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surprisingly good

Avoid flying with CI for years after my first experience with it - plane so unstable throughout the 4 hrs flight.

Flown with CI four times recently and the experiences were all good which was quite a surprise. attentive cabin crew and food not too bad (I usually hate food on the plane). I wouldn't mind travelling with it again.
Good service


Regular flyer with China Airlines, a competent airline overall but not top notch. VIP lounge in Taipei is good with unlimited food and drinks - good idea to eat as much at the lounge as the onboard food is only OK.
Nice business class seats, friendly service, Taipei lounge good!
Economy seats small - maybe because i am tall, food is sometimes not good.


We had read some reviews and set off on our trip with some trepidation. Whilst it is not inthe same league as Qantas or SQ business class, it is still an excellent airline and fantastic value for money for business class. The planes were all new and the service was friendly and attentive. We'll most definitely be flying with China Airlines again.
Excellent value for money for business class. Friendly service. Great lounge in Taipei with good food. Business Class food and wines were very good.
Seats not quite long enough for my 6'3" tall husband


I have travelled with Singapore airlines before, who according to many, they are the benchmark when it comes to airlines. However I took China airlines for the first time last year to my trip to Hong Kong. The staff was very friendly, the airplane was comfortable, there was a lot of food and beverages of your choice included, you got your pillows, headphones and blanket. Even the on-screen TV offered hours of excitement with a great range of movies and games and other activities to keep you busy. I did not notice a slight difference from a Singapore airlines plane the only difference was the money I saved.
- Very competitive price - Very friendly service
- A small delay at Sydney airport on the way to Taiwan
-I did not notice a slight difference from a Singapore airlines plane the only difference was the money I saved.


We flew to LA via Taiwan and was very happy with the service and price. Cabin staff are very friendly and go out of their way to help if required. Considering how much you save compared to the other airlines then they are the best. We will be flying with them to London next year (new service 3 times a week from OZ). So when you have checked out the others then have a serious look at China Air.
Friendly staff,good seats,good food and drinks, light snack (noodles) between meals,each seat has it's own video tv, and of course the price.

Great service!

I use China Airlines for travel between Brisbane and Auckland. Great service and inflight entertainment for short flights. Once I missed my return flight. The customer service consultant organised another flight at no additional cost to me. I commend their customer service and flight service on this leg of any travel itinerary.
Value for money relative other airlines on a route between Brisbane to Auckland

Sydney - New York. Great product Great Price

Business class with China Airlines form Sydney to New York via Taipei and Osaka. New modern Airbus a330 to Taipei with angled lie flat seats. Good service & food. Refurbished 747 from Taipei to New York with lie flat beds. Excellent! Cost less than premium economy with Qantas in business class. Would fly again providing I'm flying on an aircraft with updated business product.
On time, Serivce, Price
3 hours longer flyer via TPE


China Airlines is an ok airline, but there isn't that much choice in that part of the world. The planes are really big and the mentality is to get everyone in served and seated again rady for landing as quickly as possible (which sometimes isn't a bad thing).

I think that they still do not meet the expectations of a European traveller - we look for different things - it's just the cultural gap so can't really slam them for growing up differently (as previous reviewer).

I thought the service was polite and the food was ok - but best of all they had a flight at the time that suited me.
go to many different destinations for reasonable prices
they are frequently late and not on time


Me and my husband use their service when travelling around China. Our first flight was good, the plane is new and the food was ok. We thought, hmmm this isn't that bad. But it just went downhill from there on. On our last flight, my husband asked whether he could swap seat because his entertaiment unit was not working, the flight attendant just laugh. Not to mention the food, it was just unapplealing. You don't event want to try by the look of it. Except for because it is the only better airlines to travel within China, I would not used them again.
They are not too expensive. Even their business class is pretty reasonable.
Their care factor to passenger and the foods! They are just uneatable.


Travel Sydney - Taipei - Hanoi return in Jan 2008, saved few hundreds on ticket for the whole family of 5. Very bad connection. Sleepover in Taipei. Old Taipei airport was very bad, no lift, poor service assistance, staffs were so so, airport facilities were poor, sleepover hotel not located inside airport. Hotel provided was old and decay and like a 2 star hotel. Plane was OK, foods were bland but eatable. Child meals were terrible. Taipei new airport was just OK, modern but not match travellers' expectation. Lots of stairs and very few lift. Stewardress were not as beautiful and professional as Cathay Pacific's. Would not travel with them again.
Cheap, ticket price includes meals an onboard entertainment.
Average onboard service. Connecting time between flights not good, Taipei old airport was not so good.


It is a very sub par performance overall for China Airlines, definitely not recommended for those flyers who are always pampered and indulged before with Singapore Airlines or Korean Air.
Cheap price.
I was giving china airlines a chance, I flew from Surabaya to Singapore and back, not happy about it. I know I bought the ticket cheap, but the treatment I got was sub par. Stewardess are "cold", rushing with serving food & blanket and hardly smile, offering help impatiently and chatting too much with colleagues instead of paying attention to passengers. Just bcos something is cheap in price shall not necessarily is low in quality. Worse, u cant even complain on their website!!!


I tried for 1 hr to pay for an upgrade on the return they said the flight was totally full the reality was 1/2 full everyone lied, from the duty manager at beijing airport to checkin chick ,to senior cabin crew.when I went thru the front end there were many empty seats, the reality is they may be cheaper but you obviously get what you pay for, would I use them again ahhhh NO!pay the difference fly with somone else
We flew business to Shanghai ,compared to other airlines it was "ok" but not great,the crew were helpful
inflight movies consisted of 30 chinese movies but about 5 english movies ,which were the same 5 on the return trip in economy,the food in economy was not great I sent back the evening meal as it looked?!#$%^,the night flight from Beijing to Sydney was a nightmare so many people stayed up for the whole flight I got 1 hr sleep.they also had to move us as the screen didnt work

Customer Service is awful! after 5 hours I still don't have any ticket and I am Elite on their books

If you are only traveling from US to China, china airline might be OK but if you ever want to use your mileage to travel anywhere else, IT IS A NIGHTMARE!
I want to book a flight from SF to Europe. I can't book it with China airline because they don't have such a flight! I have enough mileage to purchase 10 first class tickets and I only want two. I have been over the phone for more than 4 hours, with the credit card company, china airline and ... NO ONE CAN HELP ME! I am so regretting to get their credit card!

Believe it or not, 5 different people told me 5 different things, they can't even tell me how much mileage I have. One told me you only have 3000 when I have more than 200,000!

If you don't have their business card, RUN THE OTHER WAY and save yourself!

They are useless!

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Questions & Answers

I just had an email of China Airlines about changes of my flight times. I am not happy at all, due to this time change I have a 17 hr lay over at Taiwan airport. I wrote an email to China Airline and awaiting an answer. My question is has anyone else had this before? I could understand a few hours but 17 hrs? If so does China Airline come up with a solution as in compensation upgrade or use off the lounge facilities. Food vouchers or anything like this? I although will not be back at work as scheduled. I find this very very unprofessional....
No answers

I have been trying for over a month to get hold of a contact address for china airlines in Sydney could you please help me? As I would like to know why my son and his wife could not fly on the ticket they had, but had to get another one on the same flight. Staff could not see any problems with the ticket, but the senior in charge was the problem plus he was so rude my family was so upset. Good way to treat your customers.
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China Airlines LTD Sydney branch office Suite 1, Level 1, Centre Terrance Building 10 Arrivals Crt. Sydney International Airport MASCOT N.S.W 2020 TEL 61-2-8339-9188 FAX 61-2-9693-2096

If you stay overnight in order to connect with a flight the next day, do you have to have a Chinese visa? And if so, how much would it be and how difficult to get it?
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You may mean to ask this question under Air China, as China Airlines is a Taiwanese airline.

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