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CGU Car Insurance

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Appalling experience - still dragging on through numerous communication breakdowns

Having been with CGU for years we will be looking elsewhere to cover insurance for all our family and business vehicles. I'm in the middle of a vehicle claim that has been ongoing since October and am appalled at the repeated communication failures that continue to this very minute. From the telephone system being in a state of disrepair and not up to the task (almost guaranteed to get cut off during a transfer then told repeatedly that it is a 'hot transfer' issue that has been going on for months) ..... to the photographs of my car being sent through to the assessor and getting lost in the system .... to finally being reunited with my car and literally not recognising it as the smash repairer had resprayed wrong colour as he was never given details or photos of the car .... to the seemingly endless following up as the 'promised return calls' never arrived ... to the unanswered emails ... I'm on the phone now and the CGU rep on the other end has blamed a previous colleague for not being 'much chop' and keeps calling me 'love' [I am not your love; I am a customer] ... to the complaints process being directed to the wrong person. How CGU survives in the modern world of business is beguiling. I suspect I'll get a note saying "Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry ... blah blah ... please contact us on facebook. No, I don't use FB for that and no I'm not calling yet again to discuss and never hear from anyone again. CGU is a broken entity and I would recommend people take their business somewhere else.

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Hey Chris, we are sorry to hear this experience has been so lengthy and frustrating for you and do want to help. We do ask customers to contact us with their details via Facebook as this is a public page and we don't want them sharing their information here. However, if you don't mind, you can just post the claim number this complaint is referring to? We can then follow up on this with the right team for you and have someone call you back within the next 2-3 business days. We know you're very upset and really do want to help any way we can here. Thanks Chris. ~JamieHi - I am not using Facebook and already have a complaint in process. I’ve heard the ‘We’ll get back to you’ and heard nothing to date - just excuses of why a ‘former colleague’ was below par and shifting the blame. As I state in my comment, CGU’s communications are a broken entity. ChrisWe understand Chris and are sorry to hear we have let you down so much and lost your trust. If you change your mind and would like us to follow up on this complaint for you, just let us know. As I said, you can just leave your claim number here and we can go from there. Thank you. ~Jamie

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