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Hi guys I have just purchased a 2016 cf 650nk , it runs ok but is lacking in power and is slipping out of third gear , what could be the problem , any ideas.
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Hi Tooz, I recommend getting in touch with a CFMoto Motorcycle Dealer who is familiar with the bike to help sort out the issues you are having. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au/dealers

Please can anyone give me some advice ,my Wk650 tr has efi flashing? runs but won’t rev just bogs down fuel pump making load whine and fault code for injector, injectors been remove tested cleaned and refitted, bike rode for 8 miles then got home turned it off and now won’t rev again, I live in Cornwall uk and can’t seem to find any service centres to get it diagnosed, many thanks in advance.
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Which engine oil do you recommend for the Nk650 2016?
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Hi Onur K., SAE 10W-40 is the grade of oil to use. 2.6 litres is the quantity. Please refer to your owners manual which will outline the details.

Hello CFMoto, Will a 2017 650NK engine fit into a 2013 650 NK frame?
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yes it will exactly the same engine and frame , just different cosmetics

Does the cf moto 650 nk 2013 use a lot of oil I have topped mine up twice since getting it a few weeks ago can’t see a leak wondering where it’s going tif
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No it should not , get it checked out , mine has not used any ( apart from oil changes ) in 40,000 km

Contact CF moto Australia. I purchased a CFmoto 650NK Brand New in 2013. The bike has only done 9500 km and I have been happy with it up until a few week ago. Unfortunately issues started to arise recently and (the dealer) kindly tested the ECU off another machine and the issues resolved, confirming a faulty ECU. Dim neutral light / no speedo / misfiring etc. Earth cables tested etc. The bike has low miles, dry ridden only and garaged. I am now expected to have to pay out $800 for a new ECU that should last a lot longer than 6 years on a brand new machine. Should this be a free exchanged or on a warranty issue by CFmoto or do I need to pursue this in another direction as I cant ride the bike at the moment or afford $800 (25% of the bikes value). Anyone else had this issue ?
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Hi Jon. Sure have. A common issue and CF MOTO does not want to know about it. The dealers are just as bad with dealing with any problems these bikes have. When the ECU was changed out it even had damaged written on it from new meaning it was I stalled that way. Apart from fuel tank leaking from new, the Continental front tyre blistering at 12,000km and the hand grips melting the bike is still running. Shaun

Hi my 2013 cfmoto nk ecu dont come on how do i reset it?
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Hi Jaco, get in touch with a CFMoto Motorcycle Dealer who can plug in a CFMoto diagnostic tool and test it. To find one please head to our website www.cfmoto.com.au

Hi folks I've got a 650nk and I've a red light warning flashing on some times on dash . It's not oil anybody know bike is going find?
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Maybe a sensor error, you'll need to take it to a dealer to check the computers error and they'll let you know what the issue is.twist the throttle to full on and hold, turn ignition key on, wait until light flashes once and release throttle and turn ignition off. That should clear any fault/service reminder codes. If the issue returns, depending on the sequence and length of the flashes you can determine which fault code is being highlighted. Cheers.

Hi all got a 2014 650tk less then 9000ks on it bike seems to be in all prefect except for the fuel gauge when out of tank will read full and empty but when in bike stays one bar under full and will read empty fine any help appreciated thanks?
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Hi Dave, you may need a new fuel sensor. Please get in touch with one of our CFMoto Motorcycle dealers who will be able to test it. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au/dealers

Hi, i have a 2015 650nks, the issue is with the RPM tacho, it all of a sudden does what it wants and sits anywhere on a 360degreee rotation . Does not reset to zero and flickers when riding at any RPM. What could this be as i cannot find out where is receives its signal from? Thanks Paul
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Hi Paul, best to contact a CFMoto dealer and get a mechanic to check it out. To find one please head to our website www.cfmoto.com.au

Hi my bike is coming up with error code 54 (five long flashes 4 quick flashes) but i dont understand what Error_pk (pick up) means?
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Hi Blayne, please contact your CFMoto dealer who can further assist with your 650NK. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au

Has anyone had any trouble with the neutral light saying on and the injector light flashing?
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Hi Sut, it is best to get in touch with a CFMoto Motorcycle Dealer to inspect your bike as it is hard to diagnose with out physically seeing it. If the injector light is flashing constantly it could simply be the service light reminder. If the bike is running correctly and the neutral light is stuck on, this could be to do with the neutral light switch. Again these are only assumptions as I do highly recommend that you get in touch with a dealer. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au

Engine won't wind over it has new battery but still won't wind, bridge it at the starter solenoid and it will wind. Any ideas?
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Hi Bill, you may need to replace the stater relay. Please contact your CFMoto Motorcycle dealer who can further assist with your enquiry. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au

Will a 2014 cf moto motor fit my 2012 frame and belt up the same way? Would I have to change sensors etc?
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Yes exact same engine

can i hook up a cigarette lighter to the wiring to a 250nk so i can use a gps?
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Hi Newcastle B, best to talk to your CFMoto dealer first.

Why not tank pumping cfmoto nk 400cc?
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Hi Manoj N, please get in touch with a CFMoto dealer who can inspect your 400NK. To find a dealer, head to www.cfmoto.com.au

I have a 2015 nks which throws error code 47 oxygen sensor 1 I’ve spent 900$ on these oxygen sensors and plugged them back in and still throws the error code. Doesn’t hinder while ridding but as soon as code is on and flashing while ideling it sounds like something faulls and then it spits and splatters in idal. I’ve ripped apart the bike Checked all wires back to the ecu and also changed spark plugs. I’ve contacted a dealer with there reply of they are unsure as well anyone else have this issue?
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Hi Shannon, thanks for the question. I encourage that you take the NK back to your dealer and have a mechanic to further investigate the issue you are having.To cancel the error code. 1.Turn the throttle wide open. 2. Turn the key to on. 3. Wait till the Fuel Injector (FI) light lights up with one flash. 4. Flick the kill switch to off. 5. Let go the throttle 6. Wait for about 40 seconds. 7. Turn the key to off. 8. Flick the kill switch back to on. Restart the bike and the error codes should be removed.I have the exact same problem. 2013 650nk. Error codes 47 and 48. Changed both O2 sensors. Neutral light on dash is dimly lit. Stand can be put down while in gear and running and doesn’t cut out the motor... usually runs rough between 3500 to 4100rpm. Might be TPS but can’t source one to replace it....

Does anyone know where the ecu diagnostic connector is for fault finding on a 650i naked? I’ve found the ecu under rear seat but no dia plug ?
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Hi Russbus, it is located under the pillion seat.Thanks for replying but it’s not there. The ecu is but no plug for scanning !

Hi my 2015 cfmoto 650 fell over off the stand today on the left side , now when I put it into gear it stalls and won’t start with the clutch in, could it be the clutch sensor or something as the clutch looks to be engaging on the motor ect cheers Andrew
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Hi Spock, please contact your local CFMoto dealer who will be able to assist. www.cfmoto.com.au/dealersThere is a kill switch in the kick stand you may have damaged it when bike fell over

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