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Chemist Australia

Chemist Australia

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Unprofessional; no concept of client service; can't keep their website up-to-date.

I found Chemist Australia sold the Olay Facial Cleansing Wipes I had been looking for and ordered six packets of them. The website clearly indicated that American Express was an acceptable method of payment. After completing my order their website generated an order number. The following day I received an email from Chemist Australia, detailing the contents of my order but asking that I pay again as they no longer accept American Express! I immediately fired off a response citing the company's deceptive/misleading information on the website regarding payment methods, their unprofessional attitude regarding maintaining the accuracy of the website and their lack of client service and attention to detail. I further advised that I would consider whether or not I went ahead with the order.

To date, I've not had a response from Chemist Australia (further indication of their lack of professionalism and client service skills). I have not gone ahead with the order - I found a better deal on "Fishpond".

Avoid this "dodgy" mob at all costs.

one month later and no products arrived

I selected items (that were in stock) and the payment was accepted. One month later still no products. If items are in stock then send them and no excuses. If there are issues with stock (even though your web site says they are in stock) then send what you have, and send the rest of the items later. I think you didn't want to pay delivery twice but its your error, and where is the customer service ?

Friendly Service

I am finding that I am buying more and more products from the chemist shop lately as they have a great range of product from household cleaning, loo paper to hair dyes which are at a lot lower price then the supermarket. Not only am I saving a dollar but you can't bet the friendly, warm, helpful customer service which the team at Amcal Chemist give.
Friendly service

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