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Chubb Insurance

Travel insurance 2 seniors, 1 off travel insurance - overseas

Aust Medical Assist Line, very helpful.
Chubb insurance process, long winded and difficult claims dept personnel.
Despite the constant promise of the re-imbursement money going in the bank, it never happened according to their promises.
Everyday, some excuse !!!
Very rarely returned calls when messages left.
On my experience - I would recommend - DO NOT DEAL with these people.
p.s. from date of injury till receipt of payment approx 2 months, Not good enough Chubb!!!

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chubb travel insurance

I tried to make a small claim for $150 because i had to claim some medical expenses. They have an excess of $100, so i would only get $50 back - ok. However it too almost an hour to fill out their online form because it was very buggy, and in the end I uploaded the doctors receipt and the whole system crashed. I believe they do this to make claiming difficult so people give up.

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Read the PDS before you purchase (tired advice but still valid)

I bought tickets on the Cathay Pacific site. They promote Chubb as their insurer of choice, so I went along with that. Hey, if they are recommended by a well-know airline wouldn't you think they'd be good? Only afterwards did I read the small print on cathaypacific.com/cx/en_AU/latest-offers/travel-insurance/introduction.html. It says:

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply (please check the PDS for full details). For example, there is no cover for:
1 Transport Provider delays, cancellation or rescheduling (unless it is as a result of a strike of which there had been no warning prior to the Issue Date).
2 Loss cause by Pre-existing Medical Conditions.
3 Loss or theft which is not reported to the police or responsible Transport Provider within twenty-four (24) hours.
4 Costs or expenses incurred outside the Period of Insurance.

Exclusions 2,3 and 4 are reasonable, but read exclusion 1 again. My take on that is that if Cathay Pacific cancels or reschedules then Chubb does not have to pay me a penny.

In the event, Cathay Pacific's on-line system stuffed up the insurance purchase and their system charged me only for the tickets not for the insurance. I made a resolution to not buy from their web site again, and to buy new insurance from someone other then Chubb.

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Save your money and time!

Terrible insurance. I travel with Tiger and because they are famous for flight cancellation I decided to purchased the insurance. At the end my flight was cancelled and I was offered a ticket two days after. Due to work reason I had to be back in Melbourne the day after so I had to purchase a new ticket with Jetstar for $360. I made a claim to Chubb and after 1 month they told me I will not receive any money back for the following reasons:
Section 1 Cancellation/Amendment of Tigerair Ticket
We will pay under Section 1:

Cover under Section 1 begins from the date of issue of Your Policy. If, following the date of issue of Your Policy, Your Journey is cancelled, curtailed or unable to be completed due to any unforeseen circumstances outside Your control, We will pay You the non-refundable unused portion of Your domestic Tigerair travel ticket, or the reasonable costs of re-scheduling Your Tigerair travel ticket, if you are unable to travel on Your original departure date due to unforeseeable circumstances outside Your control.

We will not pay under Section 1:
For loss caused by or arising from:
2. Transport Provider delays, cancellation or rescheduling (unless it is as a result of a strike of which there had been no warning prior to the Issue Date);

We would also like to draw your attention to the following section of your Policy Wording:

Section 4 Missed Connection Special Events

We will pay under Section 4:

If during the Period of Insurance and while on a Journey or on a One Way Trip, Your Journey or One Way Trip is delayed due to an unforeseeable circumstance outside Your control, resulting in You being unable to arrive in time to attend a wedding, funeral, pre-paid conference or pre-paid  commercial sporting event or 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, which cannot be delayed due to Your late arrival, We will pay You for the reasonable additional cost of using alternative public transport to arrive at Your destination on time, up to the maximum amount specified in the Summary of Benefits Table.

This is so bad. It is better spend more money and fly with Virgin or Qantas which are much better company. Don't waste your money with Tiger and Chubb Insurance.

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Life insurance joke

After paying life insurance forever, my father planned to support his wife after he passed.
However, Chubb has NOT made the process easy for my elderly mother. (81)
At least 5 contacts, "we will call you back today"... never happened.
The payment is now in the mail... only after the ombudsmen was mentioned!
A joke... holding on to claims as long as they can. Seek insurance elsewhere. Especially for the elderly

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Excellent service

We used the Travel Insurance offered by American Express which is handled by Chubb (you must purchase your tickets with the Amex card). We had all the necessary documents ie proof of ownership, costs, Police report etc for a theft. The whole process was done online and was very easy. Correspondence via email was quick and so was payout (less the $250 excess). A very pleasing experience.

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Excellent service from Chubb Travel Insurance

A few days after my partner and I took out insurance with Chubb on a big holiday, my partner's sister was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and our cancellation costs came to just over $1000. Our claim included a statement from the doctor confirming a serious illness. Chubb asked for more details, which would have required the sister to sign a release. By that time she was so ill my partner couldn't bring herself to ask for it, We explained this to Chubb, and said that if that meant our claim couldn't proceed, then so be it. We were therefore very pleased and surprised when they paid out our claim without getting the extra documentation they had requested.

Insurance claim madeYes

By far the worst service.

Very slow and unresponsive. I lodged a claim online and it takes on average a week to respond to each email. After two months a simple claim is still pending in review. I work in insurance and with chubb on a commercial scale and this is a very poor reflection on the company.

Insurance claim madeYes

An unacceptable outcome

Took travel insurance since I learned that Tiger Airlines often cancels their flights. Indeed this what happened, resulting in me having to buy a ticket from another airline to be able to make my appointment.

Submitted the claim, but response was as follows:

We will pay under Section 1: Cover under Section 1 begins from the date of issue of Your Policy. If, following the date of issue of Your Policy, Your Journey is cancelled, curtailed or unable to be completed due to any unforeseen circumstances outside Your control.

We will not pay under Section 1: For loss caused by or arising from: 2. Transport Provider delays, cancellation or rescheduling (unless it is as a result of a strike of which there had been no warning prior to the Issue Date);

so they will not pay??? Ridiculous.

On another note: customer service incredibly bad. Only when I contacted Chubb or enquired on their www did I get further in the claims department, no initiative from Chubb to follow up.

Chubb is exactly the company insurance companies are being accused of. Ie insurance companies do not want to pay out - and indeed thuis is the case.

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Rubbish insurance

I am one of the millions who's very disappointed with chubb insurance. It's a rubbish insurance! Don't ever buy one! you are just wasting your money.

We included our insurance in our flight with tigerair. Our departure date was cancelled due to "operational requirement", Tigerair offered us another flight but I don't like the changed date, so I decided to cancel my ticket with tigerair and buy a new one from virgin airlines. I bought the new ticket in a last minute so it was very expensive. I made a claim to chubb insurance but it was rejected.

Upon our return, tigerair cancelled our flight again and changed our flight the following day, We accepted their offer to take the flight the following day but then we have to pay another night in our hotel. I made a claim to chubb insurance but they rejected it.

It's a useless insurance!!! Paid $30 for nothing!

Insurance claim madeNo

Dissatisfied customer

Made a claim on return from USA in April 2017, supplied all information required and paid excess on 21/5/17, had contact with them via phone and email. Was assured claim finalized!
Today is 12/8/17 and the people I stayed with in USA have had a visit from the collections depth of hospital looking for me, how embarrassing.
Chubb claim the original chq sent in July was returned incorrect address and they said they had contacted hospital for new address, also lies.
I contacted hospital is USA this morning no funds have been received and no contact from the insurance company.
So frustrating when no one can help you.
I would never take a policy with them again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Customer Service - Very caring staff.

My partner had a heart incident in Italy which resulted in him being in a coma for 6 weeks. Chubb were extremely helpful and empathetic. They called regularly to not only check how he was doing but to see how I was considering I was on my own far away from home. When I couldn't cope once he woke they provided 24 hr nursing assistance at the hospital. We were provided business class flights home & medical staff if we needed. They met all costs promptly. I would have been lost without them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Chubb insurance don't waste you're money

Beware!! If you are purchasing travel insurance with this company.

My story: I took out insurance when purchasing flights to Coffs Harbour, which cost an additional 30 dollars per person. I assumed this would safe guard us from events such as cancellations and major delays. I was very wrong! Our flight was cancelled and after a long and tedious 48 hours of trying to contact Chubb and re book new flights we were out of pocket a minimum of $1000.
On our return I contacted Chubb and put forward a claim. Chubb took a month to assess the claim which they then outright rejected.

Moral of this story: Save your $ and don't bother taking out insurance with this company. They are connected to tigerair. I genuinely hope this post saves at least one person stress, time and dollars.

Insurance claim madeYes

terrible holiday insurance

I made a claim on my holiday insurance with chubb through american express for a stolen suitcase. After 3 months of sending very long emails when they repeatedly asked for information I had already sent and were unhelpful on the phone I gave up on the claim and switched to my home insurance, who were brilliant and sorted the claim within a month. Do not recommending chubb unless you have a lot of time to spare and a lot of patience!!

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Great marketing, poor customer care. We purchased vouchers for Vietnam , plus insurance in case of the need to cancel, We are unable to make the trip but dealing with the insurance company is a bureaucratic nightmare.
LE sells the insurance and makes it sound like an easy option to cancel but it is far from easy,ie doctors certificates etc required, A simplified cancellation process is a necessity before we would consider LE again.Further,if we are refunded by the insurance as a result of cancellation does LE make a 100% of the fee as there may be no charge from the hotels given the extended cancellation notice?If so its a highly dubious policy.

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This was not about Chubb Insurance but LE refund policy. I did not choose to write about Chubb as I am still dealing with them.

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Hi, can anyone give me some insight to what chubb insurance is like regarding landlord insurance?
No answers

After reading these reviews Im so worried that I made a mistake taking out a Business Amex Card that Chubb is the insurer. I will now have to cancel my card as I definitely will not be using Chubb as an Insurer. Pointless paying $450 a year for a Amex Business card with such awful reviews as this one. Sure there a bad reviews with all insurers, but this one takes the cake. Also, isnt there a rep here from Chubb? Stupid question I guess as who would want to deal with all the complaints here. Amex, wake up and find another insurrer otherwise your going to get a hell of cancellations ones they find about all the shocking feedbacks here.
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All i can say is that my experience with CHUBB over the years has been shocking, for over 8 years they fought my claim for lost rental income and I could no longer fight them in court as the cost of bringing an action was too much$ 2019 xmas claim made re-cancelled flight due to weather in Sydney. sent in all the receipts and letter from the airline etc, they came back and asked for more information again supplied, came back again and wanted me to contact the airline for more information re-cancelled flight, Finally i told them to stuff it and keep their dollars. My claim was only for $1200 , which was the cost of rebooking a new flight and loss of 1 night accommodation. Last week i received a cheque for the amount. Not recommended and pretty useless when attached to a credit card or charge card. my card was a centurian amex .

I just took out Life Insurance with Chubb. After reading many 'Travel Insurance' reviews, I'm feeling a little apprehensive. If anyone has had any experience with Life Insurance with Chubb, it would be greatly appreciated if you could shed some light. Thank you
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We have not long returned from USA and Canada. We had travel insurance with Chubb through American Express. What a nightmare! Don’t do it! I left my bag behind in a breakfast bar. It contained some valuable pieces but also my $700 reading glasses They are terrible! Dont do it. See my review abovePlease be aware they will take your money but are hopeless and misleading when you try and claim, change to another company but make sure the new company is not underwritten by CHUBB

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