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Clearly Contacts

3.5 from 86 reviews

Reliable, excellent customer service and good quality sunglasses

I think the test of great customer service is what happens when something goes wrong.
I mistakenly ordered normal glasses instead of the same brand name sunglasses. When I realised my mistake I called Clearly, explained the problem and they sorted it out quickly over the phone, without fuss.
I am really happy with the prescription and polarised sunglasses that came and with the overall professional service from Clearly. A huge savings on OPSM.
I will be ordering glasses for other members of the family from Clearly and have no hesitation in recommending them.
My only suggestion for Clearly is to have an online photo upload facility (like Zenni does) so that you can try different frames on your own face.
This is a reliable, trustworthy, professional and good quality company.

Product Quality
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Great value & even better delivery time

The online chat was good as I got confused. The delivery was far quicker than expected - next day!! Unheard of in Australia - thank you. I am hard to please but will certainly use again.

Product Quality
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After several bad experiences in buying eyeglasses online

After several bad experiences in buying eyeglasses online, finally I found a good dealer and a brilliant service, eyeglasses!!

It's really great and fast support and help.i recommend to anyone

Product Quality

Love Clearly.com.au!

I've just received yet another order of my contacts from Clearly.com.au and was compelled to write a second review, as positive as my first. Why? Because I am truly surprised that there are so many less than favourable or downright negative reviews of this company. Sure, it's normal for the occasional mistake or unhappy customer, for a multitude of reasons, but I have never (over probably close to 9 years) had even ONE problem with this company. Orders process immediately and they provide multiple email updates as to the status of your order from dispatch through to arrival in your mailbox. I ordered contacts on the afternoon of Thursday Feb 28 and they were in my mailbox by Monday 4 March. I expected no less as every order has been just as speedy. As with my previous comment last year, they might be a few dollars (and I mean only $3-$4) more than some other suppliers, but that's a small price to pay for peace of mind. However, they do offer regular specials such as discounted products and free shipping at times, so just check regularly and order at those times. As always they are prompt, professional and accurate in what they send, with excellent customer service (reply within hours to emails) and I wouldn't even risk trying another company.
(pic included of both receipt showing order date and email received today advising delivery made)

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Still hasn't shipped from 'delivery' date.

Had to ring them to find out my order still hasn't been finished, even after their delivery date. I was tossing up between clearly and eye buy direct (for glasses not contacts) and decided on Clearly, obviously made the wrong decision. Really disappointed, "we're still in the process of making them and 'should' get around to it this week", if you don't know when you can make them DO NOT INCLUDE A DELIVERY DATE.

Great service

Excellent service, order arrived in two days, I was constantly updated on the status of my order. Very happy with my contacts.

Do not order

Do not order, have been waiting for over a month for delivery and they are now saying they have to be posted out again. Customer call number is hopeless, will never ever shop here again.

Should've gone to Specsavers

Decided to try a new source for contacts and ordered from clearly. Then get an email saying it will be a week until they can ship it because its not in stock. How about you let customers know that its not in stock when you input the prescription like every other online store? Generally get them next day from Specsavers, will stick with them even if it is $5 more. Then call and get rude service. Pathetic.


Ordered on the 12th with delivery expected on the 23rd. Today is the 25th and they're not even showing they have shipped. Filed a paypal complaint.

Snail mail

Ordered contacts on the 5th November and it is now the 16th and still not received them!
Not impressed with the wait time.
Normally haven't had a problem.

Sent the Wrong Prescription

I have been purchasing from this company for many years and recently was the first time they had sent the incorrect lenses ... THEIR ERROR and not with my ordering. Now, making a mistake this one time in all these years is absolutely forgivable, however their response to the urgency of needing the correct lens was extremely poor. The attitude on the phone was deplorable and this continued on in the emails. I now order through a different company. I recommend you do the same.

Bad Experience

I had ordered earlier this Month. Thought I'd get myself new glasses and from Clearly as I didn't have a problem the first time I ever ordered from them. My account states Id receive my stuff estimated by the 11th of October. Did not receive it yet because they had system issues and changes were done with their systems. A heads up would have been nice, telling your customers perhaps there will be a delay but no, still waiting for them to finish my glasses, had to speak to 4 customer service people till the 4th person I spoke too actually went above what they are meant to do and is keeping me constantly updated every 2 days at least on the status of my glasses. It's ridiculous how long I am waiting, it'll be over a month before I get my glasses. Don't promote on your site the timeframes when things will be delivered if it cant even be done in that time frame and I've read the fine print too, this will be past the 30 days you say too by the time I get my glasses.

Amazing customer service

Fantastic customer service! I made an order and didn’t realise I was in dire need for contacts, contacted customer service and within a few hours my order was being shipped out! quick response and very helpful!

Hit and miss

Bought a 3 month supply of 1 day acuve moist for astigmatism, unfortunately most of the contact are hit and miss, some right measurement and some clearly you can't see on them or blurry, which is bizarre as the business name is clearly. on the other hand the shipping was super fast. The 100 rules of doing business. Number 1 deliver the goods, number 2 the other 99 don't matter.

Excellent service and good price

I ordered a pair of Joseph Marc frame and glasses and the price was excellent and also come with another pair free with the promotion . The service was quick and and easy to order online It take 7 days to arrived and I live the glasses. This is my second time I order through them.


I was pleasantly surprised with Clearly. Excellent prices and easy to use website. The order was express shipped and came with a contact case. I will be ordering again!

Fast and good price

I'm so happy!!! I ordered it 2 days ago and I just got it. My contact lenses came in a safety package! I'll always buy my lenses on clearly website!

Clearly Contacts is great!

Sorry to see people say here that they have had trouble with this company and their orders. No idea why that is because I've been using them for years with not one problem and my orders always arrive quickly. My latest purchase was made on Sunday afternoon and my order arrived on Tuesday just after lunch and was, once again, exactly what I ordered. They cost about $4 (the lenses + slightly higher postage) more from Clearly than other online sites, but what's a few dollars when you know your order will arrive and not be accompanied by any hassles?

Good service but price creeping up and up and up

I have been buying for a few years from Clearly. Always great service. Seems every time I order its a bit more expensive so this time I did a search and my Focus dailies aqua comfort 90s at $80 a box (with Clearly) were $62 with Lensworld. I went back to Clearly to use their price match option to save creating another account.

They would not accept the URL as proof of price. I had to create an account with Lensworld and get to checkout and take a screenshot and send it to them! I could have just checked out. But I did this crazy thing. Then they said OK, give us your order number (which you cant get without paying full price) or call this phone number.

I called the phone number and I was told to check out,and pay full price - $320 - and call back and they would organise a $72 refund? What??! Just TOO hard. I went back to Lensworld and checked out.

If you try Lensworld, checkout which health funds recognise them. Looks like BUPA don't.

5 week delivering delay and nothing coming through

Placed the order and received an email saying my order would be shipped 1 week later (because they had no stock obviously). Argh, no biggie right ? I was organised enough to allow for some delay. 3 days later, received another email saying my order will not be shipped before 5 weeks, is this the time for the boat to arrive from US ? Had to order from another supplier to get some contact lenses before I ran out.

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How can I claim from my private health insurance?
2 answers
Not really sure but they do provide you with a good receipt. Perhaps you can lodge thatWhen ordering you will see an option to elect to have a tax receipt emailed to you to submit to your health fund, and there's a drop down box listing them all. Even if you don't ask for the receipt you can get it later. I claim mine back from NIB with no problems.

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