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Very disappointing, waste of money

Very disappointed, after using cheaper tests some good some not, my husband just told me to buy the best and most expensive test i could find. So after finding clear blue advance digital i thought (at least this will be reliable.) Was wrong on so many levels. Was getting a negative on days i had physical signs of ovulation, few weeks later coming up to period, i had positive flashy and solid faces on theses tests, i was so confused and didn't know if the tests were incorrect or if my body was playing tricks on me. So i got my husband to pee in a cup (haha) confirmed! My husband was ovulating. Rhought maybe that batch was faulty, so i stupidly went and spent more money on another box. Same thing. I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially for couples like us who have been trying for over a year and want a reliable product.

Did the job

Once you read and follow the instructions carefully and get the hang of it, it makes sense. I had errors the first few I used them when trying to use ‘in stream’ but found it much easier to pee in a cup and dip the sticks in. I have PCOS and irregular cycles (30-41 days) and first cycle testing had 4 high fertility days, then second time had 8 days which I was worried about but then the ‘peak’ fertility came. I only ever took one test a day using first morning urine, pretty much same time each day. I was seeing a fertility doctor who took an ultrasound on both the cycles and confirmed that I was close to ovulating which was reassuring. I found it extremely helpful to time and I am now pregnant after 2 cycles.

Very accurate

Read some negative reviews here on this product. If it hadn't worked it means you haven't followed the instruction to a tee. For ie, Need to start testing on the day it suggested according to your number of days of cycle, as it records the unique pattern of your period. Then before you get the flashy smiley face, you should only test just once, using the urine of longest sleep. This means morning urine for most people. Or you can set an alarm to wake at 7 am to test. Then when you get flashy smiley face, you can test more than once as you wish to catch the peak. I had issue with it because I didn't follow it, then never get a smiley face, thinking it doesn't work.

Absolute waste of money!!!!!!!!! Don’t buy!

Keeps giving bloody errors!!! Doesn’t work! Simple as that. So high maintenance, shouldn’t be that difficult..
I’ve used many testes before.. never had this problem. You better off buying a pack of 4 off of amazon which all will work for the same price of this clearblu that clearly doesn’t work.. waste of time

Accurate, but pricey.

I have been using Clearblue, First Response, and thermometer to find out my ovulation. First Response is a mess and giving me ovulation results too often even though my temperature is low. But, Clearblue doesn't show ovulation sign until it is really happening. Also, it matches my temperature. I believe in this product. Only one thing is the price. I understand that the digital checker might be expensive, however, after 10 tests, it's still working. So, I wish they sell the test strips and the digital checker separately.

Waste of money

Test results were inaccurate showing peak fertility, then nothing, then peak fertility again 5 days later. The first time I bought this the actual digital monitor had an error and would not work during when I thought I was ovulating, the instruction manual suggested throwing it out if it had that particular error. I will never waste my money on this product again.

4 out of the 10 tests didn't even work

Product is pretty hopeless. Almost half the sticks don't work, screen spends forever flashing and the test is so much more expensive than anything else on the market. Of the tests that do work, they encourage you to use them all in one cycle even when you know when you ovulate since it "tailors" to your specific hormone levels, that's $40 a month! And it doesn't show you're ovulating unless you do use them all up as I found out - I used this test and never "reached peak fertility" or even high fertility yet got pregnant.

A fraud of a product

I have used this product for almost two years trying to get pregnant with our second child. The last couple of months I have used it in conjunction with blood tests. I was NOT taking fertility medications or any other medications that may affect the result. It was consistently 5-6 days wrong about w hen I was ovulating, based on the more accurate blood tests and ultrasounds. I cannot believe the hundreds of dollars I have wasted on this product. It isn't accurate, even the doctors and the nurses at the clinic told me there are consistent huge variations and told me to stop using them. I strongly urge anyone wanting to get pregnant, who is struggling to be properly monitored by a doctor re ovulation as these kits cannot be relied upon.

Works perfect if you're irregular

I must admit it's difficult to find the perfect date to start testing because I am so irregular with my cycle. But it's better than nothing. There's nothing out there that's able to pin point the exact ovulation date and fertility window. At least we know for sure that I'm ovulating and we're trying it at the perfect time. If we don't fall pregnant, maybe the problem lies elsewhere instead of trying in the wrong times. The instructions are pretty clear but it takes a few reads to understand how it all works. The helpline has helped clarified a lot of questions too so I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to maximise your chances.

5 error/ faulty tests out of 10

TOTAL Waste of money! Paid $60 and it's hit and miss if it's going to work even though I'm doing exactly the same thing every time. Appalling product, would NEVER recommend. Do not buy this product. Over priced and a scam. Can only purchase entire kit not individual tests. Do.not.buy!

So far 2 fails out of 10 tests, wouldn't mind but they aren't cheap.

Well so far I have tried 3 tests and 2 of them were failed tests (following instructions exactly) considering I paid $40 for 10 I'm pretty annoyed. And the fact that I held my urine for 4hrs as instructed now have to try again in another 4 hrs. Would not recommend.

You have to try for yourself

I read all the reviews before I tried this product and majority of them were negative but I thought I would give it a try.
We had been ttc for a while and nothing was happening, I stupidly had faith in the app I was using to help tract my ovulation. The Last month we tried I used the clear blue ovulation and tested just before I thought I would ovulate just in case I was ovulating early.. The last day I tested was 4 days past what I had thought was my peak fertile days (according to the app and my body symptoms) and I got a smiley face! Just under 2 weeks later we got our positive pregnancy test!
We had been trying at the wrong time and I'm thankful that I did use this to find out when I was actually ovulating!

Excellent worked first go

Excellent product. Worked first go. I have a 40 day cycle so my half way is 20 so I started day 16 and got smiley face on day 23. Understand once you get a smiley face the machine is then locked for 48hours with a smiley face. You could get hubby to pee on the stock during this time and it would say he is pregnant... it does not mean the product doesn't work. It just means once you have a smiley face it will stay that way for 48hours. This is when you should stop peeing on the stock and get busy.

Great product

I'm suprised to read such negative reviews! I used this test the first month trying to conceive and we fell pregnant straight away for both pregnancies! I have a long cycle and unpredictable ovulation days so this product was key to assisting us. Def recommend to anyone trying to conceive!


Mine is coming up with O and I'm meant to be at my peak fertility. I'm so confused as to whether it's working or not :( after seeing so many girls post, I'm so angry I spent $40 on something that doesn't even work half the time! T L x


I highly recommend this product. The first few cycles weren't successful but after using this product + tracking basal temps i am pregnant after the first use! I got the O, flashing smily face then the solid smiley face the same day my temp recorded ovulation. Currently 6 weeks pregnant :D You need to read instructions carefully, but i peed on the stick for approx 10 secs instead of the recommended.


Tested every day from 10-18
All saying no ovulation, tried a different brand on the same day and it said peak fertility!
Lucky I tried another test or I would have missed my days
So much money wasted too I feel they need to take these off the shelf!! Which is sad

Clearblue advanved digital ovulation test review

This test is Great!! I have read so many reviews of people unhappy with the advanced ovulation test which claims to detect the 4 most fertile days, but if you actually read the entire booklet inside, it explains this test is different than other tests, you MUST use your first morning urine - Unlike other tests which advise testing later in the day. All of the reviews I have read from unhappy customers have been performing the test wrong. You also must be sure to start testing on the correct day, the booklet has a chart inside to help you determine when you begin testing & you only test 1 time per day until you receive your flashing smiley face.

I have a 26 day cycle, so based on the chart, I started testing on day 7 of my cycle. My first 2 test came up an empty circle indicating low fertility. The following 2 days I got flashing smileys indicating high fertility. I also tested again at 8pm on the 4th day to see if my flashing smiley would be a solid yet - it wasn't. The following morning I tested again and received my solid smiley, meaning somtime between 8pm when I performed my last test & 6am is when I surged.
The solid smiley will be displayed for 48 hours - Do Not test again this cycle, you're done! You now have 48 hours to get to the baby-making!!

I will post another review when I finish my 2ww to let everyone how well it worked. This was my first cycle ttc and we decided to try this for the first time! So far I feel confident. All of my calendars and charts indicated it gave me the correct results, but I guess we'll see in 2 weeks ;)

Total waste of money

I recently bought the advanced Clearblue test (which is supposed to measure two hormones) with 10 tests in it. Firstly, I bought it at a Chemist and then later saw that it was in the supermarket for $20 cheaper so that was annoying. However, much worse than that is that I've tried the test five times and each time it comes up saying that the test has failed. It has been an utter waste of money. Don't bother.

Total waste

I tried this test on my 6th day of period till 16th day which all shows O. Which means i am not ovulating crap. Please don't waste your money and time using this product. total waste. I guess i ovulate on 9th-10th day of my period so following my instincts.

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Hello I woke up at 4 in the morning because I had to go bad, I collected a urine sample but I haven’t tested because it’s too early. What should I do? Can I test again later this morning if the first urine was to early?
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My digital clear test is showing the flashing smiley face for 5 days, is that right or am I doing something wrong. Will I see the flat smiley face?
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