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Certa 3 Piece 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Tool Set

Certa 3 Piece 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Tool Set

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Usual nonsense...

Got their standard range. A couple of years ago.
One of the batteries died, so I bought a replacement supposed to be "compatible with entire range"..
No can do: the new "Powerplus" batteries are not compatible with the original ones!
What happened to products having to be supported for at least 10 years in Australia?
Looks like Kogan can get away with this because "they are online"?...

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Certa PowerPlus 18V Grass Trimmer

Got what I paid for, the locking mechanism on the handle never actually worked, I had to use a piece of rope to keep it sliding out. The line feed had to be done manually, I think it was supposed to have bump feed but it never worked. After 12 months of reasonable work the rotor head fell off. While it lasted it did a good job.

Purchased from Kogan who only accept reviews immediately after purchase.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good for DIY

The drill and grinder (I've used the most) am more than happy with them.The circular saw, Is really only for light work- hardwood kills the battery very quickly. The main problem I Think is the battery capacity. The available batteries are only 1300mah. Would like to see at least a
4000mah. I also have the reciprocating saw and the jigsaw.very little use at presant but seem okay.overall the tools feel well balanced and capable.

Great kit for a regular house!

I bought this kit from Kogan about 2 month ago and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. It is easy to use, lightweight and does the job well.

Perfect and simple

Purchased the Certa 3 Piece 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Garden 1 $129.00
Tool Set. This is very easy to place together with simple handling and functionality.
The battery fits all 3 devices. Great for my courtyard.

Questions & Answers

The plastic cutting blades for the the Certa 3 piece set where do toy get the plastic blades for the edge trimmer cant see it anywhere on kogan's site. Is there somewhere else i can purchase them?
4 answers
Sorry Mick my Certa trimmer fell apart before I could use even 1 spool of line so I never even looked into plastic blades.Thanks MarkThey used to sell them at Kogan. I got a spare 6 just in case when I got my edge trimmer a couple of years ago. Can't find any at Kogan now...

Where can I buy spare padts or another trimmer? Kogan do not support this product any more.
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Sorry DJG I threw mine out when the trimmer head fell apart and purchased a Ryobi. I did not even consider trying to repair it as the quality was so bad.

Where and how can I purchase this 3 pc set?
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I bought all my certa tools online from Kogan.Usually wait until they have specials with free shipping. Be mindful that it is definitely worth the extra money to buy at least one of the 4 amh batteries as an extra. Dick Smith sells them online too, often very same price.just check Certa rechargeable Tools online to get places and prices.Ted

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