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Can you pay half cost of removal when furniture is picked up an the rest upon delivery?
1 answer
Hello Sisco We will need specific details of you move before we can respond Regards Chess Moving Australia

Why dont chess removal except responsible when they damage goods and even brake them? my vacuum is so damaged it dosent work to power
1 answer
Hello car1957 To answer your question we do require more information. When we offer a service in our quote for insurance cover as an option and if you select not to take this option it is sometimes very difficult to process your claim. As in every insurance policy there is always an excess to pay and in small claims such as vacuums this excess usually $500.00 may come into play. Transporting personal effects and household items to a new location is complex process especially if your items are transported interstate or overseas as there are third parties who handle shipping containers, such as the rail for interstate and shipping lines for overseas so there is a period where your goods our out of any removal companies control this is just the way goods are transported in the modern era for efficiency, time and pricing. If you could please send your name, reference number and where you moved from to review@chessmoving.com.au we can look into the matter for you. Regards paul

Would like to know how much it would cost for 10 large boxes to purchase?
3 answers
Where are you located in Australia ?If you could explain further please. We would like to understand the basis for your remarks and we pride ourselves and service and transparency. Please contact me at paullm@chessmoving.com.au so we can communicate further on this please. Regards PaulWe have not heard from you further on this matter and would like some further information so we can investigate please. Please send your information to review@chessmoving.com.au. This is important to us so please send the details of your complaint

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