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Cherub Baby Click 'n' Go Travel

Cherub Baby Click 'n' Go Travel

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an absolute lifesaver

With all the travelling during the holidays the Click n Go Bottle Warmer has been an absolute life-saver! It’s so easy and quick to use, and we’ve been able to keep baby fed and satisfied while on the go. I can highly recommend this product.

Purchased in April 2019.

no problem with making food in big batches

I love making my own baby food, it’s so simple! I often make quite a big batch and then there is the problem of how to store the excess baby food. These reusable baby food pouches are a great solution. I can freeze portions of baby food, and an then use the same pouch to heat and feed my baby! Plus they are easy to clean and then reuse. I just love these pouches!

Handy gadget

While I don’t understand the technology, I have been using my Click ‘n’ Go Bottle Warmer for quite a while now. They are so simple to use and heat up my baby’s bottle to the perfect temperature. I mainly use my microwave to recharge or reheat the jacket, and while I found it a bit complicated at first, now that I’m used to checking for the crystals it's quick and easy. As a solution for heating milk or puree while on the go, it’s a handy gadget.

Started leaking after 3ed use

I purchased a on the go bottle warmer less than one month ago and just used it for the third time, when I was recharging it in my microwave, in a sterilisation bag it started leaking. I have a 1200 watt microwave and put it on for 1.5 minutes insted of double the amount of time they suggested with 350ml of water . It had yet to recharge fully, only about half way so I put it on for a further 30 seconds after giving it a shake. When I took it out it still wasn't fully recharged but was leaking in the steriliser.
I am quite annoyed as I need it for breastmilk.

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Hi Erin, Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the issue you had with your Click n Go. Special care is required if you're resetting the warmer using the microwave. If our instructions are not carefully followed, i.e the metal disc isn't always submerged in water, it can result in leaks. We're more than happy to discuss that matter further, so please feel free to contact our office at mail@cherubbaby.com.au. We loom forward to hearing from you. Cherub Baby team

Majestic product

Wow! I have no idea how this baby bottle warmer works, but it does. It’s also so easy to use – just wrap the gel jacket around your baby's bottle, click the disc and the bottle heats up! It’s really that simple, and best of all it’s reusable. This baby product has really simplified my life on the go.

Takes too long to warm a bottle up, ok if you’re desperate

Idea was good, but took too long 25+ mins to only warm the bottle slightly. Better off bringing a thermos of hot water and a cup to warm bottles. It was also a bit tricky to ‘recharge’ while traveling. It didn’t recharge evenly in the microwave where we were staying.

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Hi Sophie, So sorry to hear about this!! It shouldnt take so long to warm your bottle (unless it was frozen or close to frozen). Did you try contacting our customer service team? If not please do so if you still have the product. The warmer heats to 52 degrees which in turn will heat the baby bottle to 37-38 degrees. You can click the warmer up to 45 minutes before you need to heat your bottle as the warmer is designed to warm and keep a bottle warm at the correct temperature. If you have a curved shaped bottle its really important to wrap the warmer around it then place in the bottle bag provided and tighten the strap, so the wrap is snugly pressed against the bottle. Hopefully we hear from you to turn that frown upside down :-)


What a fantastic product. It is like magic. Warmed the bottle perfectly to right temperature and reset by boiling in just a few minutes. Followed the instructions to ensure product was not damaged. Can’t wait to give it another go. Need to go somewhere tomorrow just to use it again.

no battery nor power needed for this work

I am not a a tech-savvy person so I am not familiar at how this one works. However I believe that this one is made of innovative and top notch technology. You just have to click on the metal disc, wrap the gel pack on your bottles and you’re good to go while the baby bottles are not getting warmed. The heating period lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Buying this made my life easier.

The bottles are kept warm for about an hour.

The warmer have saved me so much time every time I travel. What you will do is wrap the gel packaround the bottle you have, then click a metal disc at the top and the bottles will heat up. The heating time takes no longer than 10 minutes but be careful to follow the instructions carefully when microwave sterilizing to reset the gel pouch, because the instructions note it could leak if microwaved longer than instructed.

Perfect for a family picnic

It warms the baby food I have without batteries, you just click a disc and the gel pad heats up. Its like magicl Seriously it will blow your mind. And you can recharge them in the microwave oven for re-use. Ive used mine at least 40 times and still working great. The purees I have will heat in less than 8 minutes.

Waste Of Money

I went to a baby expo in Sydney and purchased two of the travel click ‘n’ go for my baby. This product doesn’t warm up - at all. What a waste of money. I don’t know how I’m supposed to claim for a refund because I bought it from the expo

Hi Amy, Sorry to hear about the issue you've had with our Click n Go bottle warmer. Please contact our office on 03 90051734 and we'll be able to assist you with activate the product. I'm positive we can resolve this issue as this is an extremely reliable product. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Cherub Baby TeamThank you very much for the quick reply and fast refund. Very good customer service!

Key features are awesome

I am impressed with this product. I love that it can heat up the bottles so easily and anywhere that I go. The product is basically a gel pack and you can wrap It around the bottles to heat them up. It heats up the bottles I have in less than 20 minutes and it is reusable- you can use this as long as you have an outlet.

best not only for travelling

So good for shopping trips and outings. I sometimes use it when I heat up the bottles at home especially when I can’t leave my baby and I have to heat up the bottles. Once there was a power interruption and I can’t heat the bottles electricity so I used this. Now I have 2 as I found a backup was really handy to have given you generally need to heat more than 1 bottle in an outing. But I re-charge them together, just pop them boil in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes

can't live without this

If you could take a look in my car, you could see that the it is filled with baby things scattered on car seats. My bub and I have been travelling a lot and I thought I might need something that heats up a few food pouches everytime I travel. I found this one and this has worked wonders without a fail. I love that it doesn’t need a power supply for it to work. After a few minutes of turning it on, the food pouches are already warm and I love it because the temp is just right (not scorching hot). Overall, I think this is a great product.

Awful! Despite following instructions it exploded on second use

I definitely do not recommend this product. It exploded in the microwave after second use, despite following all instructions. It even still had lumps of crystal in it, so it didn't get too warm. I would give this zero stars if I could. Beware of this product, they make you buy the steriliser bags to use in the microwave too, so I also have a bunch of bags I will never use. Do not buy this product.

Bring it during holidays.

My family went to a holiday in Europe and the cold weather really makes it difficult for my little boy to drink cold milk. So I just boil the Click N Go and then bring it when we are outdoors to warm-up the milk bottle. I find it convenient since it doesn't need any plug or electricity and we are staying in a flat that has cooking facilities so I just boil it to activate the pad. The gel heats up in about 10-15 minutes so while on the road I wrap it around the bottle and a single click activates them and the bottle gets heated. My little bub doesn't suffer any tummy aches due to drinking something cold. I would recommend them to other traveling mums to.

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Hi Kath, Thank you for providing us with this fantastic feedback and we're glad to hear our Click n Go came in handy whilst you were overseas. All the best, Cherub Baby Team

False advert for microwave use

I was bought the bottle warmer by my mother who bought it as the packaging said clearly that can be recharged in microwave. However i side the box only says to use stove top and boiling water only which is time consuming.

Have used once only due to not being able to microwave as it is advertised

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Dear Michelle, We're sorry to hear about the issue you've experienced with our bottle warmer. We can confirm the warmer can be reset by using a microwave. Unfortunately when the microwave testing was completed it was after the manufacturer had already printed the instructions on the warmer which is why they're not shown on the warmer. This was an honest oversight on our part. Please see below instructions on our to reset your bottle warmer using your microwave. Recharge method -3 Microwave Steriliser (Based on 1000W): 1. Pour in 350ml water into the microwave steriliser or Cherub Baby Steam Bag. 2. Place the warmer inside flat ensuring the recharge disc is immersed in water. 3. Place lid back on the steriliser and microwave on high for 3 minutes. 4. Remove with tongs and shake the gel warmer to dislodge any crystals and hot spots. 5. Repeat step 2. 6. Microwave on high for 1 minute 30 seconds. 7. Repeat step 4 if there are still crystals present in the gel wrap. Should crystals be present place back in microwave for 30 seconds. Never microwave for more than 30 seconds for the final stages. 8. The recharge process is complete when NO crystals are present and the gel wrap is completely liquid. All the best, Cherub Baby Team

Warm and serve!

Used this warmer for at least thrice and I never made any mistake in buying it. Whenever my family and I go on a holiday outside the country, I usually book a hotel with heating and cooking facility. I have used the Click and Go in a Euro trip and it never failed me. It warmed my daughter's bottle with a single click off the metal clicker. It's easy to reactivate through boiling the gel pack. I hope it can last for a year since I think I'm going to use it often when our family moves to Canada.

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HI Kirstenn, Thank you for the great feedback. Our Click n Go Bottle Warmer is a great product and we're very happy to hear you love it. Cherub Baby Team

Not working anymore

I used the bottle warmer twice and it worked great. I boiled it as per the manufaturers instructions and it has been activating itself ever since. I made sure that it was thoroughly boiled and that the metal tab wasn't able to be accidentally activated in the nappy bag.

False Advertising Re Microwave Use

I have given the product a rating of 3 stars as the product I purchased has function as advertised, with the exception of the misleading advertising that the product can be recharged using a microwave.
Future potential customers should be aware that although it is clearly indicated on the external packaging that a microwave can be used for recharging the bottle warmer, there are clear instructions on the bottle warmer indicating not to use a microwave. I have contacted the supplier for clarity and have yet to hear a response.

I am dissapointed as I purchased the product on the basis of being able to recharge using a microwave at locations of travel - potential customers need to know that they need to rely on fully submerging the warmer in water and boil it on a stove as instructions to do otherwise are not provided.

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Thank you for your feedback- We will be more than happy to send you microwave re-activation instructions and i will be sending them to the email you have contact us on previously-. Enjoy your day

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Can this be taken through customs with the intention of using it on an international flight?
No answers

Could you please let me know if it will fit tommie tippee bottle? Cheers
1 answer
HI Siska, Thank you for your query. Yes it will. Kind regards, LJ

I used to be able to recharge it, but only after 4 usage I can't recharge it anymore. I boil it. It goes completely liquid, and then harden again as it cools down. Is there a way to ensure it doesn't solidify again when it's cooling down?
1 answer
HI Rose, We're sorry to hear the problem you've encountered with your Click n Go. The reason the gel warmer returns to a solid state after boiling is because there were still crystals present in the warmer. The gel warmer needs to be boiled for approximately 10 minutes in actively boiling water which should be enough time to remove all crystals. If after 10 minutes crystals are still present, boil the warmer for a couple more minutes. If you still see crystals repeat the boil for another couple of minutes. Kind regards, LJ

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