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The only 'You' in CGU is 'You Sucker' (Insurance by Deceit)

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Chloe Lau


Absolutely Impossible to Deal With

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Insurance RipOff


We have an investment property in Goodna QLD, which as most would know, was badly hit by floods recently. Thankfully, our property wasn't touched, so no claim was necessary. However that doesn't seem to matter to CGU. Our Insurance premium went from $900.00 to $4000.00. I have no time for a company that takes to red-lining through laziness and greed.

Now most customers would simply walk away, as we did - but this shameless bunch is hoping to catch a few dopes (usually vulnerable) in this 4K sting.


Greedy and Lazy

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Terrible and then some!


Leak in unit bathroom - damage to floors, whole bathroom - carpet in bedrooms and structure..... CGU advised in Oct - assesers visited 2 weeks later (finally). Early Dec still no word from CGU as to what will be covered. Each phone is met with rude and agressive response... Because of the hold up no work is permitted by body corp during the peak season which in turns means cancelling a fully booked unit for 2 months - along with the 6 weeks it has already been out of action! Totally unhelpful - do not return calls.
Nothing except how clever they are to take your money.
Where do we start - - - Everything!

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On the 29th Dec we still haven't had a written response from CGU. There was a garbled message via the phone, we're trying to unstand if they will cover anything or not! Nothing has changed- still really bad..

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Don't bother!!!!


We are currently fighting a claim were tenant stopped paying rent and left house damaged and unlivable, requiring new carpet, painting and cleaning. CGU are refusing to pay loss of rent as state that we could have re rented house minus main bedroom not carpeted and in filthy state. They have also denied claim for malicious damage of carpets/walls. Also extremely slow and unhelpful claim started 3 months ago and we have to call each week to chase up.


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Questions & Answers



I would like to go ahead with Landlord insuranc.

I have read the CGU product disclosure statement and would like to clarify the following:

1. I have an large room under the rented house which will be Locked with a secure padlock. The tenants will not have access to this room. The room contains two small leather couches, several pieces of furniture, corded and battery operated power tools (domestic use only), assorted lamp shades, pictures and wall hangings ect.
Will these things be covered for damage by fire, theft, damage by tenants or other any unknown people?

2. The rest of the house is rented as fully furnished.
Does Accidental Damage Cover accidental damage to furniture by the tenant?
We have a dining table that converts to a pool table. If the tenant damages this as a result of an accident and it is not deliberate or malicious will it be coved under this policy.

3. If a tenant accidentally puts a large hole in a plaster wall will the repair be covered under the policy?

4. If several things are damaged accidentally by the tenant, is a seperate excess payable for each claim or would only one excess be payable for multiple claims made at the same time.

I appreciate you help in this regard to these questions and am hoping to insure my assets with CGU

3 answers

My suggestion is that you should go direct to CGU or your broker and ask them. Best to do it in writing. No one else can give you advice on this, and if they did you could not rely on it in court in any event. Always a good test. They should let you know pretty quickly.

Care TeamCGU

Hi Adam, as Sara has mentioned - it's not that we can't give advice but your questions are specific to our product that unfortunately is the one product we aren't trained in through this team. I do suggest contacting us on 132-481 and have the team that are trained go through the cover with you. Alternatively you can have a read of our PDS by heading to https://www.cgu.com.au/sites/default/files/media/personal/pds/cgu_landlords_residential_insurance_policy_0319.PDF. ~Natalie

David W.
David W.

Don't consider CGU, or any broker that would willingly set you up for a fall with CGU or IAG they will find an excuse to deny your claim & you will find your not covered for anything!

Ms Anonymous

Ms Anonymousasked

Why does this site request your policy number when you make a review. Will that be revealed to the company. Where is the respect for peoples privacy!!

2 answers
Georgia McCarthy
Georgia McCarthy

Hi Ms Anonymous,
Georgia from ProductReview here! We request that number to authenticate your review. This is not given to anyone and is used for our records only. It will not be displayed to the public to see nor will it be revealed to the company. We take our users privacy very seriously and will not provide your personal details to anyone!

Velvet Glove
Velvet Glove

I no longer have insurance with CGU because of their deception. I'll have to search through archived documentation to get the policy number. Send me another email in about a week to give me time to find the policy document. Regards,

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