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Chromagen Australia

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Very good

I have had their Midea Heat Pump installed at an investment property and it's very good tenants are very happy with their savings. The whole process was without a fault from start to finish.

Product Quality
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I want to provide balance.

Had new home built 2004 and bought 300 lt, roof mount, 2 panel, closed loop, electrical backup hot water system for the builder to install. Had minor problem with relief valve spitting boiling water first summer. Lived with that and it came good. Now 14 years later the tank is leaking. I'm too old to inspect on roof, so emailed Same Day Hot-water (thought it was Chromagen) for quote for replace tank (not closed loop this time as it never freezes). No reply 4 days later, called Chromagen and was told out of stock (may be 4 weeks before new stock).
I cannot agree with those who say 'JUNK' and rubbish. You obviously don't know much about such things.
Service? Will probably never know as another make of tank will probably be used and installed by whoever. Employees sometimes aren't customer friendly!
Quality? OK, but a tank should not leak - even after 14 years.

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Unreliable and expensive to fix

Our two year old apartment block has several Chromogen Hot Water units, which were installed by the builder to service the the complex. In the two years since they were installed they have all broken down constantly and either had to be repaired or replaced. Only the parts are covered under warranty, so we have been billed thousands of dollars by Chromogen to get them all repaired even though they are "in warranty". It's not only the huge repair cost that is annoying, it is also the major inconvenience to the residents in the complex being without hot water every time one breaks down. In all my years of property ownership of numerous homes and apartments I have never come across such an unreliable brand of hot water service unit. The fact that all of the Chromogen units have broken down in such a short space of time is appalling and unacceptable. They are junk. I would never buy this brand, unfortunately it was chosen by builder, as they must be initially cheap, but they will cost you in the long run.

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solar EV system 4.8 kw

Purchase a 4.8kw solar system paid for in December 2018 still waiting 4 month later
This business will not contact you very hard to communicate with looks like there stolen my money 5000 dollars out pocket saved for years
i not happy with this company should be shut down

Product Quality
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Disappointingly faulty product, lack of support

We moved into a house that is only three years old. The hot water system is not working properly. Called Chromagen - advised it would cost $187 just to come and look at it, and that nothing would be covered by warranty, even though various things on their website say parts of the system are covered for 5 years. Private plumber will at least give a quote before charging. $187 just to look at the problem - not even to fix or a give a quote - that's a bloody joke.

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Outstanding Customer Service and outstanding product

Our house was built in 2014 and we have a solar hot water with a gas booster. After 3 years we replaced the frost valve, which was not a fault of Chromagen but a fault of the builder installing a cheap inferior part.
This year we had a issue with our hot water Chromagen came out and replaced a fault sensor and they waived the call out fee because we had them out in the last 12 months.

The Chromagen solar hot water is cheap to run and is reliable, the service technicians are on time and they are friendly, you do not find this level of customer service in any other trades.

Chromagen went above and beyond and i cannot recommend them enough

200 lot heat pump hot water

Their customer service is non existant, their warranties does not exist they send plumbers instead of electrician they do not want to know you after the sales and would never refer them to anyone except my worst enemy.

Absolutely useless piece of junk!!!!

We bought a house 4 years ago which was 6 months old at the time. Unfortunately either the original owners or Coral homes decided to put a Chromagen solar water heater in. We have had nothing but problems since moving into the house 14 months ago. We have had to replace the tempering valve and the relief valve (naturally out of warranty) and currently on hot days we have the relief valve pouring boiling water down the drain multiple times a week!! This junk system wastes more water than our family actually uses!! When I’ve called customer service they assure me it’s normal but I can guarantee that it’s NOT normal for so much water to be wasted multiple times per week! Avoid at all costs!!

Do not use. They are incompetent buffoons

Don't use Chromagen expecting a smooth process. They may seem cheap, but it ends up costing. You will be dealing with incompetent buffoons. Monkeys at typewriters would achieve more. It is more pleasurable to speak to some one expelling a mixture of gasses out of their butts.
I have had the misfortune of using them for both a heat pump hot water service replacement/installation as well as solar panel installation aided by the Victorian government incentive with rebate.
Firstly but least I'll begin with the hot water unit replacement. I thought I was getting a bargain. My old hot water unit failed I needed a new one desperately. So I went for the larger unit. I paid upfront for the unit and thought it would be pretty straight forward. Finally the day came for the installation. I made sure I was at home when the contractor arrived. I offered to help him to put the unit in place. I also asked him if it would fit where the old unit was. “No I'll be right. Yeah it should fit” he said. So I left for work. Half way to work my girlfriend rang and said there's a problem. The unit wont fit unless it's laid on its side and he hasn't got anyone to help him get it in. I told her to tell him to come back tomorrow and I can give him a hand. He told her it would cost an extra $300 for him to come back and also, it was going to cost $500 to move it less than half a meter from where the old unit was. I was furious but I had no choice. The installation was complete that day. I came home and he left the packaging rubbish behind but took the old unit obviously to get cash for the scrap copper. There was water leaking. So I made the phone call. He told me to tighten the nut. Needles to say I made him come out and tighten it himself.
Now here comes the big one. The solar panels. I paid for these in mid October. It is now toward the end of January. I had them installed at the start of November. I have been asking for the paperwork to A – get my rebate and B – get the benefit of the excess power generated via feed in tariffs with my energy retailer. There has been countless emails going back and forth requesting for the appropriate forms to be completed and sent to my energy retailer and also the Vic government. Now, I'm no expert at this process, but I would expect someone like Chromagen, whose job it is to do this sort of stuff numerous times a day would know what they are doing. WRONG. The delays caused by their incompetence in getting the process correct has caused delays for my approval for the rebate and also any benefit for excess power generated via my feed in tariff. I have been on the phone constantly trying to find out what pieces of paperwork are missing and then chasing these up with Chromagen only for them to send back incorrect paperwork again and again. There are no complaint procedures with Chromagen. I asked to speak with the supervisor only for the lady to say he was on a call and that he would call me back. I'm still waiting.
One positive was the contract installer for the solar panels. He is good. The inverter has already failed, so I am dealing directly with him to fix this problem.
But be warned. Don't use Chromagen. They will cause darkness in you mental health. They are useless. Looking at other reviews, Chromagen doesn't care either as they don't even reply to try to resolve the issue.

Chromagen Australia - TERRIBLE

Terrible customer service. Very rude staff - I spoke to two separate individuals from the customer service team to organise a warranty repair to Eternity Gas Continuous Flow water heater. Both agents were rude and made sarcastic comments. This is a reflection of the company culture. Unprofessionalism is in the DNA of the company.

This is worst serving company for Solar Panels

Issue was that Solar Power AC output was not working.
I rang then about 20 times and emailed them about a dozen times.
They sent me an Invoice for over $ 6700 even without the technician visiting the site. They assumed the inverter is dead.
They installed a inverter that did NOT give me any warranty for over 2 yrs.
MONEY MONEY MONEY that all they want. I waited for 3 weeks without any help.
The problem was finally solves forJUST $88 !!! with a local Solar Panel Electrician. The inverter is still functioning.
I saved over $7000 including GST.
Planning to install another 5 KV panels with that money !! by the same fellow BUT NOT chromogen.

Replacement tank lasted less than 4 years

300 litre solar replacement tank lasted less than 4 years. This was a warranty replacement and didn't even last the 5 years warranty currently offered by Chromagen. Chromagen offered a discount replacement which was more expensive than buying off the self.


The solar hot water system is pure junk, had the units replaced under warranty, two times. Last replacement were heat tube type panels, guess what ?? both panels taken off the roof six months apart coz of leaking. They were out of warranty. The money saved on electricity was paid to local plumbers and electricians. Would not recommend Chromagen even to a politician.

I agree with one of the other comments, I can't give less than one star.

Absolutely hopeless.
No back up support, crappy product, you cannot make contact with them, and when/if you can, they don't want to know you! unless of course they want your money.
Seriously, this company has no integrity whatsoever, and sells very poor quality products, and relies on the government rebates.
I can't understand how they have avoided consumer affairs?

Very poor product and poor service

We built our house with Plantation Homes in 2017 and got the hand over of our house at the end of June 2017. Plantation Homes installed Chromagen solar hot water system. Unfortunately the system has broken down few days ago I called Plantation and they gave me a 1300 number to call Chromagen. After trying multiple times, leaving messages to return my call there was no response. I called them back again and again then finally managed to talk to someone and I was told the product is out of warranty as it has only one year warranty. I called Plantation back and they are unable to take any responsibility. I called Chromagen back again after trying multiples times and waiting for long hours to book in a service to check the system. They advised me there will be call out fee for first 45 minutes, then additional fees for every half an hour from then on plus cost for spare parts. When I requested for a time frame for the appointment I was told that they can not confirm a time, service tech will call half an hour before they arrive. I requested them that both my wife and I work full time and we can't get back to home with in half an hour. Sadly, the customer service personal said this is best they can do and there is no other option. Now one of us will have to take a day off from work to get it fixed. This is the worst service I have seen so far and Chromagen hot water system is the worst product I came accross. Hot water is so essential for our everyday life and how it is possible that the product has only one year warranty. Plantation provided one year service warranty which is covered by the manufacturer anyway but they never mentioned it to us that the system has only one year warranty and they do not care what will happen after that. Chomagen didn't honour the fact that the unit is only 2 to 3 months out of warranty and now we are looking at spending hundreds of dollars to fix the system as we don't have any other option. I have a young family with little kids and now we do not have any hot water in this cold weather for more than a week. I wish I could provide negative rating to Chomagen. I am currently checking with ACCC to see what are my rights against warranty.

Continued Problems and no support

Had heater for approximately 1.5 years with continued problems with beeping, fluctuations in water temperature to shower and gas back up always coming on. Chromagen will not reply to my emails and when I spoke with them they said they won't come out to fix unless I pay expensive call out and parts charges as it is out of its one year warranty. I don't think this is acceptable as the heater cost a lot of money and I would expect it to work for many years. I will now need to make a formal complaint to consumer affairs to get it sorted and suggest anyone else in the same situation does the same.

I was unable to give them ZERO stars

Do not use this company for anything.

The backup service is atrocious - they didn't want to assist me because my instant gas hot water system was 10 years old and there is no one in my area (Canberra) that services them or provides spare parts. In fact most electrical/plumbing people I spoke to said to keep well away from the brand. The Chromagen call center for service avoided my questions and would not allow me to speak to senior management.

Go with a well known and trusted brand such as Rheem or Rinnai who actually do have customer service.

Reliable product Excellent service Great Staff

Had both solar hot water and power installed 2010. Only issue after 8 years was a small part fixed on the day for small cost. Call staff very helpful quick service call knowledgeable. I cant fault my time with their products.
All office staff and service staff are professional and pleasant.

200L Tank on Roof unit

Dont touch this stuff These units have been installed by builder. Since day one have had problems with noises when hot Sounds like someone banging on the pipes with a hammer. Their paperwork says they do this and not a problem. Well it is a problem when you flush a toilet and the hot water system starts rattling. Got told it is thermal shock What????? Also told that the unit is "Too efficient". and due to the fact that we have the smallest collector cant be altered.
Strange that other similar brands dont do it.

Not a problem

Reported the tank leaking on the Tuesday (A/H) sent there man out Thursday. Replaced the tank on the following Monday.
4 months prior to the end of the warranty.
Done & dusted.


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