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Citibank Platinum

Citibank Platinum

1.9 from 34 reviews

But it Promised So Much!

Most things about this card is very good, having personally used it for well over 20 years. It morphed (without me asking nor applying for), from a regular credit card with "bonus rewards" and ended up a high fee card with hidden fees everywhere. Yeah, they just wanted an excuse to "upsell" me, and make a reason to charge me more. Not content with taking the merchant fees from hapless retailers now...they now have to charge for the "membership" to their exclusive club......Oh P L E A S E ! Give me a break!
The final straw has been reached, with the bank now having charged me $100 International Transfer Fee, on top of currency conversion, and conversion fee, when I made a purchase in Euros from a Greek Travel Agent online.
I complained about this particular fee......International Transaction Fee, but was advised they had always charged this (unfair and unnecessary) fee.
I can only hope that more people complain and contact Citibank Visa Platinum Rewards, about this issue.....I already pay about $89 a year membership (as I expect this amount to go up after this review)

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses, Online Shopping, Overseas/Travel and Special Purchases

Using points a scam-AVOID

Watch out cashing in points for hotels.
I paid an overseas hotel bill with points and $ well in advance through citi rewards program only to find they didn't supply a good credit card number to the hotel ( get this THEIR card bounced not enough funds for a $500 charge!!) . The hotel then charged me again on departure. So I'm now out of pocket $500 to the hotel and 77000 points and $100 to Citi for a 2 night stay!
I've called citi several times and have been told they'd emailed and left phone messages with the hotel. However the hotel tells me they haven't heard from them.

As there have been no steps to resolve I'll be taking it further with the financial ombudsman.
I encourage all the other disaffected customers to do the same. Perhaps we'll get some action in numbers

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateJanuary 2005
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForOverseas/Travel

If only could I give 0 star

I really hope I had checked the reviews of others before I applied. The whole process from applying to activating the card was just dodgy! I have called the hotline twice to receive different answers. There is no waiver on annual fee and the services they offer do not suit my needs at all.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateFebruary 2019
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Rewards (or lack there of...)

I, as most others do, searched for a solid reward program based on spend vs point for airlines (in my case Virgin)
Having just had a positive experience with a spend vs 100k points with Amex, I found (and took a screenshot) a similar deal with Citi bank - Being 100K points. Having now completed the min required (being three months, and over 3k) - I have gone to redeem and found their 100K points in fact turns into less that half, in fact the scheme is for every 2.5 citi points you get 1 virgin... This is/was grossly misleading and was never obvious during the process (though I am sure its hidden within T&Cs) - Had it been, I would most certainly NOT taken up the card offer.

Its misrepresentation in my opinion and I will be closing the account / card asap.


This really is a very dishonest company

I transferred from a great credit company to Citi based on the bonus rewards points. 5 months and many phone calls later they’ve found a way to wriggle out of it although they agreed that I met all the criteria ie- spending the amount within the days, etc.. if you’re thinking of joining based on receiving bonus points really think twice or make sure you going to receive them before you apply.

Coles Rewards Platinum Mastercard (Citibank)

This might not be the correct place to place this review but this is my experience...

1 - Although I did not complete my online application and decided against moving forward on this card the application was processed anyway.

2 - In my application I did not specify a limit and instead opted to be offered a limit based on my income, upon receiving a copy of my credit file I discovered that it was attempted at $60,000.

After contacting customer service to discuss the issue I was told there was nothing they could do and that they are sorry and will not be removing the application from my credit file even-though no documentation supporting this inquiry was supplied.

This card may or may not be of good value but my dealings with Citibank on this matter is dismal.

Avoid at all cost. Applied for one thing ended up getting another

I applied this credit Card for the 100 000 bonus points if I use 3000 in 90 days. After 90 days, I end up using more than 6000 dollars but didn't received the promised points on the internet. Called the Citibank hotline and explained to them twice, the response they gave was the promotion that applied for was 0% balance transfer. I never ever used that balance transfer before. Such a fraud and dishonest bank.

Avoid this card.

I just cut my card up as I found a better provider. Even as I was telling Citibank to close my account down they were trying to sell me balance transfers from other cards. I transferred a balance to this card when I took it up in 2015 with the offer of "interest free for six months". What they don't tell you and found out about later on is that as soon as you make a purchase the interest free disappears. It's a credit card, of course you're going to make a purchase. These guys are total scammers and should be avoided at all costs.

credit card free travel insuruance

Their free travel insurance is only available to customers with no medical conditons.
Zurich insurance was used prior to May 2016 (many) medical conditions were automatically covered. I was always covered.
I travel every year. Since then they have changed to Alliance. They will not provide free insurance as they state that no pre-existing condition is automatically covered and you have to go through a screening questionnaire. They stated a medical conditions that I had 37 years ago was classed as a pre-existing condition. . I have had surgery and that part of my body does not exist therefore no problems since then, I take no medication., but it came up in their standard questions. No way to query, They use a computer and cannot tell you why you have been rejected. They were all covered with Zurich and you could talk to a medical person who could understand medical conditions.

Saved me a fortune in interest

Thanks to Citibank Platinum, I was able to transfer my credit card debt from NAB to Citi and pay 0% interest on the debt for 24 months!!!!!! That's a huge saving and allows me, with regular payments, to get on top of that debt.

Fraud ,,, they didn't cancel the card which led to more fraud

I used to be fan but I think there's more trusted card providers. Our card had fraud activity and they didn't cancel it as requested.
We had over 12 cases which took a couple of months to sort out. In the mean time I was charge another $99 annual fee that I had been promised to be waived. Apparently no record of this !!!
I have gone with another bank !!

Great balance transfer rate

I recently did a balance transfer from another bank to Citibank and it was very easy. I got a great interest rate at the time and am paying off the debt interest free. Highly recommend

Unable to reach resolution, hit a brick wall with the "one-time pin" debarcle

Have continually been contacting Citibank card services regarding the fact that despite that I am the "primary card holder", I still have been unable to access my account as my password no longer works. I have had to access account via my wife's access and log-on. This worked in a limited fashion till after checking the log on two days ago, I discovered to my horror that the card account had been hacked and criminals clocked up over a hundred dollars of "netflix" charges. After contacting their call centre, "they decided to rule in my favour" and would cancel my wife's card and re-issue a new one. This was all well till I discovered that now I had no longer the access to the account, so I once again contacted their call centre and once again tried to resolve this tiresome issue. They, through their strong accents (which I found hard to understand due to a hearing disability) conveyed to me that I will need a "one-time pin" to activate it and that it will be "sent to my mobile via SMS". So, once again I had to try and convey to them that I do not have a mobile as on the property where I live, I do not receive a mobile signal!!! They basically ignored my plea and said "they sent it anyway". So, I drove the half hour to town where there was mobile reception, received the pin, and drove all the way back home, booted up the computer and entered this "one time pin". Only to find it did not work!!. So I rang them again, and got somebody else with another strong accent that finally conveyed to me that the pin is only active for ((wait for it)) FIVE MINUTES!!! so. I tried to convey to them my situation, and they just ignored me, they had no comprehension of my situation, and kept telling me" to download the pin via my smartphone!!!, to which I tried, with no avail to tell them that I have just a basic phone and was unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for a phone that does not work where I live!!!. After a long frustrating interchange, I was not rude, but for some reason they have no other method of resolution except this crappy ""one time pin"" debarcle.

Its a vicious Interest Trap

I am so glad that today finally i got out of their vicious Interest trap and finally surrendered my card after 3 years of horror. This is the only Bank i know who don't value their existing customers base. Doesn't matter how loyal you are to CitiBank they hardly cares. They will try to trick you at every step even while closing the account with false promises. I paid $200 yearly fee last month but still choose to close my card knowingly i won't get any refund. If you value peace of mind then don't go near to this bank. They have every trick in their armoury to riff you off.

Rip off!

Sneaky retail interests and no reminder to pay invoice. Crappy Indian "customer service" that will take forever to resolve simple tasks.

Horrible Service. Misleading Website

I was planning to apply for a Citibank card, however, I paused the application without completing it.

Then I noticed that Citibank made TWO credit checks against me, at no stage was a credit check permission requested.

I called up and was told that I was declined as there have been too many credit checks on my account...

Currently filing a dispute with the ombudsman

Sneaky bast**** stay away!

Credit card that charges interest from date of purchase, *not* statement date. Replayments allocated to transactions and balance transfer. Which means that you WILL pay interest of over 20%. It's not a credit card, it's a trap! Stay away. I didn't realize these products were allowed. Are there any public interest lawyers here who could help sue the pants off these guys? I'd love to join.

Citigroup Platinum MasterCard provided by Card Services

Unfortunately in the same boat as the rest of the comments below. Interest charged on purchases despite previous agreement with service agent on fees waived. Apparently the only way to avoid would be to not use card. Customer service lacking,ie making client not aware. Hiding behind terms and conditions that are listed on website. Apparently unable to send out a physical copy of terms on conditions,yet able to send out notification of terms and conditions via mail with statement. If you want a card without nasty surprises,suggest avoid anything to do with Citigroup including Card Services. It will really cost you as well as customer service nil.

Shocking service terrible internet banking

I wish to complaint in the strongest possible terms about citi's disgusting lack of customer service and terrible internet banking system. They can positively identify me to record my voice print yet I cannot access my account details without having my card present. They happily record my voice and say that they have correctly identified me but claim that to protect me I am not allowed access to my own account details. No offer to assist with alternate methods, no care for my needs, no questions to explore potential solutions just blatant refusal to treat me with the slightest humanity. I have sent them a complaint and stated they are welcome to contact me and I will provide additional feedback but I truly do not expect to hear from them.

Terrible Citibank Credit Card & Service

Application process for the credit card took a long time. Citibank Emirates Platinum Credit Card terms are misleading and not consumer friendly. Rip off! Even if you pay off your balance they still charge retail interest for every purchase! What's the point of a credit card? No other bank does that. Citibank has bad customer service and terms. When contacting them they are not helpful and it takes ages to get a responds. Frustrating all around.

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Card TypeVisa
Minimum Credit Limit$6,000.00
Maximum Credit Limit$100,000.00
Minimum Income $35,000.00
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $90.00 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate20.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3.5%
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Annual Fee$49.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 3.4%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$0.00
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.74% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 13 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 1%
Release dateAug 2006

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