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Cheap House Movers

Cheap House Movers

2.4 from 20 reviews

Do NOT use them!

I engaged CHM for a move of contents size 2 bedroom small house. The only good thing I can say is they turned up on time. The truck was too small for the job by far even though they asked how many items needed moving in detail, They did not have a stair trolley, or tape to hold draws shut. Luckily I had these things. The men not strong and were worn out by the time the truck had its first load. I had to constantly help and give guidance (it appeared they had little experience). Admittedly, my dining table was very heavy.... But they rested on its edge in concrete before getting it into their truck. The access was difficult and I had to help them constantly. Every time they were not in eyesight, they seemed to be sitting down and joking/talking. On one occasion, I caught them dragging my side board/hutch up concrete stairs on its finished top!!!!! They charged more than the quoted rate per hour but as they were holding two items in the truck as ransom, I had to pay. I would never recommend these people for any type of move to anyone!

Still waiting on my refund

Horrible service from the start to the end
They have overcharge me and keep stuffing me around regarding my refund

Please don’t use them

Excellent Moving Services

Cheap House Movers is a quality driven removalists company that helps you plan, schedule, pack, and manage your residential or corporate relocation, safely and successfully every time.

The name says it all

My move was rather large and was done with a 10 ton truck. It took about 6 hours to complete the move but it did not happen as well as I had expected.
-The first set movers arrived early and advised that they would charge before the commencement of the start time. There was naturally a disagreement on both mine and the mover's parts as to commencement time. I finally agreed to the early start time and asked why the movers had not opened up their truck and weren't ready to start the move (prepping takes an extra 30 minutes for a large move). This led to the mover walking off the premises and I had to call Cheap House Movers to reschedule the move for the next day which put my moving plans off by 24 precious hours.
I asked to not have the same movers come around the next day and Cheap House Movers sent a couple of new guys who were far better.
In the end, I would not recommend this business and would advise finding someone who is well reviewed. I sourced Cheap House Movers on Gumtree which was a mistake as you don't know whether the listed business comes highly recommended or not.

Great Company and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Great Company to deal with; had the best move experience with this Company; no hold ups; guys were on time; professional people who looked after my precious things. I would highly recommend this Company; this is my second move with them and I had no hesitation in getting them again!

Disgraceful cheap movers

You are the worst removalist that I have ever used and I won't use you again. You are over priced and not considerate of peoples possessions, you tried to reschedule the booking at the last minute and only turned up because I threatened to cancel the whole booking. I am not impressed.

You could tell there was some inexperience

We booked Cheap House Movers to move just the heavy things in our house - lounge, beds, fridges etc. It was between 2 single storey houses only 1.5 km apart. The removalists arrived on time, and took a little while longer to complete than anticipated, but the access in the receiving house was more challenging than originally thought. The only small criticisms really are that a couple of things were a little damaged (fridge was rectified but an antique piece was pretty ruined) and the assistant (who I learned later was training to take over the business) was terribly inexperienced, so they took longer than anticipated if both men knew what they were doing.

2 guys very good and very cautious of your property and items

Moving guys were excellent. I would only say that a more predictable arrival time for moving day would be better. Apart from arrival time being nearly 3 hours out of requested time slot, the removal 2 men were very good and extremely hard working.

Rip off

I got a TV unit what should of been a 10 minute drive to pick up and 10 min back to my place it took like 2 hours...
Not very impressed at all payed almost 200 when it should have costed only 100.
I will not recommend this service to anyone
And the fact they charge me 130 then decided to leave then drove back to grab another 50 off me

Too many issues at an already stressful time

Large furniture items over a short distance (less than 1km)
Frustrated by late start time.
Misunderstood that a morning booking between 9am and 1pm meant a starting time some where in that time. No show til after 130pm.
Our full inventory had not been correctly communicated to the movers, which caused anxiety on their part.
Seemed to take much longer to move items than it should have (particularly when paying by the hour)
One truck load took over 5 hours to pack and move less than 1km.
On the upside, booking was easy, able to organise at short notice, and I could not have moved large heavy items alone. Price (even taking around 2hrs more than I had imagined) was better than other companies had quoted

Worse Company Ever!!!! Totally Lack Of Professionalism

Lack of professionalism!!! The team arrived 30min in late. One of the "professional remover" was in snicker and without gloves. They haven't used a single blanket to protect my furniture; as a result of that all my furniture have some scratches.
During the removal of my fridge, I have advised the team to use the outdoor step due to the safety of the wood floor but the team told me they knew what they were doing and so, they have started to move the fridge using the indoor staircase. Anyway, when they arrived at the staircase, at every single step they let the fridge "rest" on the wood floor without blanket or any protection. As a result of this lack of professionalism, they heavily damaged my wood floor but they never said I am sorry or something like that, just:" no worries, it is nothing'.

Do not use this company for the safety of your furniture.

Not recommended

The movers were late (by almost 4 hours) and slow. A job that should have had less than a 2 bed unit moved by 4pm was nearly 8pm and with my partner and I doing most the work....running laps around the professionals!

Good job

Quick job to move a wardrobe 10 minutes down the road. I booked a week out from the date and was given a 2 hour window of arrival. I called for an update about 30 minutes into the window and they organised a call from the driver which came about 15 minutes later. Driver estimated arrival was 20-30 minutes which they met. They arrived within the 2 hour time window provided. After reading reviews I was concerned but the guys were nice and although adopt a basic style they completed the job with minimal damage and manoeuvred a difficult corner better than other movers. Overall I was pretty happy and they charged the cost they quoted.

Worst move ever. Stay away from these guys.

Move started late. I had advised when booking that I needed to vacate my house by 4pm and it ended up being closer to 8.30pm. The removalists were very slow taking over 7 hours to move what is normally moved in 4 hours. They failed to pack the truck properly and had to do two trips. I don't believe any of the five star reviews that they have on Gumtree. I do believe all of the one star reviews.

Worst Company Ever!!! Do Not Use This Company!!!

My move was all booked in for Thursday afternoon between 5 to 7pm. The conversation i had with the Customer Service rep was that they would need to be at my new address with the truck loaded before 7pm as the lifts were only booked between 5.30 to 7pm and access was closed after 7pm. I was assured this would be fine.
They called me at 3pm asking if the removalists could come early as they had finished all their jobs for the day. I explained again about only being able to use the lifts between 5.30pm to 7pm. Again i was assured that would be fine and to expect them around 5pm.
By 5.30pm i still had not received a call so i rang and spoke to someone asking where the truck was. He said he didn't know and would call me back. 10minutes later no call. So i called again. A different man told me the truck was on its way and would be there within the hour.
6.30pm still no call, no truck. Called again. Was told the truck was at zillmere and it would be half an hour.
7.15pm. No call. No truck. Called again. Got put through to the supervisor who ended up being honest and telling me there never was a truck in the 1st place and they made a mistake. I asked for my deposit back and the supervisor hung up on me.
They still took my money and have not returned it.

I now cant move in until Monday because the lifts are not accessable over the weekend.

I am totally reporting this company to the department of fair trade. DO NOT believe ANY of the 5 star reviews. Everyone knows that anyone can put a review up. The company has done it to save their reputation. They are literally the worst company in any sector that i have EVER dealt with in my life.

The fact that they are even allowed to operate a business is disgusting. I have no idea how they have gotten away with it for so long. Probably from ripping people off and stealing their deposits.

Dont use this company!!!!!

No complaints here

The move went well. Needed help moving white goods around between properties. They followed instructions and got the job done.

Did the job

This moving company did the job. The two guys were nice and worked hard. They moved my things into an apartment.

Save your money this company is a bunch of clowns

3 bedroom House..
Damaged the floor boards and don't want to pay.
Do not waste your money.
Embarrassment to the moving industry.

Cancelled on us after 5 hours of booking

This company wasted our time on purpose and cancelled a scheduled and confirmed appointment without sufficient reason (To be fair I organised the move from Sydney and was not on site, on the phone and after they confirmed the appointment by 5 hours they suddenly cancelled it and said that the movers were mistreated the day before. I am investigating the matter and if there was some kind of misconduct then why didn't they report it to me earlier and why did they take on the second job in the first place?). Very unprofessional of them to accept the job then cancel 5 hours later when we had no other options. They shouldn't have taken on the job if they didn't want to do it, they shouldn't have wasted our time and put us in such a position that we had to call every Brisbane based removalist to come do the job they promised they would do. They then sent a cancellation email saying that we requested the cancellation!

I do not recommend you deal with these people, their service is mediocre at best and their work ethic is questionable. Even if there was a mistreatment incident this should have been reported and an investigation should have been made and brought to my attention, but nothing can excuse confirming an appointment and then cancelling it without presenting alternatives. As such we were put in a bad position with the landlord who expected us out by a certain date and due to Cheap House Movers we couldn't remove our stuff in time.

On time, no delays, as per quote

Small move, few items from aged care facility to house.
Followed truck and careful drivers and they used a GPS to travel direct route.
Rang 30 mins before and were on time.
Looking to use them again and am surprised (and now wary) based on other reviews.

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