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Clean Shopper Trolley Cover

Clean Shopper Trolley Cover

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For teething babies

These are amazing especially for teething babies or babies that won't keep stuff away from their mouths! Helps prevent some germs from getting to your kids, obviously not 100% effective but it helps

Purchased in July 2018.

Perfect fit!

I bought this for my baby once he was sitting up. I wanted to take him shopping without worrying about all the trolley germs. I found that it fits perfectly over the coles trolleys and is padded nicely so that adds comfort for my son. It is easy to wash and maintains shape.

Works well

Stops toys from falling out of the trolley. Easy to wash and you can keep kids happy. No need to wipe down trolley. Can use for high chairs at restaurants as well. Save your wipes.
Just keep it in the car and take it out when ever baby goes out with you.

Good Quality

We bought this not only to stop my niece from getting lurgies off the trolley as she has a low immune system but also becuase she has an allergy to a commonly used non perscription pain relief drug and it leeches out of a person's skin for 12 hours after they have taken it. It fits very well on the shopping trolleys, is erasy to wash and hasn't changed shape at all.

Very happy

I love this product. It looks and feels great. My only regret is not getting the matching pillow. My 7 month old is a little small for the trolley and my pillows don't look as nice. Also excellent customer service. My cover had not arrived. I messaged and received an instant response. No excuses. I was promised it would come in the next two days. And it did!!! Thank you.
The quality seems good too btw.
I would use no more nasties again and recommend it to friends.

Great idea - poorly made.

I purchased my clean shopper from their website. I got it on special and delivery was relatively quick. There were a lot of loose threads that need to be trimmed off. It was while doing this I noticed that in some sections it was not stitched properly - the stuffing was coming out. And the decorative stitching had already started to come undone. I did not send it back as I did not want to have to wait for another one. My mother was able to fix most of it up on her sewing machine. Disappointing.
Soft with good trolley coverage.
Poorly made and the fabric is not as bright and nice as in the pictures on the website.

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This is a bit unfair, we do not open every item before it is sent and we have been given no oportunity to make amends. Please tell us if you are not happy so that we can fix the problem as we are very happy to do so.

Fantastic product.

I bought a cleanshopper about four years ago, it has been through two children (boys) and is still in excellent condition. Easy to wash and can be put in the dryer.
It covers all areas of the trolley that mum and bub touch. It comes with it's own strap so you don't need to use the yucky ones on the trolley.
Compared with other trolley covers I have found the clean shopper to be really great value. There are often great specials on the cleanshopper website. Fast shipping too. I have since bought a double cleanshopper (from website) and now I have a little girl, a pink one.
I can put it on with one had, then place my child in the seat then I adjust the velcro to ensure it stays in place.
Two loops to attach toys. Easy to use and wash. Great price.
Small range of fabric choice.


A great product. Much more hygienic than putting bub in an uncovered seat. It is so soft and bub looks super comfortable sitting in there. Toys can be attached to the front so they don't fall off. Overall, a great investment and worth every cent.
Soft & comfortable for bub, a huge range of different colours to choose from .


I think these are a great idea, alot more comfortable for little ones bottoms rather than sitting on metal and plastic. You dont know what kid has smeared what where and who else has used the trolley so this will also keep kids a little protected from all those yukky germs. I would definately reccommend these, keep it in the car so you dont forget it like we always forget to bring our reusable shopping bags.
i like that they come in a variety of patterns and colours. They are nice and soft and a perfect fit for the trolleys so they dont scrunch up and fall down.
none, i think this product is great


a great product to stop the spread of unknown germs especially in the infant stages were everythign goes into the mouth. you just need to remember to pack it in the car and take it with you when shopping
a great product in idea yet practicallity not always. birht colorful patterns and adds padding to your infant seat. prevents them from sucking on trolley handle and spreading of unknown bugs and germ. has a seat belt hole to ensure your little one i safe from falling, velcro to assist with attaching to the trolley bar securely, easy to wash
is a little expensive but i was lucky to be given mine so cast wasnt a concern. although mine lived in the car frequently i forgot to take it with me or put back in the car when washed. the little plastic bag broke so i had to find another storage solution for when not in use ( a celeco bag)


Its a good idea in theory but who ever remembers to take it with them with all the other things they are trying to remember not me that's for sure. I think i used mine about three times in total then sold it on ebay i just couldn't be bothered with all the hassle of it.
A great way at keeping your babies safe and away from germs and nasties. Machine washable and if things fall out of bubs mouth then they normally land inside the fabric instead of the floor.
Can be quite expensive to buy for something that you don't really need. Awkward to put on by yourself whilst your on your own and with one hand free.


I like this seat cover a lot and usually get comments from other people 'That's a good idea, where did you get that from?'. I'm not an overly-protective mother in the sense of keeping my child away from germs, but sometimes I feel like the cover gives me that kind of label! I guess that only matters if you care what other people think :) For the price, which is about $30 in Spotlight, it's a good thing to have on hand, or could make a good baby shower gift.
Gives you peace of mind that your baby is more comfortable than sitting directly on the plastic and metal-backed trolley seat! Keeps baby off anything dirty and has little pockets on the inside where you can stash the baby's drink, snack or a little toy. If your baby keeps dropping things, chances are it will just fall into the cover and not down into the trolley or on the floor (think dummies!).
I usually forget to put it back in the car after I've washed it.


Overall, if you can be bothered carrying it around and putting it on the trolley while holding a baby, it is worth the investment. Also 'catches' water bottles and any biscuits/rusks you might give your baby while shopping so prevents you from throwing away dropped food.
Light weight, adds comfort for your child while shopping. Keeps 'germs' away (not that I was paranoid about those).

Nice prints and colours
Yet another thing to drag around with you. Can be awkward putting it on with one hand holding baby and carrying all the other stuff that you need with a baby! I used it a few times and gave up really. It just wasn't worth it.

Can be quite expensive for a non-essential

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