Great support and experience

We opted for chubb upon recommendation from the Car Lease providers ( Remserv ) . They have always been very responsive and got my queries answered very soon . Their policy document is very precise and doesnt add extra overhead .

Value for Money
Customer Service


Used a few comparison sites looking for travel insurance for a future holiday. Haven’t booked any yet as still looking around but keep receiving emails from this company saying that I have booked my insurance with them and asking for payment. Have clearly not booked at all with them but have received about 5 emails demanding payment in 48 hrs.

Claim MadeNo


They have charged me 3 times for a travel insurance policy to which they never sent the policy confirmation & they are not refundiing my money giving me the run around passing the buck saying that they havent taken my money from my account. Yet my bank has confirmed they have taken the money off my card. Dont hand over any card details as you’ll have a fight getting your money back from them, money they shouldnt of taken in the first place.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
Claim MadeNo

Waste of money

4 months after accident and still no result, still taking money off me .can't get pay ments to stop , ridiculous paper work to be completed, never have strait answers their a JOKE, stay away

Value for Money
Customer Service

Cheaters: not sure how govt allow this fraud company

Not worth it. Must avoid. Rude customer service.

Here is the summary of my claim :

Maximum Benefit Amount for Delayed Luggage AUD 250.00
Less Policy Excess AUD 250.00
Total Payable Amount AUD 000.00

Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimTravel Delays/Cancellations
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Amex Centurion member for over 35 years

Flight canceled due to weather at Sydney airport.
when i travel i use Amex Centurion Card, The complimentary Chubb insurance policy makes several claims but are basically hopeless and then question your claim several times requesting basic information that has previously been provided. Hopeless customer service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Buyer Beware!! Absolutely Useless Coverage! Total Waste of Money!!

Purchased a travel insurance for a family of 5 totaling $950. Chubb was most expensive of the three quotes but chose them from a friend's recommendation. Three hours before our departure we were robbed of our luggage. The thieves smashed through the rear window of our rental car, stealing over $7,740 worth of goods - the most expensive being my husband's CPAP machine and 3 laptop computers. Chubb refuses to cover because apparently, we need to be mugged before they will cover because our luggage was considered "unattended" as it was left in the car for 30 min while we got a sandwich for lunch. Seriously?? Why bother having insurance? Imagine if it was a medical claim? Save your money and get travel insurance that truly covers you, like Allianz or QBE. Chubb is a disgraceful insurance company. As Natasha, a previous reviewer posted, they did not even cover her for flight cancellations/issues. Shame on you Chubb! I feel like I've been robbed all over again. Stay away from this insurer and learn from my mistake purchasing coverage from them. A total sham company.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent service - fully satisfied

I had to cancel a complex self-organised trip to South America due to a medical diagnosis.
The trip was covered through my complimentary AMEX card insurance benefit.
The claim was handled professionally and very quickly by Chubb, even to the extent of waiving the excess payment, because I handled the follow-ups with numerous providers (airlines, hotel booking agencies, tour companies for excursions etc.) myself and only claimed the remaining shortfalls after receiving refunds from them.
Well done, Chubb!

Insurance claim madeYes

Insurance excess made my claim useless

Mine was not Life Insurance, nevertheless I had a disappointing outcome with Chubb Insurance. However, the processing of my claim was quite timely.

Long story short, my check-in luggage was damaged, made a claim however the policy excess (at $100) basically meant I get to claim nothing for compensation! Years ago I had made a damaged luggage claim with another insurance provider, much happier with that outcome!

Basically there are other better insurance companies out there, and pay attention to insurance excess which may render your claims useless.

Insurance claim madeYes

Waste of money!!

I took out flight insurance with Chubb for a flight from Sydney to Brisbane. My flight got cancelled by TigerAir and they were unable to offer me a suitable alternative flight (the best they could come up with was a flight for 3 days later!) I had to be back in Brisbane the following day as I was with my parents who had a flight booked back to the UK that evening and I had work the following day. Therefore, we were left with no other option but to book another flight, which incurred additional costs for the flight and hotels/taxis etc. Having my flight insured, I was under the impression that I would be able to claim back the additional costs incurred or at least receive some compensation - after all, this is why you book insurance - to cover you for times like these. I made a claim to Chubb and they responded stating that I was not covered and entitled to receive any money for these costs - I could only claim back the cost of my original flight (which was of course already refunded by the airline therefore not applicable).

This left me wondering what is the point in travel insurance is if it doesn't cover something as BASIC as a flight being cancelled by the airline and, as a result, having to book an alternative mode of transport as a suitable alternative was NOT offered?

Chubb is a complete scam and waste of time and money. I am now left out of pocket.

This flight cancellation was a result of a circumstance beyond my control, therefore I can not understand why insurance would not cover this. Chubb stated that they looked into refunding me due to my need to return to Brisbane but I was told that my reasons for needing to get home were not important enough to be considered for a claim! Earning a living and keeping my job clearly isn't important to Chubb - I guess they have already taken my money!!

The cancellation in itself caused significant stress, with my family and I left with no alternative option from TigerAir to enable them to catch their pre-booked and paid-for flight back to the UK, and for me to attend pre-arranged commitments integral to keeping my employment, and my livelihood. Now in addition to this stress, I have been left with a significant bill.

According to the Chubb website:

"Travel insurance from Chubb provides you with cover for risks including medical expenses overseas, Cancellation expenses and additional trip expenses due to various circumstances outside your control"

Their poor response completely contradicts the above declaration.

I will never use Chubb in the future and would not recommend this abysmal service to anyone in the future - a complete waste of money.

Insurance claim madeYes

Chubb rates Zero for accurate information

I also have American Express cards in Australia with Travel Insurance from CHUBB. I decided to look into it. What a garbage company is Chubb. Going to USA to ski, I asked a question & the phone rep tells me can ONLY ski on groomed runs, even within the resort boundary. Totally impractical as NA resorts are so large it is physically Impossible to " groom" every run, plus skiers look for untracted powder runs!
The kicker though IS: Nowhere in the policy wording does it say or list THIS... I point this out to the agent, they respond that its in their paid Policy??? But not listed in the Amex Policy, I tell them they can't do that . I FILE a Complaint with them & also with the new financial ombudsmen.
Don't put up with this crap from these ripoff, ill informed companies.. File multiple complaints.

Insurance claim madeYes
1 comment
great Advice!

Worst of the worst Insurance

They closed the claims without final resolution, I tried to call the customer service and the operator cannot explain more further for my inquiries, so I demanded to speak to a supervisor or manager of the team but he told me that theres no one is available, that sucks. anyway I won't recommend this company to my friends and relatives based on my experience I had with them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Impossible claim criteria expectation

I have had" gold lease" protection with this company the entire time i have had my novated lease.
What a scam! My husband has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only a short life expectancy is given.
He is very ill, having had radiation and starting chemotherapy next week and i have taken time off work ( long service leave for a month,then without pay for 6 mths or so) thanks to very supportive employer.
I thought my novated lease payments was the one certainty i had in regards to the myriad insurance policies one has to decipher through when ( if) a life changing event occurs as i had "protection" if my employment situation changed.
Aah no....
In order to receive ANY assistance from the " award" winning company, i have to resign from my job permanently, relinquish my vehicle to my lender and if, just if, my chubb lease protection policy may give me UP to 5k on the sold price.
So to put it simply,
I resign from my job and am unemployed before and after my husband dies, left without a vehicle to transport him to his drs appts and chemotherapy sessions and and then remain without a vehicle myself and as i live 10 kms out of time in a country town with limited transport, this is the acceptable conditions of the policy!
Paid money for absolutely nothing, it may be in the small print so to speak, the conditions these money hungry businesses hide under, but it is not just, moral nor fair! People take insurance out as security. I suggest that the small print component that gets missed by the masses, is actually changed to be written in LARGE print and put on the front page where it can be clearly seen and understood before we small fry, take out a policy. I am sure we would not be taken as the fools we are as the way it stands now!
So chubb, you" award" winning company, thaanks for making a devastatingly sad situation that much harder. I am totally disillillusioned by the entire insurance agency mentality as i try to navigate through this life changing and sudden event thrust upon us.
I honestly do not know who creates these conditions set up to make impossible claim criteria, no wonder insurance companies are looked on in society as pariahs! I tried to make a claim, on genuine grounds, however did not meet the drastic condition criteria as it was impossible in our situation to be left permanently unemployed ( i am 55 , do not qualify for any pension nor access to my super) and without a vehicle. How is this acceptable?
Give this " award" winner a miss. The only gong it gets is for coming first for unjustness.

Insurance claim madeNo
1 comment
No comment nor private acknowledgement from chubb, even though i submitted a complaint to their feedback site!! Arrogance doesnit even come close to the attitude of this company. AVOID AVOID AVOID as i said before.

Chubb Travel Insurance - cancellation

We took our travel insurance with Australian Seniors underwitten by Chubb. Used the online option and claim was processed within 4 days. I then found due to a mistake by me during the claim. I had mistakenly left an Invoice off totalling $400 i emailed Chubb with a copy of Invoice and today received confirmation that this extra claim was being processed. Brilliant customer service.

Insurance claim madeYes

I have chubb insurance as part of my platinum amex - what a waste of money

I have had to make a travel insurance claim after returning from a holiday. The claim is for $400. The reams of paper work and reports that I have had to provide to Chubb is ridiculous. I am paying $1600 for an amex card that is meant to have the best insurance - chubb attached to it . I will never use Chubb again and will be cancelling my amex card. I am a founding amex card member and have been with them for over 40 years!

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not go near them.

Provided free, with AMEX platinium , not worth the paper its written on
No cover for laptop or any valuables that are damaged in your suitcase , eg you camera .
Disappointing that Amex are providing such an inferior policy to their Platinum customers.

Insurance claim madeYes

Doesn't pay out

Tiger cancelled our flight one hour before departure because of "engineering difficulties". They could only offer a replacement flight two days later. When we chose not to take this offer, they refunded the one way basic flight (but not what we paid for checked in baggage). Chubb Insurance did not pay what we had paid for checked in baggage & nothing for the replacement flight on another carrier. Their reason? Because our policy only covered cancelled flights due to industrial disputes. Waste of money.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very stressful due to lack of feedback

My wife had a medical emergency in Honolulu. Taken to hospital and we had to cancel the rest of our holiday onto the US. Assist were there and took details. Wanted medical records up front before they would proceed. Very disappointed in their attitude. Paid for a month and only used 8 days of insurance. Claimed our airline ticket expenses and hotel overstay. Wrote to them 13 times requesting information and offering any thing else they needed. Got sick of writing with no response. Made a complaint and received a reply from the Sydney office offering help. Next afternoon our personal expenses were paid into our bank account. We are very grateful for this but they need to give clients a direct contact to deal with personal matters.
I am still chasing them for a response on our ambulance bill and miscellaneous medical expenses. I need to know that these are being paid as I do not want to be red flagged for unpaid debts in the US when and if we travel again. All they need to do to improve their dead system is to appoint each client with an Australian contact case manager. Instead they deliberately keep you in the dark until you become so frustrated you want to go down and confront them in their office.
Unless they improve drastically in their transparency and treat clients with respect, I will be reviewing my insurance provider for future travel. Bought the policy as Part of American Express Travel Insurance. They were not interested in helping us at all even though we have been members since 1981. I will also be reviewing my American express membership. Sold under their banner and denied any help whatsoever.

Insurance claim madeYes

Travel insurance 2 seniors, 1 off travel insurance - overseas

Aust Medical Assist Line, very helpful.
Chubb insurance process, long winded and difficult claims dept personnel.
Despite the constant promise of the re-imbursement money going in the bank, it never happened according to their promises.
Everyday, some excuse !!!
Very rarely returned calls when messages left.
On my experience - I would recommend - DO NOT DEAL with these people.
p.s. from date of injury till receipt of payment approx 2 months, Not good enough Chubb!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

chubb travel insurance

I tried to make a small claim for $150 because i had to claim some medical expenses. They have an excess of $100, so i would only get $50 back - ok. However it too almost an hour to fill out their online form because it was very buggy, and in the end I uploaded the doctors receipt and the whole system crashed. I believe they do this to make claiming difficult so people give up.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Hi, can anyone give me some insight to what chubb insurance is like regarding landlord insurance?
No answers

After reading these reviews Im so worried that I made a mistake taking out a Business Amex Card that Chubb is the insurer. I will now have to cancel my card as I definitely will not be using Chubb as an Insurer. Pointless paying $450 a year for a Amex Business card with such awful reviews as this one. Sure there a bad reviews with all insurers, but this one takes the cake. Also, isnt there a rep here from Chubb? Stupid question I guess as who would want to deal with all the complaints here. Amex, wake up and find another insurrer otherwise your going to get a hell of cancellations ones they find about all the shocking feedbacks here.
1 answer
All i can say is that my experience with CHUBB over the years has been shocking, for over 8 years they fought my claim for lost rental income and I could no longer fight them in court as the cost of bringing an action was too much$ 2019 xmas claim made re-cancelled flight due to weather in Sydney. sent in all the receipts and letter from the airline etc, they came back and asked for more information again supplied, came back again and wanted me to contact the airline for more information re-cancelled flight, Finally i told them to stuff it and keep their dollars. My claim was only for $1200 , which was the cost of rebooking a new flight and loss of 1 night accommodation. Last week i received a cheque for the amount. Not recommended and pretty useless when attached to a credit card or charge card. my card was a centurian amex .

I just took out Life Insurance with Chubb. After reading many 'Travel Insurance' reviews, I'm feeling a little apprehensive. If anyone has had any experience with Life Insurance with Chubb, it would be greatly appreciated if you could shed some light. Thank you
3 answers
We have not long returned from USA and Canada. We had travel insurance with Chubb through American Express. What a nightmare! Don’t do it! I left my bag behind in a breakfast bar. It contained some valuable pieces but also my $700 reading glasses They are terrible! Dont do it. See my review abovePlease be aware they will take your money but are hopeless and misleading when you try and claim, change to another company but make sure the new company is not underwritten by CHUBB