. The technician replaced the circuit board in the unit that houses the motor, saying there may have been a power surge and It affected the circuit board. He advised me to put a surge protector plug between the unit and power/plug socket, which I did. Then approx 18 months later it started doing the same thing again. Up and down on its own at completely random times of the day and night. I've called the Centurion team and they told me its happening more and more to people and they can't pinpoint the issue, except changing the circuit board seems to fix it. So I've been told a call out is $165, plus a new circuit board $115 :(( And you only get a 12 month warranty. My neighbour has also had an issue with exactly the same door and unit. This seems like an expensive exercise to me! Might as well go to Bunnings as a new one is less than the total $280 cost quoted by Centurion and you get a 5 year warranty. So far I feel Centurion Garage Doors are a load of old junk and I wouldn't be surprised if a few of these positive reviews are fake. I wont be recommending them to anyone.

Dear Kls, as the State Manager at Centurion I'm very concerned about the issues you are having with your garage door. If you could contact me at our head office in Perth I would like to arrange for our senior technician to come out and investigate the issue with your door. I will be talking to our staff about this type of issue so our customers are not told you are out of warranty and we cant help. This is not the case as your door opening on its own is not common, and presents a serious security issue for you and one that needs to be investigated. There could be a number of factors that cause a door to open which we need to investigate onsite with your assistance. Please ask for Jeremy 0893027 500Ok Jeremy thanks, will do.

Excellent Service

Isolating the cause of the problem with our garage door required more than one visit and I fully appreciate the quality of the customer support I received from Centurion and the quality of their service technician.

Centurion Garage Door.

My newly installed door would stop 1-foot on the closing cycle and then runs open. Then if it did get pass that, it would stop short 1-foot from fully close. When closed it is obvious the door was warped. The installer came out to do some adjustments and corrected the warp and adjusted the door. The closing problem recurred after one day.

One of the remotes did not work. Centurion advised over the phone to re-code. After re-coding it was only good for a day. Subsequently it would not even re-code.

When Centurion head office heard about my problem that the installer could not fix, they got in touch immediately and promptly sent out a Centurion serviceman, not an installer, to check my door and replace the remote.

The serviceman did an proper alignment check with a laser alignment tool and adjusted the door. I was impressed with his professionalism. He certainly knew what he was doing - he is a Centurion serviceman! After he fixed the door, he explained the cause of the problems and also how best to take care of the door to ensure years of reliable service. The door has been running flawlessly and quietly since.

I believed the initial problems were bugs and glitches expected of a newly installed system. I am pleased with Centurion's response and would like to thank Mark Canning from the head office and the Centurion serviceman from the Perth office for their assistance.

Job well done

We recently had one of your garage doors installed in our new house by Impression Homes. I would like to say that your installer did an excellent, nice and neat job. It's nice to know that some people still put pride into what they do.

Exceptional Service

I ordered a remote control this morning for the garage doors, and within 30 minutes, I was informed the item was shipped. Now that is Exceptional service!

Excellent Customer Support

My house was just 2 years old and my garage door panels started rusting. I spoke to the builder but they didn't do anything about it. I spoke to Centurion Garage Door and even though the door was out of the warranty period they changed the panels as an exception. I am happy with my door and it looks as good as new :)


The sectional door I had fitted by centurion garage doors goes up and down when I press the button, and thats the only positive thing I can say about it.
The door is one of there standard double garage models which is too flimsy and can't handle anything other than moderate winds as I discovered when I went outside on a windy night to see it bending inward about 20 centimetres against my cars bumper. It also popped one of the main brackets on the back of the door off which made the door unusable. The following morning I rang them and eventually got to speak to a woman (after being on hold for 20mins) who organised a guy to promptly come and fix it.
This door is so flimsy Ive actually made a temporary timber brace to put up against the back of the door on windy days/nights because I'm worried its going to completely blow in and wreck my car, what a joke.

Extremely satisfied

Found this garage door company to have a high standard in service and their garage door to be of a high quality. Very satisfied and would highly recommend this company.

Great advise great price

Huge thanks to the guys at centurion
Recently did an investment property, and the advise and cost effective options
Centurion provided was fantastic.
Value for money was the key !!!!!

My house got a Makeover!

The amazing team at Centurion recently helped me make a great choice over a new door to suit the front of my house. We are really happy and just wanted to say a big thankyou for making it all so easy:)

A stylish addition to our home

Centurion's initial consult was friendly, the process simple and the outcome - fantastic! Our new garage doors have created a whole new look for our home. Their modern and individual styles allowed us to think a little outside of the square, while ensuring that the overall finished look was congruent with our home. Very happy!

Very Happy Customer

We had a Centurion Garage door installed a couple of weeks ago and are more than pleased with the result. The door has really complimented some existing renovations done to our home. The door not only looks stylish, it is so quiet compared to our old door. The installer was very professional and i would have no hesitations in recommending Centurion Garage Doors to others. Thank You.

Great Product - Exception Service

We are a property developer who has had over 40 Centurian Garage Doors installed in the past couple of years.
Have always been very happy with the product. On 2 occasions in over 40 doors garage doors the doors needed to be adjusted shortly after the installation. One phone call was made to Centurion and the problem was sorted straight away and we have not had a problem ever since.
The service was exceptional.

Fantastic Service

From the first phone call to having the new garage door fitted, we've had quick and excellent service. Our queries were answered directly and the door looks and works great. We are nearing the end of a new home build and it was fabulous to deal with a company that is profressional in all areas.

Very Happy Customer

We had our Garage door installed a few weeks ago and are thrilled with the new look and increased security of our home. Service and communication throughout the whole process of quoting, ordering and installing our new door was outstanding! Thank you!

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Questions & Answers

My RDO BP1 model roll-up door can open by pressing remote button or button on wall controller but won't close?
3 answers
Good Morning Hishaam, Could I recommend that you call us to book in a service with one of our technicians? This is an unusual situation for a roller door opener and may be a circuit board issue? Call us on 9302 7500 to schedule a service. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service ManagerMorning, I can't call or book in a service as I am in South Africa. I was hoping someone had experienced a similar problem and had a solution.Morning Hishaam, It would be best if you contacted your supplier in South Africa to have a look at your circuit board. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

My garage door does not move when remote is pressed to open. I have E9 error message displayed. how can I resolved the problem and get my garage door to work again?
1 answer
Good Morning Krystal, The E9 error means that the fuse has blown. You can either replace the fuse or call us on 9302 7500 to book a service and one of our technicians can do this for you. However if you do it yourself you will need to reset the door. To do this please follow these simple instructions:- 1. Open the door slightly with remote , or the light on the opener 2. Hold the red learn button until the display changes to LL 3. Then press remote or light, The door will close then open fully then close again on its own. 4. When it has completed this it will go back to a display of (.) 5. Your door will now work as normal. A 15 amp blade fuse can be bought from most service stations or auto stores. Please remember to turn the power point off before removing and replacing. The fuse is located at the end of the circuit board. I hope this helps. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager

My centurion garage door functions with the remote but not with the wall switch.
4 answers
Good Afternoon Rodney, Have you tried replacing the battery in the wall remote? If this is not necessary you may need to re-code in your wall remote. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service ManagerAre you talking about the two concave buttons on the wall? If so do I just get the cover off and see a battery in there?Afternoon Rodney, Yes if you look at the bottom of the cover against the wall you will see a little clip. Just push the clip back and the top cover of the switch will pop off. You can then replace the battery and just pop the cover back on again. Hope this helps. Kind regards Brenda Knox Customer Service Manager


Centurion Garage Doors
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