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Cherub Baby Natritherm Car Bottle and Food Warmer

Cherub Baby Natritherm Car Bottle and Food Warmer

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Doesn’t overheat the bottles

I was surprised how well this works as I was underestimating it at first but after saving me so much time, effort and energy, I figured that I should stop belittling this product. I keep this in my car ready to go and its soooooo handy. It heats up the bottles in less than 15 minutes but I just pop the bottle in as soon as I jump in the car and let it heat and keep warm. The great thing is it doesn’t oveheat the bottle so you can just leave it in there.. I found the long power cord a little annoying, it could do with a retractable cord or something.

sad because it is always out-of-stock

I love that it fits almost all the bottles and food pouches I have and it heats them up in no more than 15 minutes. This product is good for mums like me who works on a time-demanding schedule, I travel from here and there to sell goods etc. I can’t leave the bub alone so I bring him with me and this product is a great companion.

It's all lies.

Crap poo product. Bottle is in there for an hr from cold water to barely room temp. And it was on dash in North Queensland sun. What a load of trap cheap cheap waiting time. Don't buy this not worth it save cash don't buy buy boffin just don't buy it. Crap product no good.

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Hi Jack, Sorry to hear about the issue you've had with our bottle warmer. It's very unusual for it to take a long time to warm a bottle. Please contact our office on 03 90051734 and we'll be able to provide further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Cherub Baby Team

can't imagine a day without this

A part of my day-to-day life is travelling a lot with bub from daycare to work and my parents . I have a two-year-old with me everytime I travel and bringing all the things she needs is my priority.The car warmer is always in the car cup holder ready to go. I love that after heating up, the bottles are ready to use in less than 15 minutes, I can use this while driving which saved me so much time! One tip is that I put the bottle in once I jump in the car and start warming it, it doesn’t overheat the bottle so I let the bottle just sit their to stay warm until I am ready to use it.

Works well and easy to carry everywhere.

I bought this product on eBay a few months back and found it a lifesaver for long car rides. We drive a bit to visit family so it comes in superhandy. I’ve got the really wide closer to nature bottles and it was a tight fit but I get it in after a good shove. Best thing about it is you can let the bottle just sit in the warmer, it’s never overheated the bottles. So we preheat the bottles now in anticipation of the the next feed

Warms fast just plug it in

I bought this for the winter as the bottle and milk often comes out cold especially at night. So while driving home or while on the road, I simply wrap the warmer into my wide neck glass bottle with milk inside and it gets warm in ten minutes. It doesn't overheat and automatically shuts off when the heating is done so it doesn't consume so much power too.

Bottle warms up while driving

Heating is just a few steps with this car warmer from Cherub which I ordered online. It fits standard bottles including small jars of commercial baby food. Just plug it in the car lighter and the simple one-button heating becomes a breeze.The cocoon wrapping band warms faster than any other car bottle warmer on the market. I tried other brands but they were no good compared to Cherub's. Simply plug it in the car lighter output and take the bottle warmer anywhere you want. This makes traveling with my bub comfortable as I will no longer have to worry of heating cold bottles!


In 15min, this warmer didn't even reduce a small bottle of fridge-cold expressed breastmilk (just 100ml) to room temperature - the bottles I warm EBM in are the small Growbaby disposable ones, which are fairly thin plastic so they warm very fast when placed in a cup of hot water. I suspect the rave reviews on this product are fake - this product is just not good!! Brilliant idea - would be nice if it did actually work.

Drive with Baby

I love road trips. And ever since I got pregnant and eventually had my baby, I always look forward to the time when I will be able to travel with my bub and it was last month. The Car Bottle Warmer has helped a lot as it helped warm my baby's bottle and milk making it an easier feeding experience. As a busy parent, warming milk is a concern and that this bottle warmer has eased all of my issues on food preparation and safety during the road trip. The 360° cocoon wrap band combined with the heating technology ensures that the glass bottles that I have warm faster than any other car bottle warmer that I tried. I just plug it into the car lighter output. It also heats in a few minutes without fear of overheating the bottle.

Great Help For A Mobile Mum

I am a busy working mum that needs to drive around town for my small business. And after I got pregnant and sometimes without any babysitter willing to take care of my bub, I had to make a compromise by tagging along my baby during my deliveries. I would bring the needed infant formula and expressed breast milk but the problem is on how I could warm them while on the road. Then came this wonderful product I have seen in an expo. I just plug it in the car charger and place the glass bottles of the same brand I bought at the expo and in 15 minutes, I am able to warm the bottles and feed my child while on the road making some deliveries. It has been my companion during cold days when there is a need to warm bottles and milk.


If I had the choice now I think I would try ‘Cherub Baby Click and Go’ as I would be able to use it in more places rather than just the car. I also hate the cord on this device as it is impossible to keep neat. Annoying in a small space like a car.
- Can be used to heat bottles and jars of all sizes
- Was the only portable bottle warmer on the market that I could find
until recently
- Plugs into the standard cigarette lighter in any car
- Takes at least half an hour to heat a bottle that has been kept cold in
an esky
- Hard to find anywhere to place the warmer in the front of the car to
allow it to heat, as bottle must be in contact with the button on the
floor of the unit for the heating pad to be active
- Has a hanging cord and instructions show the bottle hanging over the
rear vision mirror, this however is illegal (nothing is legally allowed
to hang off the rear vision mirror)
- Can only be used where there is access to a car cigarette lighter

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