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Great fridge, not well looked after, yet goes great whenever needed to. Out does other fridges that friends have. Great seat. Worst part is the handles make it difficult to lift.
Purchased unit second hand 10 years ago. Never had a problem. Good sturdy and can take a knock. Camped for 2 weeks at a time on 240v and never had a problem. (Hope this doesn't jinx it. Gas is best provided it is level.
12 volt is not worth using. Heavy and hard to lift when full.

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good unit . 1180. did break radiator element but that was after a monster road hump in flinders . was not secured or supported by sponge mats. nearly touch and go as to getting repaired or write off. be aware do not allow any drops or big bumps. otherwise very good. handles are useless.


If you are looking for a camping fridge you need to consider the type of fridge that suits your needs. If you are on the move all the time you need a 12v/240v compressor type fridge as these will tolerate vibration and being out of level a lot better than a 3-way fridge and your batteries are likely to maintain their charge. If however to tend to relocate to another place stay for a few days or weeks in one spot then return home then a gas fridge is a lot easier and cheaper to run, you wont need to run your car or a generator to charge batteries, Just remember to turn upside down for a few hours before using, turn over and switch on and let cool down before going away
great for camping where you relocate to another place set up camp and stay for a while excellent operation on gas and 240v
needs to be set up as level as possible, won't work in a car when traveling (needs to be set up level}, 12v volt needs to have heavy wiring to avoid voltage drop,12v uses as much current as headlights so battery goes flat quickly


wouldn,t buy waceo or engel and have to worry about charging batteries.Could not find a better fridgein 3 way design
able to stay in one place with out having to worry about batteries.1 4.5kg gas bottle runs for exactly 10 days.No problems on 12 volt if wired correctly.
freezes up fridge area even with divider in


This fridge has put the compressor eqivs to shame. particularly when staying in the one spot for a while. runs very well on gas just be sure and change over once you are set up.
Purchased new in 2001. I have found this a magnificent bit of gear.lots of space and can freeze the who thing with ease.love to 3 way option never been stuck for a coldy
Make sure that you put an isloation unit in if you hard wire to vehilcle batery.just to make sure that you dont end up with a flat.


the company repaired it 3 times under warranty and then refused as it was out of the warranty period by the time we got back from the trip.we now use a waeco no problems no spirit level
the principle is great and when it worked it was brilliant
the unit burned out after 3 days into 1st trip then told had to level it with a spirit level all the time .burned out every trip whole unit 3 times 12v coil once

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Says in the instruction manual to use a spirit level when setting up in camp.


Overall like the flexibility that the unit offers. Construction, sturdiness, efficiency, size all very good. Could improve the 240V element durability.
Have had a Chescold RC1180 since 2002. Used whilst camping many times. Lasted a 6 month trip around Australia! Works particularly well on gas, efficient on 240V, never used 12V power source however. Great size, efficient cooling and/or freezing of food, sturdy construction. Works well as a seat also! Great to have the ability to make it a fridge/freezer or just a fridge with the partition.
Main complaint is the fact I have had to replace the 240V element 5 times now in 7 years! Poor longevity of this component. Doesn't like to be run on 240V for excessive amounts of time. Have been able to get 2 elements sent from Electrolux under "warranty". They must realise it is a problem! Has anyone else had this problem? Would also benefit from having a removable basket to help stack and remove food from the unit.


All around it is pretty good to have. Keeps really cold on gas, put a bag off ice in it when trav on 12volt to help maintain.
Runs great on gas, easy to clean, goood size compartmet. you can put it anywhere around the camp site & also use it as a seat.
It draws 9 amps on 12 volt so you won`t want to leave it on this setting if the vehickle is not running. Burnt 3 240volt elements out so far @ $115 each.


Adequate when camped but of no use when whilst on the road. Arrive at destination with a warm fridge and low battery, which means no lights at an unpowered campsite.
My Electrolux Chescold RC1180 was standard in my 2001 model Campertrailer. and operates really well on gas and 240v. good solid construction which allows me to stand on when erecting my campertrailer.
I have have paid a lot to Auto Electricians trying to get operation on 12V deep Cycle battery, with no success!! I'm continually told I should replace with new fridge. Need to remove divider to get sufficient coldness on non-freezer side.

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Questions & Answers

Where to buy online that is delivered? Are they still making these? It looks like no places are selling these new.
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G'day, try Seabreeze -Gold Coast . They should have them ( that's where I bought mine , albeit 10 yrs ago). If not Dometic , they could give you a dealer that has them. I haven't checked but you generally see a few on eBay 2nd hand and new. The big thing with these is the gas component. I own both (2 & 3 way) if you are a stay put camper & want to hook it up to a gas bottle these are your fridge. If your a stop / start tourer camper look at 2 way. Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers Shane.Thanks Shane. The 2nd hand ones look to be pricey, and given the whole gas thing they sound like a bad idea and just asking for problems. I looked at these a year or two back before getting my engel, and from memory there was a good few available online. Now nothing besides bcf and no delivery. Just looks like they are a bit dead now.

Hi, Can this fridge be connected to a gas bayonet, part of a gas system in a camper trailer. the bayonet would be installed external to the fridge box so the only way it can operate off gas would be when the camper is stationery and the fridge box is open. My gas fitter has asked if it has a thermocouple for safety? i dont know what this is, i guess if the pilot blows out the gas stops?
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No, the gas fitting supplied is a 3/8" BSP-LH (Gasmate) fitting. I've got an adaptor for a POL fitting, but I don't think you can get one to a 1/2" bayonet (maybe difference in regulator). Definitely can only use gas when stationary. It has a thermocouple, which is something to do with the gas safety valve I think.Hi Andrew, Cheers for taking the time to answer mate! All this gas stuff is overwhelming... I have tried looking for the product manual and it does not really go into too much specification detail. I also tried calling them and was on hold for so long the line just went dead. Maybe i should just go batteries and compressor to save the headache.

on the chescold 3 way ,which is the positive terminal on the 12v plug which goes to cooler,,middle or outside
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Not sure about the question but the black coated wire is the positive. The centre of the Chescold plug is only a locator which locks in to keep the plug connected to the fridge.looking at plug that goes into fridge,,one side plastic locator pin then in middle power pin withlarge plastic around it,,thenlast pin on out side pin(open with no covering) im thinking middle pin for positive wire..sorry carnt explain any better


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