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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

3.8 from 8 reviews

Perfect for combination skin

My skin is kinda combination sometimes acne prone sometimes dry sometimes oily... After moving to the cold climate the only moisturiser I tried and only that I will... cream was rich and creamy so I thought I would get acne out of it but I have not... I would definitely suggest this for combination skin

Change of Lid - Change of Cream

I found the blue lidded cream was brilliant and swore by it, but when trying to find a replacement, I can only find the green lidded cream which is a lot thinner and nowhere near as good.
Sadly will have to look elsewhere for a cream as good as the original blue lidded one. I don't believe nothing has changed other than the lids - just need to look at the consistency of the cream.

Feels great on skin

Non greasy light and refreshing cream that is a delight to use

Use it for extremely dry skin and just a all over mosteriser
Priced reasonable and a cream worth trying to help with dry skin

Best product for dry and senstive skin

This is best cream. i have tried so many expensive product to get rid of dry skin, but this cream resolve my problem and best cream for senstive skin.I am quite happy by using facial moisturiser cream

Galderma suggest nothing has changed

HI Fellow reviewers
I agree. The blue lidded Cetaphen cream was far more moisturising and was sadly dissapointed with the green lid.
The company suggest that NOTHING has changed in their cream and that the lids are now green for easier identification - green moisturisers - blue cleansers.


Cheap, just as good as name brands

My dermatologist recommended this when I was looking for a moisturiser for my dry skin. It's not as pricey as many of the name-brand competitors but I've had no issues with it. One can only get so passionate about moisturiser but I think it's high enough praise to say that it's cheap, it works and it's readily available in lots of stores.

Very good minus the parabens!

I bought this for my dry sensitive skin as well as for my baby and it works good. Made skin feeling soft and hydrated but it has PARABENS so be careful! Mine came from Canada and I'm not sure if it goes with every product manufactured.
I didnt see this until just now. Need to change it asap.

Cetaphil is excellent for very dry skin

A friend of mine told me about the Cetaphil moisturiser and how good it is for your skin. It is especially good for very dry skin. I always put far too much on my skin which makes it a bit greasy. It is better not to use too much that way it will last longer too. The Cetaphil moisturising cream is also not expensive.

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Moisturising Cream
Release dateApr 2009
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