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Battlers come good in the end

Value for money in a competitive industry. Despite delays mainly beyond their control, happy with final product.
Ken was happy to correct anything that needed it and provided a good service.

Terrible Installation, Terrible Service and Very Bad Attitude.

Had my floor supplied and installed, many issues and owner would not respond. One of the staff by name of [Name Removed] has some serious attitude issues when approached to attend to issues. Would not recommend or use again!

Good product

Chelsea flooring laid our engineered boards which looked great they had to redo the trim but they came back and fixed it

Absolutely Stunning Floors !!!

Could not be any happier with both the product and the service received from Chelsea Flooring.
We did a lot of shopping around and found that you get what you pay for with flooring. Although theirs wasn't the cheapest product , in my opinion it was the absolute best by far. We choose Spotted Gum engineered floors in the incredible raw oiled finish. Absolutely love the look and feel of them and you can see the quality of the product.
The service from Brock, Ken and Shane was outstanding. From the initial sales room visit right through to delivery, installation and after sales service, it was a pleasure dealing with all three of these guys. The installation was also quick, clean and professional.
I've spent the last 12 months building a new house and have had to deal with a lot of crap people and crap service but I can honestly say that dealing with Chelsea Flooring was brilliant. It's so good to deal with somebody who delivers what they promise and who are genuinely nice people

Floors are incredible, great customer service!

My experience with Chelsea Flooring was overall very positive.
We arrived at the showroom and were promptly greeted by staff. Brock was extremely helpful in showing us all of our options - the sizing, different types of timber, and he thoroughly explained the process and what we could expect. He helped us with choosing what type of floorboards we wanted, and what would suit our house and lifestyle best. We went away and quickly received a quote from them and a follow up message too which I was pleased about. 
It wasn’t a hard decision for us to choose this company as they had the type and size timber we wanted, a reasonable quote, had been very helpful in store and we just had a good feeling about them.

As with any job of this nature, there were some hiccups. When the timber was initially delivered, the guy that delivered it was a contractor I believe, and he was particularly busy. Running late, he decided he didn’t have time to deliver the timber inside the house, so left it on the verge. I phoned the company to let them know, and Ken was at my house within 10 minutes to carry it all inside for me, so I was very appreciative of that.

The timber itself was very lovely, and I quickly saw the quality and beauty of it when it was being laid out.
Luke installed the floors, and this was by far the most impressed I’ve been. His work was outstanding, with the most incredible attention to detail. He spent hours perfecting the gradient at my sliding door so that the timber sits exactly flush with the door frame. It looks unbelievable. He was also really conscious to ask me whether I was happy with how things were going and how the wood looked. He just did an incredible job and I am soo happy he was the one that did it, because it honestly just was perfect, and he clearly cares so much about his job and his work.

The guys that sealed the floor were efficient and professional, and worked really well considering they had quite a few other people in their way the day they were trying to work. They were also extremely patient. 

I also really liked that Ken (the owner/manager) was very present in all of this - he often popped in to check on the progress of the job, or just kept in touch to see how things were going. Contrary to past reviews, it was extremely easy to get hold of everyone at Chelsea flooring, and if they weren’t available when I phoned, my call was returned within about 15 minutes anyway.

The only really bad experience I had was with the skirting board guys. They were messy and left the bathroom in a state and left food in one of the bedrooms (thankfully not carpeted). But Jack, one of the two, was extremely rude to me one morning when there had been a miscommunication between him and the office, and he took it out on me. I do understand that everyone has bad days, but as far as professionalism goes, he was far below my expectations of someone I wanted to have in my house. In saying that, his work was extremely good and they did their job efficiently. I informed the managers about this incident and they did apologise and assured me the work would be done properly and again attended on site to ensure everything ran smoothly.

I have to say overall that I didn’t know what I was to expect from such a large job. But here are my main points about Chelsea Flooring:
- Extremely good customer service - never had any trouble contacting anyone, was always contacted really promptly and with plenty of information,
- Payment was only requested after the work was completed and we were satisfied with everything. 
- The workmanship is outstanding, and the quality of timber is beyond our expectations. The way the floors look are incredible and we get nothing but positive comments on the floor, the finish, the way they are placed, everything.
- Any time anything went wrong or anything unexpected popped up, the guys were really quick to resolve it or find a solution that worked for everyone - their flexibility was really impressive.
- Even since they were finished, Chelsea Flooring have followed up to ensure that we are satisfied with the work.

I would absolutely recommend Chelsea Flooring to others. Like any job of this nature, there will be some small hiccups. The fact that we ended up with the incredible work that we did, with hardly any issues at all is really impressive. Extremely satisfied - thanks guys!

A Bodgy Job

I had this company lay my floor nine years previous. As this company had done an excellent job then & were still around, I had them re-sand/re-seal the floor as some parts had worn. The advice of course was that all needed to be re-done for uniformity. Fair enough I thought. While a great inconvenience to the household we went ahead with this, moving all furniture out & sleeping out of the house four nights because of the odor. The day after the job finished, I was phoned looking for the payment! Nice touch, was most annoyed as had done the transfer the day they finished via the internet but it hadn't shown up in their account till the day after.
What transpired within weeks was a fine sediment, looking like waves of sand appeared everywhere one walked. On contacting the company & the supervisor several times, sending a photo via email etc, I ended up getting quite cranky. Finally the supervisor came around & said he had never seen such a problem before, & suggested this was dust off the walls etc. There was no solution offered. I contacted the wood floor association & sent photos to them, but they couldn't offer any suggestions without seeing the problem themselves. This would cost $300 for one of their members to come out & do the inspection. After paying $2600, I wasn't prepared to pay for this.
However, it is now December, the job was done in May, I was expecting by now this sediment would have ceased. But it has not, it is a lot of work daily to keep the floors not only looking good but to not have a gritty feel under the feet.
I feel this company is not up to re-sanding/re-sealing floors & should never have taken on this job. If anyone has any suggestions or has come accross this problem, I would be pleased to hear.
I could not stand to move all the furniture & put up with the inconvenience again to have the floors re-done. It has been very upsetting.

July 19th 2017 Update: Bodgy job update

Refer My post of 20 December 2015. Sediment stil coming off floor July 2017. I am very sorry I did not take this to consumer affairs. Two of my cupboards were not redone & it would appear the floor needed a top coat. As we were going away, & a busy time I let this slip & have put up with it since. I recently purchased a robot vacuum to maybe give me a break from continually vacuuming, this has spread far more sediment around. The job has been a horror from hell.

Chelsea seems to be on a downward spiral just recently

I had used Chelsea about two years ago to sand and polish the Tasmanian oak boards in most of my house & they did a good job.

When I engaged them again in November the story was entirely different. There seems to be a lot of chaos in the office which extends to all aspects of the work itself.

I arranged a quote on Monday 23rd November and the guy did not show up. When I called the office to check I was told "it's his day off but he might come around this afternoon".....He came the following day, quoted and said the work would start on Thursday and that I'd be called when the carpenter was on his way.

Needless to say I was not called and only by luck did I happen to be at home when he arrived The carpenter then removed the white-ant damaged boards and two hours into the job told me I had to speak to his boss on the phone. The boss then told me that the job involved a lot more work than was expected and that I would have to pay more. Obviously I was not overly happy about having been given an incorrect quote as that is one way we decide which tradesman to use, right?

The carpenter then left and told me he would be back the following day at 7am to install the boards. He showed up at 2.10pm to collect his tools with not a piece of wood in sight and told me he had been told to just get his equipment. He did not even remove the dead wood which was just heaped in a pile inside. I was not called to say he would be not showing up and when I phoned the office there was nobody there and nobody returned my message.

I was left completely in the dark.

Consequently I was put in a position for two weeks with an unusable room, with furniture from that room strewn all over the house and with Christmas fast approaching.

I have since checked with a couple of industry operators and the story I have been told is pretty consistent with the title of this little piece. Chelsea Flooring unfortunately seems to have lost the plot just recently & there seems to be a lot more stories of dissatisfaction than anything else.

Judge for yourself - do you expect a quote to be the amount you pay and do you expect a job to be finished when it is started? I do not think that is much to ask.

Looking on the bright side I was eventually referred elsewhere.

Not only did the owner come and quote after work at 5.30pm one day, he managed to complete the job within two and a half days. On the second day they actually did not finish until about 7pm and the work looks really good. The staff were pleasant, efficient, cleaned up after themselves & did a professional job on time and within budget.

I would recommend them most strongly.

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Hi Julian, When we originally quoted your job it was to remove and replace a few boards of Tasmanian Oak that had termite damage, and sand and recoat the floor. We began the job in good faith despite the deposit not yet being paid by yourself. Upon removing the boards it became clear that the termite damage was much more extensive than originally thought. This would be more labour and more cost for timber which we advised you. Due to you disagreeing to pay any more money, ontop of the fact you had not paid us a cent anyway, our employee came and got his tools and left. Why should he take and dispose of your timber when you didnt pay him to remove the boards in the first place?

Avoid using this company

I had a terrible experience with Chelsea. The guys who laid my flooring and staircase solid Blackbutt boards treated my bathroom like a public toilet and did not clean up after themselves. Saw dust everywhere in the garage wasn't cleaned up. Glue spots all over my brand new tiles were not cleaned up and blamed on other trades. Work looks shoddy and unfinished. After sales was abysmal as none of my QA concerns were addressed effectively and the only real concern that was shown was with payment being received on time. They use contractors to do all the work of course and there is no ownership. I have to live with my floor every day now and see all the defects staring back at me. This company has a lot to learn about customer service etc.

Excellent product and customer service

I had my floor done June of last year and as I am looking at it now, it's still in perfect condition. I had an excellent and smooth transaction with Chelsea flooring. It was an extraordinary customer service from start to finish. I know nothing about timbers and they gladly walked me through different choices and patiently discussed each timber.

They called up prior to the delivery and installation of the timbers to make sure I am good with the dates. The supervisor even called me up a month after they finished the job to make sure that I am happy with it, and I am indeed happy.

I go back and forth to the Philippines and Perth and my floor is always as amazing as I left it. I would highly recommend Chelsea flooring and I am sure you'll also get the excellent service I had with them.

We couldn't be happier with our Solid Timber Flooring from Chelsea Flooring!

After a recommendation from a friend we recently engaged Chelsea Flooring to install a White Mahogany solid timber floor and we are absolutely amazed and delighted with the end result. From the initial onsite quote we were originally looking at a Blackbutt floor we had researched and seen in a few display homes however when we visited their showroom we were shown a few alternatives to Blackbutt and after many questions and discussions it was the White Mahogany we settled on. These guys did a great job for us. Always on time from start to finish, they listened to what we wanted and provided expert advice. They were responsive to our questions and scheduling needs and the finished product has turned out even better than we imagined. The tradesman were first class and aswell as taking pride in their workmanship also took great care of the surrounding areas, kitchen benchtops, bathroom etc. They even recommended a few other companies to do some glass & stainless balustrade and painting which was great aswell. On completion they left the clean site and even supplied us with a specialist timber flooring cleaning mop, just an all-round great job & service. Highly recommended.

Best regards – Wayne & Ana Blazey

Floorboards cupping

We had at the time of placing our order expressly stated our concern with cupping floors ( curving up at the edges). We were assured that this would not be an issue as the timber is seasoned and ready to go. Guess what! After a couple of months the floor started lifting and the smooth finish resembled a corrugated iron roof.
We complained and got an independent expert to check the timber and found it was not acclimatised and was swelling as it took up the ambient humidity, it had nowhere to go but up ( lifting). We were then put up in a motel for a week while they resanded and coated it again. It is now lifting again but I don't want these buggers back in my house to do more damage. I guess we'll live with it. All this could have been avoided with a simple moisture check prior to laying the floor.
The supervisor didn't seem to care once the bill had been paid. I would NOT recommend this company.

Rude arrogant manager, won't communicate, will not accept faults

I ordered my timber floor, paid 50% deposit while my new house was being built. At sale time, the manager was friendly/helpful. He became rude when I could not give the exact finish date of my house build. When floor was put down the tradesman damaged my newly painted walls. The manager said 'you should have had the walls painted after the floor was installed'. This manager will not answer phone messages. There were several faults that needed correction (one board hollow and 'crunched' when walked on, ugly patches missed during staining, long gaps between some boards). Not all corrections satisfactory. Still several long gaps between boards I 'have to live with' as after 1 year, the manager inspected the gaps and blamed me for having the house locked up during 4 weeks of summer when on holiday. He said this caused the problem. This problem existed 1 year before, so the floor had gone through cool weather and warm weather. He constantly shifts blame away from his product or tradesmen.

Nice product Big River Blackbutt - poor service after sale

Overall happy with our choice of Big River Blackbutt engineered boards. Based on meetings and discussions with the sales team, we believed we had made the right choice in Chelsea Flooring (they were not the cheapest quote we had).

The tradesman who laid the fool could not have cared less and the guys who sealed it were just doing a job and overall it was just satisfactory.

We had to ask the owner of the company come out and inspect, sealers were then asked to returned to refill nail holes missed (and there were many). We paid extra ($600) for water based sealer as recommended to us, and we are not so sure it is as robust as indicated.

We pointed out some of the boards laid were not up to standard, and were told if we wanted those boards changed it required the removal a whole section of flooring, this was not an idea and it might not go well. They can talk the talk. We basically decided at this point to live with it. By then the company had 90% of our money , we were not a priority, they'd moved on.

Good at getting the sale, ordinary tradies and in our experience, follow up not important.

Wow, happy happy happy, thanks Chelsea the Marri floor is beautifull

I spent the last 2 years visiting flooring stores, getting information about installing timber. I was even going to install myself however timber is so difficult to get perfect. I submitted 21 emails to companies for quote & received 13 replies. I then set off to perform my own profile of each company. So many timber flooring companies don't guarantee the work, my email specifically asked how the warranty works, most companies say if the installer was the cause of the problem then you chase him up for warranty (no way I'm not doing that).
Some companies even wanted the full cost of the timber up front before it arrived onsite, good luck with that !!

Well Chelsea was not the cheapest and I didn't have money to burn but they guarantee the entire job for 6 years, guarantee the material colours of the final floor I believe my money was well spent.
The staff are friendly & very helpful. They keep you up to date about schedules & work around your commitments, the layer was a great tradesman and I say the word tradesman very lightly because I have just had my house built & half the contractors could never be a tradesman. He got the floor extremely level and the best water barrier was used (sealed right to the walls) , the best glue was used ( not just a thin swipe of glue either ). Then the finishing sanding tradesman arrived and he had many years of experience and did a quality job, there was hot days where he waiting for a little more floor movement & then re-filled & sanded again, the final finish was Bona HD traffic and is superb.

I have just done my walk through now & the floor looks fantastic. I highly recommend Chelsea flooring in Perth to anyone that is looking for a quality install and a perfect finish.

Thanks very much Chelsea & all the best in the future it was a pleasure dealing with you !!!!
Quality, Gaurantees, Perfection

Don't go there!

The worst company I have ever had to deal with. No calls were ever returned. They damaged Walls and kitchen then tried to deny it without coming to examine the complaint. The job was never managed by them ( you will end up doing all the chasing around) they never turn up and most bizarrely they do not check the standard of workmanship at all?
I was promised the earth but had a shoddy expensive job.
Please tell your friends to go elsewhere

No communication

Chelsea Flooring - Ok product, poor customer service.

Chelsea Floorboards had the cheapest quote out of companies we tried and did an ok job but the sealing wasn't the best in all areas. They also didn't finish the splay beading at the time and now 2 months later they still haven't finished it despite numerous calls. My wife made the mistake of paying the final installment before they fully finished the job and now they have the money they are not interested in coming back to complete the work.
Relatively cheap
Bad customer service. Don't return calls or turn up when they say they are going to.

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