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Cherry Blooms Australia

Cherry Blooms Australia

3.8 from 11 reviews

Longer Lashes

My girlfriend had put me onto this products months ago and found that my lashes r longer and they make my eyes sexier and now I'm onto second tube, I highly recommended this product

Love the brush on fibre brows

A lot of the reviews here are for the lashes - which I love. But what I think is just FAB are the brush on brows. They are the most natural looking brow product on the market. I wear it daily and have had my current tube for nearly 2 years and it is still going. Definitely get a lot of wears from one tube. I wear the espresso colour and I have a friend who wears one of the lighter shades and also loves it. Would highly recommend this product.

Terrible Mascara - waste of money

The end result is clunky lumps of black fibers which does not look anything like the images they use. I attempted to use it a few times and then had to throw it out. The result looked like black clumps and I had to remove it straight away. I followed all the instructions perfectly but cannot see how this product has such great reviews. Try before you buy!! Don't buy online without at least trying it first!!

Absolutely love it!

The Cherry Blooms brush on lashes are great & fun, easy to remove & doesn't run! Given away to girlfriends for gifts already & they love it too. Definitely recommend ✨

I wish I knew about these sooner!

I absolutely LOVE this product! I consider myself to have longish lashes already but after using Cherry Blooms I have the lashes that I've only dreamed about! I used to wear stick in eyelash extensions but, they pulled out my normal lashes and didn't really suit my life style. However now I can just put my lashes on in the morning and then wash the off at night before i go to bed. So much easier, cheaper, quicker and safer might i add.

Thanks for much for making a product that really does what it says.


Amazing stuff!

I've got short lashes and I can't believe how amazing this product is! I got a free demonstration at the High Tea event and was immediately sold! I've bought a few different brands to compare with Cherry Blooms but the cheaper brands didn't live up to my expectations like Cherry Blooms did.

Loved this product!

I have battled with short lashes my whole life and have had eyelash extensions, a multitude of mascara and everything under the sun. The fibre lash mascara is the ONLY thing that has worked for me and given me lashes that I can actually see! So happy, i would recommend it to anyone and its natural fibres have given me no irritation whatsoever.

Allergy warning!

I bought this and liked the fact that it was "all natural" and "hypo allergic". I have never had any sort of reaction to makeup or mascara and was horrified to see myself in the mirror two days later with puffy, red, flaking skin around my eyes where this product had touched my skin. Beware!!!

Excellent product

I bought the fiber lash and the product is great, a little clumpy if you don't know how to apply it properly though but with practice you will see great lashes.
Then I decided to try their grande lash product to grow my lashes rather than fake the length and what do you know, it works! I still have unused fiber lash since I don't need it, normal mascara is fine. Grande lash is so good, on a couple of ocassions I had to trim the lashes.
The downside is that you need to use this product everyday for a couple of months and to maintain it maybe every second day afterwards but it takes literally seconds to apply and you incorporate it to your nightly routine.
The price is a little high though..
Overall, I have used 2 Cherry Blooms products and I'm really happy with the results

OvER Priced over exaggerated do not buy this mascara

Cherry blooms seem to bash other companies and they also delete bad comments made on fb about their products not working or bad reviews. There are reviewers stating some posts are from CB (cos it sounds like an infomercial reveiw) and not true customers. ie [Name Removed] is a CB 'digital girl' staff (check their website staff pic) and then puts up fake reviews all over the web under names such as kimmy etc (like the you tube review bashing younique vs CB) That made me feel a little iffy about their fake company, branding and marketing (yes its all a ploy).

This product boasts: no mess, irritation or fuss, as well as natural ingredients (umm nylon is not natural). The product is supposedly water resistant (so is all mascara as there's a difference between resistant to proof) and will not smudge or have fibres fall onto your face. but I did have many miniature little fibres fall onto my lower eyelid and into my eyes. This looks very unattractive and I haven't been able to find a way to prevent this from happening. The product is also meant to be easily removed with warm water. It also emphasizes the 'high potent (is there such thing?.... no) bees wax' contained in the formula which is moisturising and stimulates lash growth (really any evident yet CB?) and has anti-bacterial properties. Finally, it is meant to increase lash thickness and length by 300%.... this mascara does border on clumpville lashes. It did lengthen, but definitely not 300% and was not really any better than any other good lengthening mascara. Hardly looks like false lashes or extensions though i've notice in a lot of their marketing close up picks they use lash extension eyelashes pics and not mascara ones cos it looks spidery close up

A few grips I have with Cherry Blooms... Why despite the brand's claims of this being the #1 fibre mascara (by who, if you note they never quote by who because its just a marketing ploy) And the ones that do exist, tend to have advertisement like descriptions which sound too good to true, emphasizing the high quality bees wax and amazing enhancement the mascara provides (cos if a fake review) They also negatively evaluate all other fibre mascaras on the market such as Youique, ModelCo and Love Alpha etc. Suspicious? YES!!!! Further, I did a quick look at all the reviewers and their profiles. Aside from a neg reviewers which appear legitimate, all the others have only written a single review, just for Cherry Blooms... or they have 2 or 3 other poor reviews for the other fibre brands previously mentioned. This comes off as very off putting.

Further... The $70 price tag? rip off!
Let's look at the ingredients list:
Transplanting Mascara Gel:
Water, beeswax, carnuba wax, black iron oxide, stearic acid, lanolin
Natural Fiber:
Black iron oxide, cellulose

How is that worthy of such a high price?... its not. cos the other brands have the same ingredients and even packaging if you look at some seller at markets) A couple more dollars and it is the same cost of Chanel foundation because they are try hard chanel wannabe brand which i'm sure its illegal. It is also more expensive than the Guerlain's $45 mascaras, making them almost look cheap! A $50 Chanel lipstick is both more affordable and indulging. And the ridiculous bees wax claims? It is a very useful ingredient but will hardly nourish the lashes or stimulate their growth. The case is also cardboard and looks cheap, in comparison to Love Alpha's cute and sturdy plastic case... which also sells at a much cheaper price ($10 on ebay)

Lash nourishment and growth: Highly doubtful...

Overall: Disappointing. the fibre fallout is unattractive and at least for me, unavoidable. Even without the fallout $70 is ridiculous and the product is certainly not worth the price. It does not even need to cost anywhere near that much as you can see from the ingredients list. I regret to say that I cannot recommend it. yes its supporting an aussie business but not when the founder uses the profits for spending spree at chanel or usa 'wrok' trip or out sourcing cheap staff in the phillipines/ korea

Best mascara on the market

I was looking for a mascara that didn't smudge and gave a real eye popping effect similar to false lashes. I can't apply them as I wear glasses so can't see what I'm doing. I purchased 2 mascaras, one for me & one for my daughter. It arrived within a few days, super fast. With it I received a $10 off voucher for my next purchase as well as a $25 voucher as a gift for my fist purchase. I used the $35 to purchase an eyeliner. The lip gloss I ordered with the mascara was delayed and the company has been keeping me posted as to its arrival as well as giving me another $25 gift voucher as an apology for the inconvenience. The emails are personal and I real feel valued as a customer. The product is superb as well, comes beautifully presented and very classy looking. The icing on the cake is that the mascara is all natural products, nothing toxic. If you only buy one mascara, let this be the one. I cannot praise the company enough.
High quality product and fantastic service

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