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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

4.4 from 17 reviews

Love it!

I use this cream twice daily. Normally I am the type of person who forgets to use hand creams but I love the way this keeps my hands soft and smelling lovely. I have also noticed my nails growing faster and not breaking as easily.

My favourite hand cream

I've tried a few hand creams but nothing is as good as Clarins. This one makes my hands soft and has such a beautiful fragrance. It is a little expensive but it does last a long time as you don't need to use much. This one makes a great gift too!
Smells great & makes my hands soft

ok but overpowering smell

It was given to me as a gift in a clarins gift pack. The cream itself is nice you can tell it's good quality but the smell was so overpowering I had to wash it off. I just use it in the office in the morning now as it's too good to waste but it's too much in the evening.
nice texture good quality cream
smell is way too overpowering

Great cream

This always works! If you're one of those people who always forget to do it every day this product is for you. I use it every few days and it leaves my hands feeling great. The formula sells itself, I found this product works for me and my skin type, recommended.

Bit on the nose

I recently purchased this hand & nail cream as my hands were feeling rather dry. It felt lovely when I tried it in the shop so I was convinced in purchasing a small three pack so I could have one in the house, car and bag. After a day or two the scent really started getting to me. The cream itself works beautifully but the scent is overpowering.
Works well on my hands
Smell bad

It's great

I first tried this product when a colleague of mine offered me some and I was amazed at how fast it penetrated the skin. I bought it later and used it in cold weather around -5 degree C and found it was really great for my skin. When I've used cheaper handcreams they are usually very runny leaving my skin dry again after a short time. But this product has helped keep my skin moisterised for much longer. I love it!

Best hand product ever!

Really love this cream as it's not too heavy and absorbs well. Makes your skin feel really soft. A essential for winter especially. I used to use the neutrogrena hand cream the norwegion formula but it got too greasy feeling after a while so this was a good change
moisturizing, absorbs well, soft skin
a bit pricey


This has to be one of my all time favourite products and I really believe it's the best hand cream on the market (I have tried too many to count!). I use this product 3 or more times a day and there is never any greasy residue left on my hands after application. It has a silky soft texture that feels instantly soothing when applied, making my hands feel soft and smooth for ages. This is a quality Clarins product that will cost you around the mid $30 range. Huge fan here.
Genuine non-greasy product, subtle fragrance and a velvety texture.


A fabulous product that improves the texture of your skin. Beautiful fragrance which is long lasting. well worth the price.
fabulous , beautifullly fragranced hand cream. It improves the dryness of your hands and leaves you smelling great. I actually put a little too much on and rub it up my arms for a great fragrance! I ahve acrylic nails, so can't comment on the nail benefits.
It is quite pricey, but you can get samples when there is an offer on. I got a free sample from Myers Clarins counter, as i have sensitive hands and needed to test it first. well done !


I had heard of Clairn but never tried it before i was given a tube of their Hand and nail cream. It was the best I had used, my hand were no longer dry and the product just soaked straight into my hands leaving no residue behind. It had a lovely smell to it also. It wasnt greasy after you had applied it and i found it to be the best i have ever used. My nails were split and terrible but since getting onto this i can say my hands and nails are better now than they have ever been, strong and healthy Nailsand lovely soft hands. Ten out of Ten for this one..
I had never tried Clarins until I was given a tube of this hand and nail cream, it was the best I have ever used.


I really love this prodcut. it is worth the expense. A little goes a long way so it lasts longer than the cheaper prodcuts. I have been using this for years and have had many posiitve comments on how soft and supple my hands are. I keep tubes everywhere and try to use if several times a day. It smells great and does not leave the hands feeling greasy. I enjoy the feel of the prodcut on the skin. It softens and smooths the skin. I have acrylic nails so it has never needed to work on my nails but does a great job near the finger tips and cuticles.
Work fantastically well with the dry, cracked skin around my cuticles.


When I use this it just feels so luxurious - and so it should I suppose with higher end price tag! A real treat though for hands and mind at the same time. I love the scent of Clarins products - including this one. My nails became stronger and seemed to grow faster and my hands were treated to a lovely dose of moisturisation. An especially nice-to-use handcream.
I love the luxurious feel of this cream. It really works.
Needs to be applied a twice a day for it to work well and the price is quite expensive compared to other products that work just as well.


Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment was recommended to me by a work friend and I am so glad that she told me about it as it's wonderful. I don't mind the light smell of oranges and the cost is not to bad for a product that works and also for one that goes a long way.
This is a great product that you can use on your hands, I feel that it really works as it seems to me to make my hands quite smooth and after handling clothes all day where I work they were getting dry in the finger tips and starting to crack, but not any more.
Nothing to complain about.


This is my favourite hand cream, it soaks into your skin and leaves my hand feeling velvety. I don't think it works as well on your nails, if you want stronger nails, get a nail cream! But it does work well on my cuticles and leaves the soft. Being Clarins it is very expensive, but I only ever use a tiny bit at a time to sav it up!
It makes my hands silky smooth, I love it! It absorbs quickly and treats my hand, nails and cuticles.
I really don't like the smell, like oranges. A lot of Clarins things smell like orange, and I'm not a fan of the scent.


Before I had children and had the money I used this hand cream. It is a nice product to pamper yourself with. It has its own distinctive fragrance which some people may not like but I did. The tube doesn't last a long time and so you have to fork out a lot more money for some more. If you can afford it I would go for it.
This is a lovely product to use and leaves your hands very soft. It seems to soak into the cuticles well.
It is expensive to buy. Some people may not like the strong fragrance. It is a bit like an orange scent.


I was given this as a gift with a whole beauty case full of clarins,it is the most used product out of the whole case.lasts for ages once you learn how much to use!would recommend it to anyone and everyone.It is a bit out of my price range for hand cream but when someone asks what i want for such and such, clarins hand cream will be mentioned!
soft scented,absorbs fast,leaves skin soft.
Does not give any kind of indication as to how much to use on the back


i first was given as a gift thinking i would never pay this much for a hand cream. Once i began using it, i understood. The cream smells lovely and absorbs into your skin without feeling greasy. Your hands are the first place to show your age look after them. This cream comes different size tubes, one for you draw, work or home and a hand bag size to carry around. Love it!
The fragrance and it's clean feeling
when it runs out

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Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
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