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Chill Chest

Chill Chest

4.2 from 280 reviews

easy to use and handle - very positive asset to average home.

Very simple - stacks well also with other components taken along. All elements stack into chill cases as well and they stack well on top of each other providing stability when travelling with them in vehicle.

Purchased in November 2018.


Look after your food

A great product that keeps your food cool and fresh in our hot Australian days.
When not in use stacks away easily taking up little space.
A must when you go shopping.

Purchased in February 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great car cool storage container

The Chill Chest is used each time I get my groceries. I just put the whole bag of cold and frozen items into the chill chest and they are perfect till I get home.

Purchased in October 2018 at Global Shop Direct for $49.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

I will not buy a Chill Chest again until you promise that it does work as the one l got the Frozen f

It is easy to carry any transport and storage in the backroom, in a cool place the only problem l have is that it does not work at all please explain.

Nothing miraculous but did the job

I used it over a few days when I spent Christmas at my sons/daughter-in-laws. Their fridge was full so it was good for all the extras we had. Kept putting in icepacks and iceblocks from the freezer and it did the job. Wouldnt put loose ice in it as it would leak out when melting. Now starting to use it in the car for shopping. No issues so far. I think it is equivalent to an esky which needs ice but it has the benefit of folding down when not in use.

Waste of money

I followed the instructions exactly and it didn't perform as advertised. Everything melted, it dripped water and made my car a mess. I purchased it at the Australia Post and am shocked that they would sell such a shabby product. I would like to return it, but after the disastrous first use, I left it in the cupboard and now I am sure the return period would be lapsed. Don't waste your money and end up with soggy, unedible food and a wet car.
No stars

Does not keep small amount of frozen food frozen or can you stall in the car for cars as advised as

I drove three hours from geelong to st arnaud, I had a couple of frozen dinners and a can of drink . The frozen dinners thawed out but drink remained cold . I have only used once , and have not fill it up yet , but so far Im not inpressed . It also states can keep in car that's rubbish, it became so hot had to put ice in it , still didnt keep food frozen.. I wouldnt recommend putting a few frozen items in , as I found out it doesnt stay frozen. .

Waste of money

I placed icy poles and ice cream to test the chill test. Items melted in a matter of minutes, its a waste of time and money. Just watch videos on Youtube, all ended with disappointment.
I surprised how they are still selling this bix thst has absolutely no function what so ever!

Waste of money

Absolute load of rubbish does not keep items cold at all complete waste of money. False advertising and cannot carry when full. I would never recommend anyone buy this product, its not even worthwhile sending it back for a full refund as I would waste more money.

Waste of time and money

Doesn’t keep things cold for long enough. Road trips in Australia can be hours, and this product does not work like they say it does. Any liquid in it will leak, it’s not sealed. Any frozen stuff quickly defrosts. Don’t buy this! Spend your money on a real cooler with a reputable brand and guarantee.

Works well

Easy to use and transport in the car keeps things frozen and cold very happy with the purchase recommend to all and are resonably priced too was quick delivery too.

It is a 2 hour trip from where I shop till when I get home. Everything was defrosted and melting

Fine when its empty, difficult when full. It was not easy to handle when it was full. To the point I thought it might break. I am not happy with product and wish I had not spent $ 60 on buying it :*

Do not waste your money

Easy to transport. Did not keep food cold. After 4 hour drive everything was warm. Had to throw out everything for my family reunion. Wasted so much money on this item and the food. I am disabled and I have very low income. So sad!

Does not work as advertised

Easy to fold and carry. It does not keep ice or frozen stuff solid and thaws quick. I put stuff in large trash bag first and covered with blanket, did not stay frozen long. Stores easy.

Great product.

Use it for shopping. Ice Cream still frozen aftyer the two hour trip home from the shops. All other items frozen and cold. Better handles would have been preferable as it is hard to carry around when full and heavy

Doesn't work!

Easy to transport but filled it with frozen veg and ice cream , wouldn't even keep a Zooper dooper frozen the ice cream was melting now we just use it to put the bread in so it doesn't get squashed we bought it from BCF Ballarat because we live 20 minutes out of town but we were dissapointed.


I use this product for catering job, put bake potato in the cooler at 12:00pm and at 9:00pm hot steam was still coming out of cooler, this cooler does great with hot food.


This might be the worst money I have spent on a cooler!! I put cold cans in one and I put cold food in another going to my daughters softball tourney. The cans were warm within a couple of hours and the food was not worth eating after only the 2nd game, cheese was melted and condiments were warm. I tried to put ice in the cooler with the cans and it melted all over everything in the wagon within 30 minutes.
This was not worth the money I paid of 39.99 for the first one and not even worth the extra $10 I paid for the second one. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, TOO LATE FOR ME TO TAKE BACK SO I AM STUCK WITH IT. I have offered to give them to people and they won't even take them.......

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Hi Mike, We sell this product in Australia. It sounds like your item may be faulty. Please contact the outlet where you purchased the item and they will be able to assist. Thanks,

This is a awesome products .

Excellent service and fast delivery. Excellent products will use it for picnics during winter and during summer months at the beach and on vacations.its a awesome products that I have purchased.

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Thank you for that great piece of feedback Kimmi. We are so glad you are enjoying the Chill Chest.

Wow Chill chest is a winner with ice-less technology!

I came across this quite by accident when looking for camping chairs, so glad I did The Chill chest is such. Simple design but is certainly a must the beauty of it? Light weight spacious keeps your chilled goods /drinks cooler for longer. Great for picnics, grocery shopping trips. Fits nicely in the boot of the car.
Folds easily when not in use. Easy to clean.
I have not tried though storing hot items in the chest so can not comment there.
I am overall very happy with my purchade

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Thank you so much for the feedback. We are so glad to hear you are enjoying your Chill Chest, we love it too!

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Questions & Answers

How different is this Chill Chest to the Pollar Chest which is half the price?
1 answer
Polar chest is a knockoff that does not have the same level of thermal efficiency.

Can this product hold water?
2 answers
No, as it's made of porous plastic.No It can only hold bottles / containers.

How does it work?
2 answers
It doesn't. It's an insulated box.The Chill Chest works by maintaining its temperature by locking in the cold air if using cold items/ and likewise for hot. Its made out of lightweight polypropylene .


Chill Chest
Price (RRP)49.95
Capacity L39

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