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Chibebe Slumber Pod

Chibebe Slumber Pod

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Good once you get the beans right

I purchased this pod as my daughter (4mths) suffers from mild reflux and vomiting after feeds. She also prefers to be sitting up more rather than being flat on her back. This pod was great once i got the beans right! At first i had too many in it and she was rolling off it, then i had not enough and it was swallowing her, but once i got the fill right, and positioned her in it with beans behind her head she loved it! I would put an activity gym with dingle dangles on it over her and she will happily play! She does start to slide sideways so i do have to keep an eye on her.
This pod will be great when shes older and it can be "her" chair when in the lounge room.

Amazing product!

I bought a a chibebe snuggle pod and rocker for my son 2 years ago. It was the best thing for day sleeps- I'd put him in it after a feed and he would sleep so happily. He is now 2 and we use the toddler seat attachment as he still loves his pod and watches tv/reads books in it. I bought a second one for my newborn son and he is loving it as much as his big brother.

Amazing product, did not disappoint

We recently got a snuggle pod for our six month old. The only regret I have is that we didn't get it sooner!! I love laying him in it while we play and read stories. He always looks so comfy and I'm guilty of actually sitting on it myself to test out the comfort ☺️ It passed the test!
I love that it is a useful chair now and will be usable as he grows bigger. I have noticed in dramatic improvement in the flat spot on his head since using the snuggle pod.
All of my girlfriends to have babies pop them in the snuggle pod when they come over and I am yet to meet one that doesn't like it.

Life saver for a grumpy baby and stressed mummy!

Wish I'd had a Chibebe snuggle pod sooner! My little girl is now 7 months old and has been struggling with day time sleeps, a lot of pain from wind, teething and generally...grumpy. Since having the snuggle pod, my little one has been snuggling in for a nap (with cuddles too of course!), but, what's so different? The pod is on an incline so her tummy pain isn't as bad, the angle is helping with her silent reflux and she generally seems more settled. (Just be sure to not overfill or underfill your pod. Yes, it's filled with styrofoam beans but the beans are very safely sealed in their own bag with more layers zipped (no tag on the zip for safety) over the bag so there's no safety fears). During those testing hours late afternoon while I'm trying to organise her dinner, our dinner, fold washing etc, she happy sits and plays in her snuggle pod right next to me. She's at that age where I'm not allowed to be out of her sight but with the snuggle pod being so light, it's easy to just pick up and pop it down wherever suits. I've also given it a test run at friends places and grandmas...pop it in the car and off you go. It's been such a lifesaver lately and I'm excited to have the pod grow with her and become a part of her reading corner with the toddler seat too (she's currently using the infant top which has a safe and comfy 'seat' - can be zipped off for easy washing) to keep her from sliding about. Cannot recommend this enough...I'll be ordering one for any friends or family having a baby! Very keen to buy the rocker frame to turn the pod into a rocker...just need a toy bar to attach to the rocker then. Honestly, two thumbs up!!

This generation's bouncer!

After suffering through tummy time with a child that either perks or screams, it was great to find a product that allows baby to rest on her back and alleviate the pressure on the back of her head. Great product, easy to assemble and will grow with her too! thank you

Love it!!

I got given a Chibebe Snuggle Pod to review, I honestly love it! So does my baby girl, she would love to sleep in my arms but lately I've been putting her in her snuggle pod and it's a lifesaver! I'm so glad I got given the opportunity to try one! It also helps with my daughters floppy windpipe (breathing) I've never seen anything like this before and my parents wished they were around when they me, haha. Overall excellent product am very pleased.

Well made and versatile

I was given a Chibebe Snuggle Pod to review and loved it so much I got another one to leave at the grandparents' house. It's perfect for popping my six-month-old down in for a few minutes without worrying that he'll slide or roll off, and for even longer periods when he's just chilling. The best things about it are: it's lightweight so you can move it around the house with you; it's very well made with high quality materials, strong stitching and sturdy zippers; you can mould it to your baby's shape for maximum comfort; and you can use it well past babyhood. My son seems to love it too – when he gets sick of tummy time and starts complaining, I put him in it and he'll happily sit there chewing on his toys.

Best item we have purchased for our Baby Girl

A friend recommended Chibebe to us as their baby girl was so content when on her Slumber Pod. We immediately ordered ours as our cutie pie would only settle when held. As soon as she lay on it for the first time, she immediately settled and now is hardly ever off of it. We take it everywhere we go and have got another one for Gran and Grandads house! Best $$$ spent in our baby purchases BY FAR!


My three-month-old hated not being in my arms, I tried multiple swings and bouncers that he hated. The Chibebe is the only thing he would sit in for periods longer than 10 minutes, it helped with his reflux and it's a bonus that it prevents flat heads. I would 100% recommend every parent of babies to have one, well worth the money! It's also great that it easily moves from room to room while he is in it.

Highly recommend the Chibebe Snuggle pod

I purchased the pink chirpy baby beanbag when my daughter was born and i absolutely love it. So easy to use, you can take it absolutely anywhere. In fact i did! I even took it down to the creche at the gym when she was really little, the staff loved it!! That way i new that she would be safe and comfortable while i was away. I have just purchased the Serendipity Polka Baby Beanbag in cream for a friend who is due in September, the bonus toddler seat was included which is great! I have since purchased the toddler seat so i have been able to convert my existing baby bean bag to the toddler bean which was so easy to do, plus it looks great the family room. Highly recommend the Chibebe bean bags, the most useful baby item i purchased.

Best present we got

We were given one as a gift when our 2nd arrived it's such a great alternative to the old style rocker soft for bub to sit In and doesn't take up too much room great to take on holidays all the extra safety precautions with zips etc to make sure the beans don't come out was great washes well on gentle machine wash wish we had of invested in the rocker base may do next time

Amazing relief

I got given a snuggle pod for my new arrival and it is the only thing to truly work for helping bub sleep at night. I know ur meant to use a cot but when bub is suffering reflux and crying constantly you will do anything to help them and to be honest, the chibebe pod saved us so much from stress and sleepless nights. I can't go on enough about this baby bean bag and whilst all baby beanbags might look the same, I can honestly say that they're not. I have seen the crappy cheaper ones and am so honored that I was loved enough to be gifted with a genuine chibebe one. I will be using this for many years to come and for all of my children, of which l want many! Highly highly highly recommend chibebe!

The perfect chair for home and away

I got this baby seat as a gift in December for my new arrival, but l use it for both my newborn and my 3 year old. It is the perfect size to take everywhere with us, which is very handy, as my Mum cares for my baby girl two days a week, and she won't rest in anything other than her pod. It makes my life easy as l can actually do things around the house this time round, whereas l couldn't do much at all with my first child during their waking hours as l didn't have anywhere safe to put him. Chibebe are true to their word too, as baby doesn't suffer reflux like my first did, thanks to her pod, and that alone is worth it. The colors of the seat are rich and lovely, and l am thinking of purchasing a 2nd one as l can see the kids fighting over the one i have when bub is bigger.

The best gift I recieved

I was very spoilt by loved ones at my baby shower, but to be honest, nothing helped more than the chibebe snuggle pod. I got one in the birds design, and it suits my house decor perfectly, and i followed the instructions to fill it only just over halfway, and my baby sits in it all day, every day, and gets upset if l take him out to pop him in the cot. I never would have imaging this sort of seat could be so worthy, but it is, and i recommend every new parent get one. I can see it one day being a necessity and something recommended by professionals as a must have in the future. I seriously don't know what l would have done without it, and my old-school Mum even agrees, and wish she had one when us kids were born!

This saved my back for the first 3 months

When we bought this slumber pod and rocker our new baby loved it (and still does at 4 months) it was all he slept in (day) and what would put him to sleep at night before we would move him to his cot.We bought the slumber pod with the rocker so we would have to rock him with our foot whilst he would fall asleep.after 4 months of doing this I had to somehow break the habit.He became so accustomed to being rocked when he was in it I would spend hours rocking it with my foot in the day /night or else he would not fall to sleep,not to mention the sound of the beans moving constantly.We now bought a full swing (plugs into power point) which swings itself and makes much less noise than when I was rocking the bean bag,this means I can move around the house and actually clean etc whilst he falls asleep in the swing by himself.Another thing we found was the material used for the pod made him sweat on the back of his head and neck so we always had to put a cotton blanket or towel on it and then he wouldn't get as hot.If I knew what I know now I would have bought the full swing from the beginning and used the beanbag as a seat (still) and not bought the rocker-that being said it helped get him to sleep every time.

Sadly, a regretful purchase

Once I unpacked it I was really disappointed with the colour. It's actually pale yellow and beige where in the photos on their site it looks white. It's not even close. My baby was 3 months old when we first used it, kept sliding down it and didn't like it at all. Definitely wasn't over or under filled I put in exactly what was recommended and made adjustments but still no good. A cheap bouncer has done a much better job for us sadly. Hoping it will be useful when my baby is a toddler as it was quite expensive. Probably good for tiny babies.

Great product and even better customer service

I purchased this product on behalf of a group for a staff member who was going on Maternity leave. I was looking for something a little different but useful. The product came beautiful packaged and arrived well within the time frame. I had a question regarding the package and I had an instant email response. Great customer service. Very impressive. Thanks.
Design, useability

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Awww shucks, thanks Lisa! We're blushing here....you're too kind. We're just happy that you're happy, so thankyou for letting everyone know of it!

My newborn loves it!

I found an advertisement for a Chibebe Slumber Pod in a maternity magazine whilst I was pregnant and thought it would be a great alternative to a baby rocker/swinger thing and the floor!! So glad we purchased it!
My now 12 wk still loves his bean bag and has been in it since days old. If awake or asleep, it is very easy to move him around the house with me whether i am in the bathroom, bedroom or laundry etc. I do encourage supervision particularly when bubs are moving about. My son loves to kick his legs around, great form of exercise rather than being stuck in a swing. I did try a battery swing with my son which he hated!! I quickly returned him back to his bean bag!!! Machine washable cover although I do place a wrap or fabric nappy as I have had many nappy explosions.
Excellent product and would be an
ideal gift for those mums that like something a little bit different!!!
Portability, well priced which includes 2 covers, washable and quick drying, no more flat heads, mould babies head with beans!!

Love Love Love

I love this product my mother in law brought it for us the day we got home for hospital with bub.
She has slept in it from day one she is now 9weeks old and iv only just put her Iin her cot to sleep at night.
I put it in the bathroom while i have a shower and goes everywhere in the house with me with bub in it.
And they are so so cute.
Wish I had this for my first born.
bub loves to sleep in it, easy to move around the house, and take away on holidays instead of a port a cot

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Thanks Nomes! We love to hear these things! You would think by now we are used to it, but you can never tire of positive words about something you invest so much time and energy into! Happy Podding! Chibebe :)

The best baby product I've bought!

Just as i found out I was pregnant, I saw the chibebe pictured in The Age - I loved the picture, so cut it out and forgot about it. However, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I found the picture I'd cut out and googled it - I read the reviews and decided to buy one. I put my week old baby in it, and unfortunately, he refuses to sleep anywhere else but in it, or on someone! he loves it so much! I scoot him around the house so he can watch me when he's awake - although he normally falls straight to sleep as soon as i lay him in it. It works for me, and even though I've only been using it for two weeks, I consider I've had my money's worth from the product already! hey, and it looks pretty cool too :) I always place the baby on a folded muslin wrap to protect the cover as I an not prepared to be without it while it's in the wash!
Cradles the baby softly
Baby pretty much refuses to sleep elsewhere

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Aww shucks. Thanks Moo20. Sounds like Bub loves it as much as we do! Our padded seats make all the difference, and Bubs tend to love the comfort they provide! You rock for taking the time to write about us in such a positive way (but of course!). Happy Podding! Chibebe :)

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Hi I am considering purchasing a baby bean bag for my grandchild expected soon I am looking at several companies trying to decide on the safest product. I have heard both positive & negative comments. My question is what is recommended age of the baby . I have heard they have a tendency to tip over. Regards Lavina Staader
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Hi! Chibebe Snuggle Pods are laboratory tested for use from newborn (birth). What we always try to explain to the buyer is....imagine you were in an overfilled beanbag, and had to get off...you would just roll yourself over to get off.....but if it were an inclined bag, that is when you see the user asking for a hand to help them get off, as they are so comfy and seated in an upright position, that is impossible for them to simply roll themselves out! Same idea with all beanbags....we have a handy diagram on our facebook page with the correct way to fill our Snuggle Pods, so that Bub gets the best experience possible from it. We are know for having the safest, most comfy baby beanbags in the world! Hope this helps!Hello! I found the construction of the bag is extremely sturdy, I never had any concerns of it tipping over. We are still using ours now and started when our daughter was born.Thank you


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