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Clean Energy Corporations Australia

Clean Energy Corporations Australia

3.5 from 46 reviews

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18 months later still no benefit - not what I bought at all

everyone I speak to leaves and doesn't answer my emails. Promises the world and doesn't deliver
18 months later still incomplete installation
my advice - really understand what you are getting into and follow up every step of the way because they won't
don't fall for the hard sell which I have unfortunately
overall the company has extremely poor after sales service

January 9th 2019 Update: wondeful salesman who could sell snow to an eskimo then absolutely no after sales service

panel installation was incomplete as far as connecting appropriately to supplier
constantly get the run around with emails not answered and not getting through on the phone
still no resolution 2 yrs later
unless you want an expensive decoration on your roof
recently I have had a second industry review and they have confirmed Clean energy has sold me a DUD


We succumb to a very clever door to door salesman. Our first mistake.
We did sign up for a 3.5kv system which was to be upgradable.
The installers travelled over 200 kil9meters the next week and began the install. I asked the more senior installer about the invertor and he said "oh sorry we brougjt the wrong one". As if he was going 200ks bckto get the correct one for us.So I accepted this would be rectified on another occasion.
Our bills did seem to be sligjtly lower but as for rebates, not even close.
After 2 years I felt it was time to see what was going on. I could not find a way to get in contact with them until I left a message on their face book page. This generated a call from their multi media department/contractor and then a call from a most helpful person. She could see our name but not at the correct street number. She then explained that we were one of a few who slipped through the cracks and, they had never lodged paperwork for us. She set in motion getting an electrician from Warnambool to come to our house in the Geelong Region who did drive up and went to the wrong address. He rang and we directed him to our house. He did the inspection and would make contact with the Company. Well the first woman on the case rang and explained she was leaving that day but wanted to be sure the case was finalised by whoever took over from her.
We waited another month and finally got through and spoke with a woman called [name removed]. She claimed the first woman had never worked there and it was her job to finalise connections. [name removed] told me I had to arrange for a certificate of complience or locate it with Energy Safe Victoria. How bizzare! But I did contact Energy Safe and surprise surprise, noone had ever lodged any certificate either 2 yeard ago or from the Warnambool electrician.
So I have tried to make contact with CleanEnrgyCo but I have clearly been blocked from their phones. This remains unreaolved and I have no way to sort these people out to give us the service we paid for.
I have never been screwed over in my 60 years on this planet the way these schisters have conned us

Arrogant and Abusive Sales Staff - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

After repeatedly telling the arrogant salesperson who knocked on our door that I WAS NOT INTERESTED - he finally gave up, turned around and said as he stepped off my porch "That's ok - keep wasting your money" What? I told him he might need to get some good hospital cover if he keeps talking that way.... Told him to get @*$#!& and walk on. From reading these reviews I can see that this company is full of sales people just like the cretin I experienced. Their products sound like total overpriced garbage too.

Poor poor customer service

Need some one from clean energy to contact me ASAP.
Have been trying for months. No contact number and certigy ezy pay don't want to know about this ....just their payments

Pathetic customer service

Tried to cancel a system we ordered ,have not got any confirmation of it being cancelled,despite phone call after phone call, not happy at all certainly turned me off installing a system in the future, will definitely not recommend you to anyone ! Most dissapointed with dealing with you or perhaps your not dealing with us is a more appropriate statement!


I had one of the sales people come knock on my door, listen to what they said and it was great, they told me that i will save 80% of my powerbill and that the sales consultant wouldn't push me into getting solar because it was just a free appointment to show where i can be saving. When the sales consultant came around looked at everything, I then told him i did not want the solar and he turned around and said thanks for wasting my time.

Not what I paid for

I recently bought a 6. KW 18 panel system which the sales rep recommended so I would not receive any more power bills. Installation was fast and on time. Once installation of system was installed payments immediately started coming out of my account but i still was not hooked up to the grid. Rang customer service about 8 times over a 6 week period with no quick action on their behalf. Received my first power bill with just a 37% savings on nearly a full term quarter. Not happy with the bill I rang them three times already over 3 weeks with no response. It seems once they got your money they stop caring or there customer service team need looking at by management because it is a big let down. Let's see how quick they get back to me and resolve the problem. Keep an eye out for my next post on my next quarter bill and will see if this company is true to its word.
Signed off as very unhappy customer.


One representative from the company visited our house and tried to sell their solar system to us. He offered a 2.5KW system (based on some calculations) for $7500 as a special offer with a $2000 discount, only if we buy it during visit time.

After doing some research, I found that they are selling a $2500 system three time more! Our air conditioning system itself needs 2.9kw power. His calculation was a joke!

I am not sure if what they are doing is even legal (visiting houses and providing false information about Solar).

Another happy customer

Having recently completed building our new home we decided to help the environment and save our hard earned money from the forever increasing power bills and had Solar installed by the Clean Energy Co. The very professional representative sat with us to answer any questions, there was no hard sell, it was about finding solutions to help us reduce our ongoing costs. The process was simple and easy to understand and the cost of the system is far outweighed by the reduced savings in our power bills. The customer service team were also very helpful and the installation went as described. Very happy with our purchase.

Loved the install to the after service.

We had ONE SOLAR installed 5 kw system, the experience although a little more then expected has been well well worth it!
My wife was a little concerned with the cost but I can assure you after the first 3 bills she has eaten her words, happy to promote to others.

Up the creek without a paddle

This is a nightmare - we have been ripped off as we were told we would never get another power bill. I have been trying to negotiate an outcome with clean energy as I received my highest power bill ever. But I have now been shut out after [name removed] (Customer Care Manager) got the information he requested from our system. I think they oversold under delivered. If it sounds too good to be true - in this case it is. Please do not believe the sales people especially [name removed] and if you are in Perth. UPDATE - consumer protection can not protect you as your contract is with Certergy. 3x more expensive that any other system - save yourself sleepless nights - just don't.

Too early to tell

We had a 4.5kw 16 solar panels installed, initially our 'green' energy suppliers didn't offer any solar discounts so we moved to momentum who were a nightmare and overcharged,still dealing with them. So now we are with dodo and it is too early to notice any benefits whatsoever. The initial session with the Clean Energy sales consultant was smooth, punctual and positive. We knew roughly what we were getting into. Prices were on the higher end of the solar panel spectrum so hopefully they perform well after warranty period. Install was quick and we were set up in a short amount of time. In retrospect i regret having solar put on as the benefits are next to zip but that has zero bearing on Clean Energy Co, they were great to deal with.

Four months still waiting

The staff are all lovely hence the review but the service between companies has been disgraceful. I received my solar panels in September 2016 and the box is still not remotely switched over. (Powercor/Energy Australia)

Bad decision

Most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Took 4 months before they were even installed and another month before they could be turned on and after all that we were overcharged!
Hopefully better things to come once the panels are in use.

Just trying to do our bit.

Since moving into our new home, we'd always had it as a plan to install solar panels and use the sun for our electricity, so when Clean Energy Co knocked on our door we thought it was the right time to get it done. The process was really easy to understand and haven't really noticed any impact on our household budget, which is great. Having just had a baby, my Fiance has been home most of the time, so we've really been able to take advantage of the energy production throughout the day. We've had no issues at all with the system, the installation went smoothly and the customer support has been great too, with the connection to the grid through the smart meter.

a lot of money spent with no return

i can't comment on any of these questions, even though these pannels have been active for nealy 6 mounths,because the meter to this day has not been configured for the solar system

We are happy with our decision!

On many occasions we had been approached to install solar panels but we're not too confident that the outcome of installing them will be in our benefit. Since installing our panels we have become more conscious of our energy use, for the better. We are hoping to install a battery in the near future. We have not been disappointed in power reliability. It is still early days since installing solar panels, but the process and contact with clean energy co. has been very pleasant.


Solar panels were installed. The process about a month to 6 weeks from explanation of system and quote to fully installed. Power is reliable and have not experienced ant dropouts or problems. The customer service has been very good.

Quite good overall

Installed solar power, the whole installation process only took a couple of hours.
Quite reliabe as we had no drop outs at all.
Great customer service.

One happy customer

The sales people knew the stuff and didn't mess around. Install team where amazing. They were quick, clean, hard working and fulfilled my request. Can't wait to use this company again when battery system becomes affordable.

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Clean Energy Corporations Australia
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Services ProvidedInstaller and Solar Product Retailer
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