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how long does it take for the product to arrive?
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I bought my phone a month ago and the battery is lasting about 6 hours from 100% to completely flat without even using it much. i was assured that the phones condition would be as new with perhaps a few scratches. i was reluctant to buy a refurbished phone but the ebay description convinced me that it would be a reliable purchase. Is there anything i can do about this? i work 12 hour shifts and its completely unacceptable to have a phone that lasts for less than half of this time.
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Why does my computer stop and restart randomnly
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I am not qualified to answer. Sorry

Hi there, Has any one out there had any problems arise just right after the warranty had expired? What did you do?
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I would say you are screwed. Once you have paid - they have no interest in sorting you out

Some one can tell me what's the best way to get money back?? My order have been 2 months now terrible....
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Contact the Seller and Request to cancel this item.

Hi sorry was just wondering, i was looking at your products on ebay and i saw it said no icloud. Does that mean i can not have icloud on the phone ?
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It may mean its Unlocked from the old device user of icloud and ready to be installed and used by the new owner of the device.

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