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Let down by poor customer service....

I've used Clarins for years and love the products, but the consultant at Myer, Garden City, Mount Gravatt, Qld would have to be the worst Clarins Rep I've come across in all my years of purchasing these products. The last few times I've been to the Clarins counter the Rep has tried to sell me something I didn't want and when she realises I'm not going to buy more than I've asked for, it's all she can do to finish the purchase; never even says "thank you". I'll be going elsewhere in future.

Product Quality
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I’m happy with it

I have been using Clarins face cream for 30 years. I have tried other cheaper products but they were greasy. I love the rep at Penrith Myers store she is lovely & helpful.
The products are pricey for my budget but it’s one thing I splurge on.

Cheap product

Doesn't benefit skin whatsoever, expensive but cheap. Skincare consultants just stand there at the counter and don't serve you and don't don't know anything about skin or beneficial ingredients. I'm sure they're not trained dermal therapists.

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream & Gentle Exfoliater

Has Clarins changed ingredients in their products.
I have been purchasing for 15 years and this new pot has given me hay fever like symptoms.

Short changed on supply

I bought Clarins shave oil by internet. The first 3 bottles arrived with loose tops and only half full. I complained and advised of the issue. The replacement lot arrived with the same issue. Obviously they have an internal problem with storage etc. They asked for a review and then told me it was not favourable so they wouldn't publish it. No bad language-just the facts. The question remains how many times will they continue to sell product that doesn't meet the standard. At least the next step is the ACCC that handles issues like this. Luckily I know the complaints process and how to present their shortcomings. and lack of action.

What a rubbish cream

This review is for Claris hydra quench cream.
This cream is too expensive and doesn't give you any return for the price paid.
On the contrary my skin get more dry after using this.
I will never recommend this cream to anyone.

Double Fix Mascara

Water Proof seal lash , wonderfull product to use, it last all day long , I bought it accidently on the internet by Strawberrynet web site , I thought it was a mascara until the package came home , I just thought well I give it a try , It holding the mascara on until I want it off with eyes makeup remover .
I will use this product from now on when i wear make up . It also noted that you can wear it alone to promote shinier lashes
Easy to apply , inexpensive

Part of my daily ritual

Amazing products, I often find myself trying new products but always to Clarins. They seem to know the business. They have a great range and the price is consistent. You pay for what you get.

I would recommend this brand to those who need some deep skin nourishing, if so, this is the brand for you.


Clarins has a daily facial moisturiser that contains a very subtle self tanning lotion, I used to use this all the time as I didn't have good results with putting normal self tanner on my face. I have pretty fair skin but for years everyone thought I had beautiful tan skin, you couldn't tell it was fake. Their products have a lovely smell and feel and are really luxurious. The packaging probably looks like its something for an older person but the products are great for all ages.
Really good skin care.
Clarins use some chemicals that I don't agree with, but if you put that aside the products are excellent.


Fantastic products that I would thoroughly recommend. I think people think Clarins are for a more mature woman, but through my experience the service I received at the counter and quality of the products makes up for this. I will certainly be purchasing more of their products in the future.
Clarins is a well known experienced brand and all the products I have purchased have been amazing. I just bought a mascara, lipstick and lipliner for my wedding and I was amazed at the products. I was concerned about my mascara smudging if I cried, and the waterproof formula hung in there, through ALL the tears. The lip stick and lip liner where long lasting and the colour looked fantastic in my photos!
They are a bit pricey- but the quality means you will get your money's worth!


I love this skin care range. So gental on you skin that it can be used everday without any negitive effects. I try and buy the products in packs to get cleanser, tonor and moisterisers. When buying these together you are able to get discounts. There are also opportunities to get free sample sizes when buying products so don't forget to ask your sales assistent.
Clairins products are one of the most effective skin care avaliable. The products are Cost effective and are a high quality product.
There isn't anything negitive I could say. Some may feel the product is a little expensive but the quality of the product compares to companies selling at much higher prices.


These products make me feel special when I buy them and I love their packaging and smells. I've tried a lot of the range and have only really found 2 products that I continue to buy regularly. Worth trying these when they have special offers of free samples, but save your money on the rest.
The Hydra Quench serum and moisturiser is fantastic for dry skin and really leaves my skin glowing and feeling moisturised. Beauty Flash Balm is a great primer to go underneath foundation. I've tried Napolean and Natio primers and they don't compare. The products all smell beautiful and aren't irritating to skin.
Other than Hydraquench, their other moisturisers haven't done much in the way of wrinkle reduction or even moisturising my skin. Save your money with these products. They are over priced for what they offer and deliver.

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