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Don't think twice like me! These guys are amazing!

I struggled with two defaults that to my knowledge would not be removed from my file for several years. I can honestly tell you I was sceptical of this company.. But I'm an idiot and should have gone to them sooner!
I cannot recommend them enough and talking to Peter and Daniel was just so easy, no judgement and they make everything so easy.
Ten stars as far as I'm concerned.. They deserve it. Thank you thank you thank you.

Very happy to find this company

I have been renting houses for years now and unfortunately I wasn’t aware I had missed a bill. I am currently trying to buy my own house and that when I found out the bad news, I had a BLACK MARK. But thank god for clear credit solutions and Daniel with there promo work and very easy to deal with. Again thank you

Amazing! I have my life back! Daniel you are a legend!!!!!

I chose a career in the Army and in my time spent serving, my identity was stolen and my credit was destroyed. The incredibly talented team at Clear Credit Solutions completely cleared all the fraudulent material and now I can buy my first home! Thankyou sincerely Daniel and the team.

Not very happy

This company initially asked for the full payment and promised that if the credit can not be clear, they will offer full refund. It has been almost 4 months now, very updated us and never followed up, hardly reached out no respond, we can not wait for years and years to clear the default. It was my mistake to go with this company from the start as it is the cheapest one.

Good afternoon CX33, could we please ask for the surname and date of your application to us so that we may get in touch with you. As all of our clients and brokers understand, should we fail to assist in the removing the credit impairments we are engaged to, our clients receive a FULL refund of our one set fee of $990 which is paid straight away and in one full payment. Some cases are more difficult than others however. We would like to note that your feedback has been placed on this site within the last hour and we have responded immediately, therefore we would expect to hear back from you shortly.Good afternoon again CX33. Let us first start by saying that we haven't heard anything from yourself even though we responded within an hour of your review and we have even given you a week to get in touch with us. In Australia it is illegal to leave a false and malicious review. We always maintain contact with our clients in a timely fashion. Just because we are the cheapest in Australia does not mean we are not the best. To the best of our knowledge Clear Credit Solutions is also the only repair company which offers a full refund guarantee should we not get the result for our client. That refund is paid in full immediately. We also do not charge extra per default or have any non refundable admin fees so our clients get great value for money. This is why we are the leaders in credit repair in Australia. Please call 1300 789 783 and experience the difference. Fast. Simple. Guaranteed credit repair.

Achieved the impossible

Dan is awesome. He is knowledgeable and helpful. Our default was a tricky one but he never gave up and continued to chase this for 6 months. We had previously hired another credit removal service who could not remove the credit default and gave up after a couple of weeks. One conversation with Dan and he knew it was wrongly put against our name and continuously fought to remove it. Thanks Dan and everyone else at clear credit solutions. Highly recommend!!!!

No contact

I’ve called to follow up and emailed. Received nothing back and haven’t been able to speak to my case manager. Took my money and have barely been in contact since. Really disappointed with this service. Each time I call they say we will contact you or email you and they have not followed through! A lot of money to pay for this service. Initial conversation said I would be taken through step by step and I’ve received nothing!

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Good afternoon Cathy, We are disappointed to hear this feedback. Could you please confirm the surname on the file we are working on or better yet please call 1300 789 783 immediately, there are operators waiting to take your call until 5:30 NSW EDST. Checking into our records we don't have a Cathy on file that has left an email for us. Looking forward to hearing back from you so we can resolve any of your concerns as soon as possible. Thank you.

Amazing Team Amazing Results :)

I was so nervous to all credit clear but its the best i have ever done its changed my life and given my life back
Thanks Dan and Credit Clear Solutions..

The Team is very understanding no judgement. Dan is an absolute Gem <3 Dan went out of his way to get the best results for me :- )

these guys need 10 stars

30 days and they will change your life !

I was incapacitated and fell on hard times and with no one to assist, bills defaulted. The debt collectors further inflated the amounts and left me in a situation unable to move forward with life. I was referred to Clear credit and didn't hold much hope for the outcome but for the outlay I thought it was worth the attempt. When the information came through that all defaults had been removed I was actually in shock and proceeded to check and recheck. In summary you can trust these blokes. In 30 days they changed my life circumstance ! This is the type of debt I don't mind having. A debt of gratitude. Thank you Dan !

Best of the Best------- Daniel

I have two default listing by Origin Energy. I believe my case is bit hard as Origin Energy keep making difficult time for me. They keep denied what they have done in wrong and refuse to change my default for 2 months. It was a very hard negotiation processes. Daniel in Clear credit solution helped me every time in fighting for me with Origin Energy as well as Ombudsman. I now can understand that sometimes they do not reply you because no need to as no news no update. However, Daniel always responses very quick and efficient when necessary; eg: updated or any emails need to be replied. I have to say that without his help, the two default listing won't be removed. I am really appreciate for his support and professional help. Besides, they are the ONLY company that promises refund if not successful! Give them a try, you will be look aftered. THANKS DANIEL!

They do exactly what they say A++++

Daniel and the team are highly professional and good at what they do. Even though the outcome did not fall in my favour, Daniel did truly try everything possible and did go out of his way to give it the best shot. As promised from the beginning the outcome did not go in my favour so a full money back guarantee was given. Highly recommend : )


Absolutely blown away. I had two defaults and a judgement. They wrote court paperwork, gave clear and concise instruction and persisted even where it got tricky for a minute there on the last default, which incidentally was the smallest dollar figure, but regardless needed to go. Their fee is a flat one off with no hidden surpises, even as I say where extra thigs added up like paperwork, direction on how to handle dispute emails etc etc. Dan was my case manager and he nailed it.

Really really can't recommend these guys highly enough.

Definitely worth the money

I had 4 defaults, 3 were paid and 1 was unpaid .
They were able to remove all 4 of them ,in just a couple of months.
All thanks to Daniel

New customer

I hope they are as great and get things sorted as fast as you all say, I am a new customer and really nervous about this.
So far getting in contact has been difficult but fingers crossed.

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Good afternoon New Customer, Firstly, thank you for choosing us to help you with your credit file. Could you please give us your name so we can get in touch and hopefully answer any and all questions you may have and alleviate your concerns. Thanks in advance.

PERFECT & AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely Amazing ; My partner has gone through Clear solutions twice and this was my first! I wasnt for it at first but because my partner went through it and said they were good had to have faith in my partner n give it a go.
They helped us and now I am able to move on all thanks to Dan and the team!!!! I really appreciate what they did for myself n partner NO WORDS AND DESCRIBE IT . If anyone needs a fresh start CLEAR SOLUTION IS THE ONE !!!!

Excellent and great adviser!!

Look no further! I’m so happy with the team of Mr. Daniel Cole. They did a fantastic job! Now I can move on for my 2nd home loan. Thanks so much guys! I strongly recommend you 100%.


I couldnt speak highly enough of this company, Daniel you are an absolute super star. The team at clear credit solutions worked tirelessly on my case to get the result we were after and even when it seemed like I was badgering them at times they were very patient with me and alwasy had an answer for my questions. Absolute pleasure doing business and in a nice way I hope we never speak again.

Awesome!!! Great company!!!!!!⭐️

I went to this credit company after getting fed up with the larger companies. I found them incredibly effective. Especially the team who dealt with me thanks daniel, josh, pete and aiden. They answered all of my concerns. And processed my credit file in an effective manner.

Did what they said they would and great communication

The team sorted out my credit in the time said they said the would. Great communication and service from start to end. Will recommend to everyone.


Best service. Willing to do everything to help you out.. awesome customer service. Straight forward will everything and ok beating around the bush

great work, very fast!

The team listened to my situation and understood exactly what needed to happen. They had the whole issue resolved in less than two weeks. Couldn't recommend this company any higher.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, i would like to use your services, but not sure about this ASIC penalty, please explain? here is the link https://asic.gov.au/about-asic/news-centre/find-a-media-release/2018-releases/18-045mr-coffs-harbour-credit-repair-business-pays-21-600-in-penalties-for-false-or-misleading-representations/ 18-045MR Coffs Harbour Credit Repair business pays $21,600 in penalties for false or misleading representations Credit repair business, Clear Credit Solutions Pty Ltd (Clear Credit) has paid penalties of $21,600 after ASIC issued two infringement notices alleging that Clear Credit had made false or misleading representations on its website and in the scripts used by Clear Credit's sales consultants when dealing with consumers.
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How long does it ? Is it true someone waited for at least 1year?
5 answers
How long does it take ?Mine took about 2 months, but that also includes the Xmas break periodWas it clear at the end ?

How long does it take to clear a default?
2 answers
Mine took 7 weeks but I lost ten days over Christmas.Hi Mamalil, thanks for the question - every case is different as you can appreciate depending on what has been listed and by whom. The vast majority of cases are resolved in the 25-50day mark. Give us a call on 1300 789 783 to see if we can help as we do not accept everyone. We only take on cases that we believe we can assist with.

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