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Childcare Universal Cradle

Childcare Universal Cradle

4.5 from 2 reviews

Sturdy and affordable

Borrowed from a friend and now wish we had just bought it ! Very easy to move between rooms. Convenient storage shelf underneath. It has a firm mattress, but would need replacing if used for second baby, this can be done on the childcare website. Mesh sides make it breathable. Highly recommend
Inexpensive, easy to move, rocks easily, firm mattress

Solid, reasonable price & good size

We used this for 6 months for our second child. It lived mainly in our lounge room but being handy in wheels made its way around the house depending on our needs.
We have a toddler in the house and he regularly climbed in the shelf and it is still standing strong.
My hubby didn't enjoy putting it together, took him a wile to figure out and some of the screws broke (I rang childcare and they sent out replacements immediately).
I particularly liked the mesh sides. It allowed more breathability and air flow.
I would definitely recommend this cradle. It looks good, practical in style and size and features. I also thought it was quite reasonably priced compared to other similar ones available.
Size, style, sturdy, price.
A bit difficult to put together.

Questions & Answers

Any help as to where I can get a mattress for this bassinet would be greatly appreciated...
2 answers
I'm assuming you didn't get one with the cot? I would suggest a place like Clarks Rubber where they cut a foam mattress to size. Otherwise contact Childcare directly and see who stockists are. I bought mine at Big W, they may stock or be able to get them in?Thanks all. I have gone direct to Childcare and they're helping me out. Thanks for your help

what are the clips for on the side of the universal cradles, please?
3 answers
Sorry, I don't remember the clips. We no longer have ours.Did you ever discover what the clips are for? Ours has them too!The bottom can be lifted up and clipped underneath which converts it into a change table.


Universal Cradle
Price (RRP)$197.95
Release dateDec 2011