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Cherub Baby Natriflow Manual

Cherub Baby Natriflow Manual

3.4 from 12 reviews

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not good for me

it is not good with me because it is not strong enough to push the breast milk out of my breast. this is not one of the big companies and this breast pump is pretty cheap and maybe it is not strong with me but it will fit with other people

Great price Great quality

Although not one of the big companies Cherub Baby has fabulous product that is a lot cheaper than others.
The breast pump does everything I need it too and the value it good.
Their customer service is really good as I had to return a bottle warmer and they replaced it immediately.


I bought this pump because I wasn't sure if I was going to need one or not so didn't want to spend too much. If I had my time over again I would have hand expressed at the beginning and then bought a good quality electric pump once I knew I needed it as this is what I ended up doing anyway - I was losing too much milk through leaking from this pump to make it worthwhile. I knew a manual pump isn't for everyone but in this case I feel you get what you pay for. It's OK I guess if you don't need it much but so is hand expressing and that's free!
Cheap, bottle adaptor is a great idea - pity about the leaks!
Leaks, a lot of parts to clean so gets quite fiddly.


I was a bit sceptical buying this pump due to its cheap price and I did see one negative review on it (although there were many good reviews too). I know all pumps work differently on Mums so I figured Im better off buying this cheaper version than a more expensive one just incase I had trouble with pumping. But this worked a treat for me. Easy and comfortable and it came with a bottle adaptor so I plugged my Avent bottles straight into it! Although if I feed again I'd upgrade to the new cherub Natrisense as its had a fantastic wrap from what Ive read.
Very comfortable and has an ergonomic design so I can just use it with one hand. Fantastic price!
If you plan to breast feed regularly dont buy a manual pump as they do take longer than electrics. Otherwise not much to fault with this manual version


I was a little hesitant buying this as it was cheaper than the other brands but for me it was a great buy. It worked a treat and given I only needed a pump for the occasional outing I was happy to deal with using a manual. I would highly recommend this to other mothers needing a pump for the same use.
Great Value. Easy to use, comfortable and sturdy.
Manual! Using the hand pump can be tiring.. but I guess that applies to all manual pumps


I only wanted a cheap pump for when I went back to work to express once a day 3 days per week but this one was too cheap and not worth it! Suction wasn't good and could only get about 40mls. new pump I bought can get 150mls!
leaked all the time after one month. the rubber seal kept moving. too many parts. squeaked loudly. suction wasn't good.


Loved it, as much as one can love a breast pump anyway! I'm not a fan of using pumps because the natural way just feels better for me, but when I did use this it worked a treat! It was comfortable, easy to use and I got plenty of milk using it. Great relief from being engorged. It was half the price of the other brands I was looking at as well. Got it from the baby show, seems to be worth buying from there.
Comfortable and easy to use
I'm not sure how durable the valve is going to be although it comes with a spare


Bought this brand new on the internet for $30 - fairly cheap, but in this case, for me I got what i paid for. Didn't do a thing for me and would definately not recommend this brand of breast pump.
Quick and easy to put together
Personally this pump as not managed to extract a single drop from my breasts after a number of attempts. I have not been able to achieve a let down from any pump, but there have been other pumps (best I tried is avent manual) that I could get at least 20-30mls in a pumping session.


A fantastic product that is hard to fault for the price! I loved that it was easy to assemble, comfortable, assisted let down extremely well and that it linked to Avent Bottles and the Avent Via System.
My first breast pump and it has been an absolute gem. I had to go overseas and pump 23 bottles for my baby daughter...this pump assisted me greatly. It was comfortable and easy to use. A major benefit was that it linked to the avent bottles and the Avent Via System that I used to store my milk. So I used this pump flat out twice a day for 2 weeks and it really was fantastic.
The milk did occasionaly gather a touch in the top section as another reviewer mentioned.


I thought this was a comfortable pump to use, and I got it at a great price. I would recommend it.
Very cheap as I got it from the manufacturer via ebay, $1.49 plus postage!!! I thought the adjustable suction was really good, and it worked much better then the Avent manual pump which I had borrowed. It came with an adapter to suit both wide and narrow neck bottles.
Forgot to put the rubber seal in once and I lost a lot of the milk. Sometimes the milk would gather in the top section and then run out.


I purchased this pump after giving up on a pump of another brand and have found it by far surpasses the reliability of the previously used (other brand) pump. I also purchased it at a heavily discounted price by purchasing it direct from the manufacturer via ebay. I particularly like how it simulates the suckling action of bubs, making expressing more comfortable.
The flow valve provides great comfort with expressing & the two pumping patterns were great. The initial pumping patter massages the breast, encouraging milk let-down. Once the milk has come through, switch the pump to the second setting & it expresses in long milk flow. It really does seem to simulate bubs' suckling motions as the product description suggests. Easy to clean & sterilise.
Initially it was difficult to assemble, but once this was overcome, it was easy.
Milk does, at times, seep out into the top section of the pump.


Sadly this pump didn't last a week (I put it in the microwave steriliser with no water). I found it difficult to use, wish I had of spent an extra $50 and got the Avent. I could not get my milk coming out of the plastic valve, it would overflow and there would be more dripping out than going in the bottle. I'll stick with my old manual Medela!
It was cheap! It comes with spare parts...
I found it difficult to put together, and it was difficult to get my milk flowing with this pump. It will only work on wide neck bottles, any other bottle and the milk pours down the outside of the bottle. I also found it painful to use.

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Cherub Baby Natriflow Manual
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