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Pretty fantastic so far!

Gotta admit, I was hugely skeptical of this bike when I first bought it, but figured $6k for a brand new bike (comes with unlimited 2 year warranty on everything) most of the bells and whistles of a much more expensive bike, and that aggressive appearance, it's not a huge financial investment risk, even it it turned out to be a complete piece of crap. But so far, I've been super happy. I'll admit, I've not had it all that long, still less than 1000k's but its so much more fun than the CBR250R I came from. Every bike has it's quirky characteristics and unique pro's and con's, so here's my unbiased summary so far:
Torque - it's on tap and immediate in pretty much any gear (and I'm considering its category here).
Comfort - its a nice big comfortable seat for the rider and passenger (so my girlfriend tells me)
Appearance - I actually turns heads with this thing! Albeit its usually from other riders, and they're probably curious to know what the hell it is, as CF Moto is still pretty unheard of in the mainstream market
Speed - It's a LAMs bike apparently (not sure how), but I've got a full license it is still PLENTY fast enough for me
Components - braided steel brake lines as standard, adjustable rear shock, 4 pot calipers (breaks are good)
Price - So cheap!
Experience - it's just a real hoot to ride

Fuel Injection is noisy! Constant high pitch whine, which I initially thought was a low fuel warning, was a bit annoying at the start but I got used to it.
It runs hot - fan comes on all the time and my legs feel like a hand dryer it constantly blowing on them. Not ideal in summer days stuck in traffic.
Weight - its a bit of a lump, but not any more so than the equivalent Ducati. But coming from a light CBR sports bike it was a bit a change to struggle to "tip-toe" reverse.
Fuel consumption - may be my riding style (the torque is very addictive), but I seem to gobble through quite a bit of petrol. Don't care too much though, $14 for a full tank of fun doesn't play too heavy on my mind.
Insurance - I struggled a little to find many insurers that would actually cover this bike. Again, it could be to do with it being a fairly new player...and the stigma of being Chinese, I couldn't get an official explanation why. Basically out out of the 5 I called to get quotes, only 2 would insure it
Tank is a bit wide - I'm not of particularly big built, so I found my thighs don't really hug the bike quite as naturally I've found on other bikes
Seat was a bit high - being a shorter rider was always poses some challenges, I had 4cm taken out of the seat when I bought this and I still couldn't quite flat-foot it in my normal footwear. Since then the suspension has softened and the seat foam compressed more and with boots I hold a two-footed stance quite comfortably. Can't really blame the bike for this, I have the same problem on many other bikes over 300cc.

Very nice bike

Absolutely incredible value for money, just clocked over 8000klms had a power pipe fitted, air cleaner upgrade and had it dyno'ed and this bike keeps up with the Ducati 900's and MT09's. Very entertaining bike to ride, you wont get bored with the moto like you do most 650Lams bikes, this thing is a weapon. And hasnt missed a beat

I lost my brake

Hi everyone, this bike it's a fun toy but after what happened today, i'm scared to use this crap! In the middle of a corner in the blue mountain down hill my rear brake jump off hit the rims, tyre and my leg.

Hi Stefano - Sorry to hear this happened to you. Did you contact your CFMoto dealer about this? There are a few questions that definitely need answering here, if you wouldn't mind, could you send us the details via our website form at www.cfmoto.com.au/contact so we can investigate? Thanks again CFMoto AustraliaThanks guys, the problem is been fix allready the CF Moto fix the damage and replace the faulty brake and brackets, thanks anyway

Not missed a beat in 12000km

Had mine since june 2015 , bike first registered march 2015 and it has not missed a beat mechanically , the rev counter sort of fogged on the inside but this was replaced no Q's asked by Motoshop Rockingham , thanks Dave .! .
I have fitted an after market ' Scorpion Red power' muffler a direct bolt on that sounds awesome and taken the slight 'Snatchyness' at 2-3k rpm around town , bike and me love it ! .
It is my first ever new bike after years of 2nd hand bikes and I just love it , sexy , goes really well and gets lots of positive comments every where I go , great bike for little money .

Just clocked 15k,fitted a tail tidy today $120 with all fittings, leads etc from R&G racing England. A perfect fit it is a good bit of gear that takes over a kilo off . Also fitted new Ferodo brake pads front and rear as the Chinese standard ones were pissing me off with the terrible black dust they shred in use , nothing wrong with the performance I just got sick of cleaning it off. These took 30 minutes to fit , great design so if you get a shop to fit them watch the bill , 1 hour is a rip off , 30 minutes max Well , riding home from work a month ago a stupid commodore driver pulled out of a stop sign on my left straight into me ,,, I was ok but the bike suffered damage , bent forks , tank , front rim and tyre , case scraping , cosmetics ,,, etc . etc. Shannons were awesome as well as my bike shop ( Motoshop , Rockingham) and I am picking it up tomorrow , CFMoto were awesome with all the parts to do this repair , even down to the tank decals , great after market service , don't believe all you hear/read on these bikes .

No, no, no!

I purchased a CF Moto 650NKS in April 2015.
Electrical problems plague this model - and there are internet forums dedicated to people complaining about the brand.
Within a week of purchase I discovered that the high beam light turns on - and won't turn off - when riding the bike in rain.
I had to cover my high beam switch with masking tape to prevent rainwater seeing in to the electrics.
CF Moto were unable to help with the issue and just referred me back to the dealer - who shrugged and said they couldn't fix it.
But that was just a small part of my worries.
The fuel indicator light often suddenly turns itself on, and remains glowing, and this warning coincides with the bike randomly and frequently stalling.
Imagine riding down a steep hill or between heavy trucks and the engine suddenly cutting out!
I work as a courier rider, and the engine on my CF Moto cuts out up to 200 times a day. Frightening!
I'm now arranging a refund and I strongly advise anyone against purchasing this bike.

Hi Alec - We are sorry to read your experience with your 650NKS has not met your expectations and would like to investigate further for you. If you could please jump onto our website www.cfmoto.com.au/contact and provide the necessary details, we would be happy to look into this further for you. CFMoto AustraliaToo late. I've already communicated with the Australian CFMoto importer, and he was very patronising and unhelpful - hence why I'm warning others to stay away from this trouble-prone bike.

Great bike

I brought a white 2014 650NK from Motomax in Osborne Park, WA. With the bike sale, I organized a tail tidy and Scorpion exhaust. I have clocked up 6000km's and not had one issue, not one!
I ride with a club in Perth and enjoy the bike immensely, It's a pleasure to ride. I regularly clock up 200-300km rides.
I have added Protaper ATV handle bars (to keep the original profile) a 56L topbox (the bracket I had to source from Taobao - the Chinese equivalent to Ebay, it only cost me $18 and $40 for shipping), custom dual 12v socket (great for running my GPS off and charging my phone!) and dual mirror extensions (from my previous bike - great to be able to see whats behind you..).
Highly recommended!

I have 2000km ride for charity coming up in August, can't wait!

My Cfmoto Experience

I would highly recommend this bike to anyone, wether on your learners or full license. I own the latest model of the 650nk, i bought the bike with four hundred km's on it and admittedly i was sceptical of a chinese brand... But ive put 600 on it in just under 2 weeks. The bike is absolutely fantastic, I cant say anything bad about it...Period!!! I find that it has great power and sits nicely through the corners. As someone who comes from a farm and rode bikes all my life, i can say its awesome, being a 650 i thought it would lack power but i was greatly suprised, it has been restricted to 41.5kw but unrestricted it pumps out 51.7. The bike is comfortable,fast and looks great. I ride everyday and i thoroughly enjoy it.
I say again Despite the sceptics of a chinese brand motorcycle, it is fantastic I have no complaints.
Happy Riding

No complaints yet! Goes very nicely, awesome bang for the buck!

Done 2000 kms now and am very happy with it. Mine is a mid-2014 model, so they've probably worked out the issues that the 2013 suffered from. Power is great, riding position great, look, is great, gears can be a little clunky (but that applies to most new bikes), sounds good, and generally does everything you would want. ABS would be nice, but I'm not prepared to pay 5 grand for it. I lanesplit a bit and found the bar ends were a bit long, so swapped those out with some slim ones, and it didn't make the mirrors shake any more than usual or anything. The real test will be at about 25,000 kms to see what order it's in, but I'm not minding it one little bit at the moment, and it's taken some punishment from me. Handles the Brissy heat, not to mention going through knee height water. Japan and Korea should be worried!

Update: So yes, I'm at 7,500 kms now, and I've had some problems. First was a leaky welch plug which was fixed under warrant. A few drops of oil really. Next was a lot more serious: All 3 discs were found to be warped, meaning that when braking there was a "pulsing" feedback, and that the brakes would sometimes grab. The dealer ordered all three new ones, but CFMoto only sent two (one front, one rear) and they only arrived after a whopping 2 months wait. The dealer replaced these, and again ordered another front disc. CFMoto, if someone that matters is reading this, you should be a damn sight more careful when it comes to defects. 3 faulty discs is really, really concerning, and not taking it seriously makes it even worse. Still love the bike, but I wonder if the company will still be in Australia in a year's time.Be warned, chain and sprockets died at 11,000 klms. Dash is falling apart, expect a replacement in a few months time, if ever. If I get to the end of the warranty with this it will be a miracle! Engine and transmission are strong, but general build quality is bloody patchy (at best).OK, the chain and sprockets were more of a dealer rip-off (they neglected to show me the worn parts), the dash however was complete junk. The new dash I must say is beautiful and works really well. CFMoto are likely to get there eventually, and I'm not regretting my purchase on the whole. I just wish they'd interact with their customers a bit better.

Love it

I have owned a lot of bikes and with the resticters removed. I have 4000ks and it has never missed a beat . is hard to get the missus off the back . and you cant beat the price. I think for a learner bike . it would be a little bit extream but then again I am old school where it was illegal to ride any bigger than a 250 . have had to replace alot ofbolts , rearview mirrors and swing arm caps
as they vibrate of.
handling, looks , price
vibrates itself to bits , get stuffed about with replacment parts

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just watch it after 7500 they fall apart big time and spair parts are a 2-3 month wait

What a weapon!!

First of sorry about my [censored word removed] english, and mainly who can say anything bad about this bike? i am a very aggressive rider and live in the Australian Hills, i bought this bike a week ago and thrash it every day but i am never disappointed, the power band is amazing throwing the bike to at least 155 on a small stretch of road. I weigh 85 k and i can pop this bike no dramas, rolling burnout? you want it you get it if your after a great stunt bike or a street fight weapon you have it, i worked at Yamaha Racing and the build quality is not far of at all.

Digital speedo hard to read

Not quite there.

Went well for first 3 weeks, then at 1850k's the throttle position sensor busted and dealer tried to tell me it would not be covered by manufacturers warranty. Gave in eventually but they were not impressed about it. Has dented my confidence in the bike but otherwise is excellent, from looks to performance.
Fun to ride, enough power to move it easily, great commute or hobby. Would recommend if you're willing to take a gamble.
Shady when it comes to claims, fuel gauge wrong, parts fail too early.

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Update: have ridden now to 11,000km and must say confidence is being restored. No problems since except for a minor accident which was no fault of the motorcycle's. Perceptions can change but take time and I am sure that eventually it will be a recognised brand, however the teething is certainly showing.

Do not buy!!! I was impressed for the first 2 weeks but downhill from there

Update: 12/12/13
My bike is 10 months old and has 1300kms and i am having serious issues with this bike.. The dealer is working direct with manufacturer and cfmoto are not honouring warranty over an oil leak on the right hand side of the bike. Like other people who i have met online, cf moto wash their hands of you over this very common oil issue and it seems to be happening world wide. I dont think this bike is going to be around long term as the importer will not stock them again.

Do not buy!!!!!

I read a lot of reviews before i purchased this bike and even the pros were giving a chinese made bike good reviews.
I have owned this bike for a little over a week now and i love it. I passed my most test with ease and i have combined city and freeway riding.. So nice to ride and i'm 120kg
Lots of torque for LAMS bike, looks and sounds good
Fuel consumption, digital speedo is hard to read at times and CF moto customer service when you make any warranty claims

Chinese take away

I have heard that Chinese use dog as food for consumption well there is some dog in these bikes bike that said with time you can turn it into prime rump but it will always have a bit of a doggy smell to it. So far we have one replacement bike given to us due to the factory faults and they footeted the cost. The new one is still going strong. YOU know what, it's been year 3 since we sold it and I would still buy another tomorrow if I did not have the bikes I have just buy it they would have to be sorted now, and the new dealership in albury/Buzz bikes and bits are good people to deal with.
Great price good power for any rider good waranty
Long way to go to meet stds we all want

Best first bike possible

This bike is great for beginners, having never ridden a motorcycle & being a bigger bloke (110kg) this bike is very capable & forgiving. Smooth power delivery, very comfortable riding position, smooth but firm brakes, stunning looks & very well prices with great warranty. I would highly recommend this bike over a 250 if your on the larger size or need a LAMS bike with more than enough grunt.
Comfortable, well priced, good warranty, good lights, reliable, sounds good & goes like stink...
In the last few days it has been stalling upon start but its also been around 0 degrees here in TAS. Will start the second time no worries.

Well worth a good look

When I finally decided I had had enough of buying bikes as a compromise til I could afford what I wanted, this bike made the short list along side the Hyosung GT / GTR 650 and Suzuki SV650/Gladius. The Kawasaki ER6 was also there but was outed early as it, in my opinion, is too close to the CF Moto justify spending the extra money.

In short I own a 99 SV650 now, got to good a deal and the SV then and now hasn't changed all that much

Anyways moving on. I test rode the lovely little CF Moto at Graeme Morris motorcyles in Newcastle (where we got the Fiancee's CF Moto 150 Leader - Graeme is a great bloke who will help you out anyway he can).

Ergo's - This bike felt sweet, in fact the riding position felt motardesque with a upright riding position and nice seat to peg ratio so my dodgey knee wasn't stressed at all. All the switch gear felt in the right place and instrumentation was fantastic with the LCD speed display over analouge tacho.

Motor - Suprising, the liquid cooled in line twin has a lovely note. The bike I rode was a LAMS model (although I have an open licence) and acceleration was brisk, better than my bike at the time (a ZZR600) but probably a little slower than the SV I own now and not as torquey. It's quite a quick little bike and even in LAMS form it could quickly get you in trouble with the boys in blue. The fuel injection is quite sweet though midrange feels choked but I presumed this is due to the restricted ECU on the LAMS Model.

Handling - Suspension felt good and if anything in standard form was a little harsh in the front. Turning the bike in took getting used to. I was confused as to if I was on a road bike or a motard, and the steering is a little on the slow side, requiring more rider input.

Brakes - Brakes were good, not great but a bit better than my SV

Features - The bike has a low price tag, and one would think that build quality would be proportional to price but this is not the case. This bike is well finished, has wave discs, fuel injection and great instrumentation.

Problem is I can't help feeling that this is a Chinese bike and resale will be the issue, however, I would imagine that the most you will loose is around 50% of the bikes value over a 3 year period which could save you more money than the competition.

The brand has been around for years, but it's newly introduced here. They have been building bikes for the Japanese marques as well although both CF Moto and Kawasaki have denied any "badge sharing" with the NK and ER6. If you are considering a Hyosung, then have a look at these as well. I have never ridden a Hyosung, but from what I have heard they are hit and miss in terms of reliability, but that's what warranty is for.
Price, looks, instruments, ergonomics
Needs USD forks to complement bike, pilion seat a joke.

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Instrumentation has a large flaw, it is very difficult to read the odometer. This is needed as no audible or easily seen visual warning when you are low on fuel. In over 30 yrs of biking I ran out of fuel for the first time. No reserve, no audible warning and unlike Kwacker ER 6N no clearly visible warning. Have also had trouble with faulty EFI fault indicator lighting up. Front fork gaitor protectors fell off. But it is a very good bike. I preferred it to a BMW 800, which sounded like a sewing machine to me. Overall some glitches but highly recommended Snowman

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Questions & Answers

Hi guys I have just purchased a 2016 cf 650nk , it runs ok but is lacking in power and is slipping out of third gear , what could be the problem , any ideas.
1 answer
Hi Tooz, I recommend getting in touch with a CFMoto Motorcycle Dealer who is familiar with the bike to help sort out the issues you are having. To find one please head to www.cfmoto.com.au/dealers

Please can anyone give me some advice ,my Wk650 tr has efi flashing? runs but won’t rev just bogs down fuel pump making load whine and fault code for injector, injectors been remove tested cleaned and refitted, bike rode for 8 miles then got home turned it off and now won’t rev again, I live in Cornwall uk and can’t seem to find any service centres to get it diagnosed, many thanks in advance.
No answers

Which engine oil do you recommend for the Nk650 2016?
1 answer
Hi Onur K., SAE 10W-40 is the grade of oil to use. 2.6 litres is the quantity. Please refer to your owners manual which will outline the details.


Engine Capacity649.3cc
Release dateFeb 2013

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