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Childcare Fizz

Childcare Fizz

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Great chair, easy to clean, hate the harness though

We love this chair! Easy to clean and easy to get our daughter in and out (we don't bother removing the tray, it just stays there). It's lightweight, so it's easy for us to move it around. But that five point harness... it's difficult to undo (I've almost caught my fingers in it several times) and my daughter broke a piece off it after we'd had it for only a few months. It was a tiny piece that didn't affect functionality or safety so we continued to use it, however, a few days ago she snapped the other side of the harness and now it's unusable and we haven't even had it for a year! I'm really disappointed! However... I notice Target have them for $39 so we will get another one today (and I will hold onto the receipt this time!) Yes, we are disappointed with the five point harness, but this is still a great chair, certainly much better than the one we used for my son, so I'm happy to get another one.

Great product

I love this high chair cheap and easy to clean I do agree with most of the reviews about the tray being impossible but after owning this high chair for 3 years, tonight I have just figured out a great easy way to get it off lol just place your right hand on the top of the tray to the right and hold down, then using your left hand grab the left side if the tray and lift it should pop up very easy(or vice versa) give it a go :) wish I figured this out years ago lol
Light and easy to clean

Good chair but not as functional as it should be

We bought this chair as we didn't want one with heaps of padding for food to get caught in.
We have removed the padding as it cannot be easily taken out to be washed (it's very hard to unthread the rings at the back).
The tray is very difficult to remove & any food on it tips on bubs. We usually just slot her in/out with the tray in place.
It's easy to wipe down & is very light. We do like the chair but there is a few flaws in it's functionality.
Easy to wipe down, light, inexpensive.
Tray difficult to remove & food tips on bub, 'removable' padding is difficult to remove.

Terrible high chair

Bought this because reviews on here were ok and it was a cheaper high chair and seemed to be the best one of a cheaper bunch and it looked cute! But whoever designed the tray to fit like it does is an [censored word removed]! It locks in ok but trying to get it out is a nightmare! You have to literally pop the thing into your babys face and try not to hit them or pinch them in the process! And it makes such a loud bang! What it is popped out it scares my baby and makes him cry nearly every time! Shocking
Nice looking
Hard to take the removable cover off. Terrible tray removal design!!!!

Hmmm they removed my censored word which wasnt that bad? I didnt swear :(Presuming there was a reference to a donkey like animal? They're probably interpreting it as in American usage. I had no trouble filling in the blank! Thanks for the review.


This highchair is not as good as people make it out to be. The tray is impossible to remove. To scard to try to remove it when baby is sitting in it incase I hit her in the head. It is wobbly and the straps way to hard to unclip.
Inexpensive and light.
Tray is impossible to remove and clips hard to undo.

Excellent highchair

I owned another highchair prior to this one, wish I had not wasted my money and just gotten this one in the beginning! It's easy to clean; the straps and cover can be removed for cleaning which makes life so much easier. The straps are also black. It's a good size too. The tray is a little tricky to remove, but once you have worked out the correct way to do it, it's not a problem. Highly recommend this chair over ones that cost twice the price!
Easy to clean, a good size, price
No wheels but since it is light this is not much of an issue

Stylish, Compact & has 5 point safety harness. Perfect!

This chair is like the Ikea Antillop with the added safety of a 5 point harness, footrest & black padded cover for comfort. Extremely easy to clean, simply wipe it down. It is stylish, compact & I assembled it within minutes. Love it! I purchased the chair for $59.95 at Target and am so pleased I found it, my 9 month old baby boy loves sitting in it. The table has 2 positions so you may adjust as baby grows. The padded cover even comes in a choice of colours (lime green, red or black). I love the black as you don't see any stains. Enjoy!
Compact, stylish, easy to clean, 5 point safety harness.

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Pros: easy to clean and inexpensive. We had another one before this for my daughter and it was filthy and impossible to clean. Food got stuck in the cracks of the previous high chair so this one is excellent. No little folds where food hides. Cons: Can't remove the 'removable' seat cover (any ideas would be appreciated) Overall: If I can figure out how to get this cover off - it is a great buy for the little that it costs.

You get what you pay for

Bought it on sale from Target. Thought I just needed a cheap and easy to clean high chair. But was I wrong.
It comes with a 5 point harness which in my opinion you don't need cos the seat is so tiny your baby is "jammed" in there so he's not going anywhere.
Everytime I put my baby in and out is a struggle, especially when Im lifting him out. The seat comes with him.
My little one likes to "rock" in his high chair and bangs his head on the head rest and because it's very very thinly padded it's hurting him.

I've decided to sell mine and get a fisher price one with all the bells and whistles.
Cheap $35 when on sale, stable
Hard to get baby in and out , my baby is 9months old and in the 25 percentile so it's a real worry ! The fabric is impossible to remove, tray is soo hard to snap off and I feel like I'm going to break it soon

So easy to clean and use

We sold our expensive high chair and bought this one as we were sick of how hard the other one was to clean. We looked at getting the ikea antalop, but decided this was better as the tray has two different positions and it has a 5 point harness rather than just across the lap.

As soon as we got this home I removed the seat pad to make it easier to clean and I haven't put the harness back on as my son cannot stand up in it anyway. Its so easy to just wipe down the seat and tray without having to worry about food being stuck in padding. My son doesn't seem to mind the plastic and too be honest he's not in there for that long at one time, so its not that bad for him to sit in.

The tray is really hard to remove but I just leave it on all the time. My sone is 18 months and the tray in as close as possible, which means that more food is caught by the tray and not dropped on his lap. It can be a little hard to get them out of it but we have found if you stand behind the baby its fine.

I love how easy this is to pull off the legs and put them back on again, making it easy to take camping with us (another reason it appealed to us).

I bought mine on special at Target. I wish I had just bought one of these to start with and not wasted money on the other high chair.
cheap, easy to clean, great for camping, easy to take legs off, little feet to make it more stable when outside, 5 point harness
hard to remove tray (but I don't do it that often)

Perfect, can't live without it, have bought 2 more for the grandparents' houses

Other reviewers have commented on how hard it is to get baby in and out - we never have this problem but we always take the tray off, and I wash it in the sink.

The tray is stiff and hard to get off at the start, but there's a knack, you have to get it at the right angle and then it just pops out - but a baby couldn't do it.

I would never leave the baby in without the 5 pt harness though we did quickly remove the padded cover (*bit fiddly) and never put it back.

Love that you can undo the legs and that it travels really easily. Brilliant for the price.
Cheap, easy to clean
Tray is stiff until you know the 'knack' which babysitters usually don't.

Basic but good

We have been using the "cube' form of this high chair for 3 months now. It works well for us, but I don't play around with it much. We haven't been using the harness as my baby can't stand, and because I pinched my finger in it once and it really hurt! The tray stays on all the time now, it is quite hard to take off, but I haven't tried many times. Overall it is compact, easy to clean, easy for us to use and my daughter is very happy to sit in it!
good price, easy to clean, compact, 5 point harness when we need it
hard to take tray off, very easy to pinch yourself in the harness clip

Durable and compact

This high chair is basic, light, easy to clean and not bulky. Bought it at Target on sale for $40. It is at the right height for the table.
Good money for value. Compact and easy to clean!
Difficult to remove the tray. You need to be at the right angle to get the tray to pop out.

Not a bad compromise

There are so many ugly high chairs. All I wanted was something that looked good, had a tray, a five point harness and was easy to clean. After much research and driving myself mad I decided to try the fizz. All the attractive high chairs were missing each of the features I wanted and the rest were super ugly. The fizz was cheap simple and had everything I was after.
The tray is hard to get off. I can manage by putting my foot down on the foot rest, my hand on the back and pulling it off quickly. The five point safety harness is also impossible to get on and off easily, still haven't worked out the trick so I have it off and the cover until my baby can stand.
Easy to clean cheap and simple design - not unattractive
Tray and five point harness hard to get off foot rest isn't adjustable

wish I'd bought this ages ago

originally bought a more expensive chair for my son and quickly discoverred those comfy seats are a nightmare to clean and are a breeding ground for germs, and u never pack it up as they sit in it all day ( a wasted feature i thought i needed) so when it broke we replaced it with this one for our daughter.

So easy to clean, light to move around, 5 point harness for extra safety, easy to clean and did i mention easy to clean!! Not to mention a bargain when on sale. Only downsides are the footplate is not adjustable so there little legs dangle for a while and I have never managed to get the tray off since the day we built it!
easy to clean (did i say that already?) 5 pt harness, durable
tray is impossible to get off, foot plate not adjustable

Basic is fine, clunky and hard to use is not.

This is the only baby item I didn't research before buying, and I regret it. We decided on this highchair as we assumed it would be easier to clean a plain, basic plastic chair that doesn't have all the padding, nooks and crannies. Well, it is pretty easy to clean if you can manage to pull the tray off, very hard to do and feels like you will break the clips every time. Also very complicated to remove the seat cover/pad, which you need to do pretty often as food gets wedged into it. Its very hard to get my daughter in and out of the chair, despite the 2 tray positions. The safety harness is a bit of a joke too. We have ended up buying a second hand chicco happy snack highchair instead, which despite having the padding, nooks and crannies, is far easier to use and we are much happier with it.
It was cheap to buy, but you get what you pay for!
Difficult to get child in and out, hard to take tray on and off, hard to remove seat cover to clean, safety harness a bit useless.

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy replacement straps? Mine are stained and difficult to clean
1 answer
Hi Debbie. I don't think you can buy replacement straps which is why we bought a new chair when our straps broke. I used to take the harness off and soak it when it became grotty and they came out clean. It's just a pain to put them back on! Cheers Tracey

How do you take the cover off the Childcare fizz highchair? I have tried every possible way to get the thing off but can't!
1 answer
it's a struggle to get the harness off first. Just persist by poking the metal rings back through the small holes in the chair. Once the harness is off the cover slides off easily.

How do you remove the 'removable' cover?
2 answers
Take the safety harness off. It's possible to make this easier by removing the rings at the back and threading it through. Hope that helps its not easy, we left it off.Hi Bubba09, I tend to just wipe it down so I haven't removed everything yet. I think there were instructions that came with it, but it involved removing all the straps as well. I found this forum thread about it: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t963029.html Doesn't sound easy. Good luck. I guess I will have to one of these days too!


Childcare Fizz
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