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Moisturising Cream and Moisturising Lotion
3.8 from 30 reviews


I found the Moisturising Lotion really light and it felt like it really absorbed into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Most mornings after a wash in the evening I would wake up with an oily forehead and nose, the morning after using this moisturiser I didn't have the usual layer of oil on my forehead and very little on my nose. I love the fact that it's paraben free and doesn't clog the pores. I recently tried a Clinique moisturiser which cost $75 and I found this moisturiser has done the same job for a fraction of the price.
Great price, non greasy, no fragrance, paraben free
Nothing so far

Good one

Its working better than normal lotions. the skin is absoulutly great after the use of Cetaphil. Cleared all the Sun tan and reduced the under eye tan. now its glowing ...skin with cetaphil.
I found the Moisturising Lotion really light and it felt like it really absorbed into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Most mornings after a wash in the evening I would wake up with a fresh feel...
Skin is glowing


This product is fragrance free and is non-greasy. I started using it for my baby who suffers from eczema and is great for the face and body all over, non-irritating.

I also like that it is lanolin and paraben free, and doesn't clog pores so you can use it all over.

Comes in big jars and reasonably priced.
Reasonably priced, good for sensitive skin


It's ok i guess but i found a moisterizer with all natural ingrediants and isn't expensive and way better for your skin. Aveeno active naturals daily lotion is way better than the cetaphil one.
cheap,big bottle
nothing really..aveeno is better though


I found this very good for dry and normal skin. I liked how it has no fragrance so I could wear perfume over it ok. I thought it was a good consitiency, and it sunk into the skin very well and did not feel oily after a few minutes. It is also very cheap which is great to use every day. I thought it was as effective as other more expensive brands! I have recommended it to my mum and she is not using this. You can buy it in a huge jar to last you a long time
Cheap, effective, moisturising, non greasy,


I tried both the lotion and the cream moisturizer from the Cetaphil range. Most moisturizers break out my dry, sensitive skin, so I need something gentle. The lotion is more fluid than the cream, so spreads more easily, however the cream feels more moisturizing. It takes a while to sink in but there is no scent so it didn't bother me. Unfortunately both the cream and lotion caused congestion in my skin within a few days. I would recommend requesting samples from the Cetaphil website before purchasing the products.
Unscented, available in lotion or cream, inexpensive.
Both moisturizers caused my skin to break out, the formula takes a while to sink into skin


This is a great product that I buy in bulk because I do not use anything else. It is safe on my skin and has helped me control acne break outs on my skin.
Great for those who have acne prone skin like me. This product is great because it won't leave a milky and oily film on you skin and it is non comodogenic (it won't clog your pores). It is safe to use on your face and all over your body. It is also non prefumed, so you won't constantly smell like a blooming flower.


I live with eczema and this cream has to be the best so far for face and all over body....It dosent contain a preservative that is found in sorbolene, usually chlorocresol..So it dosent leave my excema inflammed. Every cream is greasy but this one i find the lightest greasy effect and retains mositure the longest. You pay for what you get... Its around $15 for 500grams. But it godo for me
Good moisture coverage. Low greasy feel


This is a good overall moisturiser, and excellent for use after cleansing. It can generally be used in summer, but can get a bit heavy on hotter days where an oil free moisturiser is preferable. It's fragrance free, and as I like things to smell nice, it's a down side for me. The price is quite low, which is great, and it can also last quite a while. I often find most moisturisers aren't moisturising enough for some parts of my skin which are especially dry, but this one certainly wasn't the case.
Great moisturiser, softens and smooths skin
A bit heavy for summer especially on humid days.


My doctor has advised me to use it as a subsitution of body shampoo.
So i believe this product is very good if you have sensitive skin and at the same time it can moisture you. Try Ego body shower before, and I prefer using the Cetaphil moisturisers as a body shower as you will feel fresh and don't really have the "sticky' feeling.
My partner also like this product compare to others.
it's good for sensitive skin because it less chemical and very mild.

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