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Chicco KeyFit Plus

Chicco KeyFit Plus

4.2 from 9 reviews

Best capsule

With a big baby on the way but a bad back myself I wanted a capsule with high height markers, yet light and very safe.

The Chicco had it all.

My 100th percentile height baby boy was in it until last 9 months - it just got too heavy for me to lift him and it out.

My 50th percentile daughter is 9 months and will still have a few more months in it.

Very easy to get in and out of the car compared to others.

Only downside is it doesn’t have a great sun visor, nothing that a muslin wrap can’t fix.

We used it with adapters for our Baby Jogger with ease.

Purchased in January 2014 for $499.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation

Good convenient baby capsule

We've had our KeyFit Plus for 7 months now, and our baby still fits into it as she is quite small. I agree that it can be quite hot for baby in summer, however I think this is balanced by the fact that the capsule is extremely safe (scoring highest CREPS score of any capsule) and convenient. It clips seemlessly with the Bugaboo Cameleon adaptor (which we found on Gumtree) and makes travelling with a sleeping baby a breeze. Only criticism is the sun guard is not very protective and capsule with a 7kg baby is quite heavy, but I think these are hard things to overcome in design.

Pretty great car seat/ stroller combo

The capsule makes me feel secure because it feels solid and hardy, but if you try carrying it on its own it can be a struggle. Compatible with a VW Scirocco, all in all we felt it was quite convenient to be able to just pop the capsule into the wheeled section and go! Our little guy did seem to be a bit warm in it, but didn't bother us too much.

Convenient, great customer service, but baby gets hot

Capsule is on the heavy side, but when paired with a stroller it's great to move bub easily from car to shops to car without waking him. It clicks easily in and out of the capsule base and stroller adapter on my babyjogger. We live in the tropics and have found our baby gets very hot and uncomfortable in this capsule, even with the insert removed, and as others have suggested the sun shade is a little on the short side. I love the rocking feature, and it fits snugly behind the passenger seat of our Mazda 3. When leaving the hospital with our capsule we discovered the shoulder straps were different lengths - however cannot fault Chicco for their customer service and issue was dealt with promptly.

Very disappointing, high price, poor fit, very hot.

My child gets very hot in this, sweating profusely, even with aircon on and circulating and even in cooler weather. My child is only 7 weeks and will not fit in it for long, he is 4kg- So not a large child, but he is already quite squished and screams every time we put him into it. On the first use we had to remove the infant insert as he couldn't fit it in. He was 3kg. There doesn't seem to be much room, his shoulders are already quite snug in the sides and I have to turn him sideways to lift him out. He looks very awkward and his chin sits on his chest on a tilt that makes it hard for him to breathe and he looks so uncomfortable. There are no harness tucks so the seat belt gets caught underneath when putting him in. The teether strap is very difficult to unclip, I have to unlock and tilt the seat (unsafe) and lean it up against the front seat to loosen the connecting strap enough to unclip it.
The good point is the click and connect base works with my stroller.
For the huge price tag, I am very disappointed. I am going to see if I can return it or sell it, as it is quite unusable.

Great convenient car seat!

My son is 3.5 months now and we've found the car seat so handy and easy to clip in and out of the car and into ou bugaboo stroller. My son seems comfortable in the seat. Only two downfalls I have is the sun shade isn't long enough even with the hidden but underneath which you can pull out. I've put out bugaboo sun canopy over it though and it fits perfect.
Second downfall is it only attaches to the base and won't go into the car without the base which isn't to bad if you are using one car but for example we are going on holiday and taking our car seat but we have to take the base too which is annoying as the base is a bit bulky.

Greatest decision we made

This was a very user friendly capsule that clicked in and out very easily. I also needed it to fit into my bugaboo cameleon. I found an adapter at Baby Bunting. When we went to Bubs 'N' Grubs store they kept pushing maxi cosi brand only and never mentioned Chicco brand. The Chicco is lighter and easier to put in and out of the car.

The capsule worked wonders when I would get to my destination and my son was still sleeping so rather than wake him to put in stroller, I just lifted him out in it and was great. My son was a summer baby so regarding over heating in the capsule, well you use your common sense and take them for a walk in the heat in the capsule but in the stroller. My son was in it till 6months. I enjoyed the flexibility of pulling him in and out when he was asleep and not get worried he would wake up. The seat is nice and deep so I knew he was very safe and secure.

I am pregnant with my second child and I am relieved that I have the Chicco capsule as it will make my life easy and flexible to get around with a toddler and new born in tow.

Good, safe and easy to use

This capsule was actually purchased by my husband as a surprise for me. It was apparently one of the safest on the market. Thankfully we haven't had to test that aspect of it. I will say that there are many positives: safety, easy to put in and out of the car, very easy to attach to our bugaboo buffalo. I have found it very easy to clean. However, there are a couple of negatives:

Firstly, it is very heavy with the baby inside. I suspect this adds to the safety of it but if you are a petite woman I wouldn't get this one or a travel system for that matter. You'd probably be better off getting a rear facing convertible car seat and skip the capsules all together. Secondly, the capsule is very deep (again this is what makes it so safe) but it also means the babies in them become warm very quickly. Thankfully our baby girl was born in the winter but she doesn't like staying in it for very long when we're out and about if it is hot. Thirdly, she has nearly outgrown it and she is nearly 6 months. This is the expected age that children outgrow their capsules but I think if I were to do things again, I would skip the capsule and go for a rear facing car seat. Finally, the visor is stupidly short and does next to nothing to shade your child from the sun. We always end up using a muslin cloth over the capsule to protect her from the sun.

Exactly what we were after

Great capsule! Clicks in and out - very user friendly! I love it, our daughter was born in summer so it was good to click the the capsule out and leave it indoors, we would leave it under the air con to cool it down before we hopped into the car (which would be really hot!!) and I am sure we will do the same in winter - that way when I click her in and out im not getting soaked in the cold rain!!!

We bought an adaptor for it to fit our BOB Revolution. Baby bunting said there wasnt an attachment (but there is!!!). Clicks into the car and into the pram - to easy! it is a little deep but thats what makes it safe, also not too heavy to carry around.

It is a little expensive but we did price match at my baby bunting and saved $80 and we will be using this for other children down the track. We are happy that we purchased it. We are now looking to buy a second base for our second car.
High Safety Rating, User friendly, Fits selected prams, Very convenient
Expensive, silly visor (just bug me)

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my daughter has just grown out of it and she has just turned 6 months... very happy she lasted that long in it!

Questions & Answers

Will this car seat fit in a Mazda 3?
1 answer
Yes. Although the seat may need to be push forward to allow room. I think most capsules are like that though


KeyFit Plus
Price (RRP)$499
Age Range0-6months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo
Release dateApr 2013

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