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Hi I was not happy about the 1st treatment that they did to me in clinic. I still have 2 treatments and I'm so scared to use the products that they give it to me can I get a refund for my payment and give back the products and refund my money?
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Hi Khaye, We appreciate the time you had taken to message us and are sorry to hear you feel unhappy with your experience at the clinic. We normally do not provide refunds but do offer in store credit for the value of the treatments you had purchased - however we can have someone contact you to discuss this with you further. Can I please ask which clinic you had visited? We hope to hear from you soon! Kindest Regards, The Clear Skincare TeamThanks for the response. Why you didn't make a refund? Every customer have a rights to change their mind especially if the treatment is very painful with me and I think I can't go through again with the next treatment. I'm gonna see a dermatologist and check if the treatment is right for my skin. The clinic that I visited is in Adelaide, SA.Hi Khaye, We apologise for the delay in response! We completely understand your frustration and again are sorry to hear you found the treatment painful. So that I can assist you further and past your request for a refund on to the relevant clinic, can you please provide your full name or contact number that would be found on your client profile? We hope to hear from you soon! Kindest Regards, The Clear Skincare Team

If I’ve changed my mind on getting the treatment, would I get a full refund?
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Hi Joanne, We unfortunately do not provide refunds for change of mind and before purchasing treatments / packages with us we specify this in consent forms! We can provide in store credit at the value of the treatments / packages you have purchased with us that you can use toward either products, a different package, or other treatments. We hope this helps! Kindest Regards, The Clear Skincare Clinics Team

Hi, i was advised after my consultation at clrarskincare clinic to use smooth skin8% in the morning. Then the moisture+ cream in the evening. I was wondering can i use the smooth skin 8% in the evening with the moisture+cream? Will it work better since i wont be putting any make up in the evening? Thanks, Vee
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Hi Vee, Thank you for your message! It is best to use the Smooth Skin 8% in the morning as the active ingredients will continue to work on your skin throughout the day and to use Moisture + at night so the cream can moisturize your skin whilst you sleep. You can use Moisture + at any time of the day however if you would need some extra moisture before applying your makeup. We hope this helps! Kindest Regards, The Clear Skincare Clinics Team

How much it cost for teeth whitening?
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Hi Kheng, Please see the pricing for teeth whitening below. https://clearskincareclinics.com.au/body/ Kind Regards, The Clear Skincare Clinics Team

I have been told that the fractional resurfacing in Western Australia is not done with a laser. Is this correct? And if so what are they using here in WA and why is it not on your website?
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Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your enquiry! We apologise for the delay in response. Our Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatment uses the same method across all of our centres Australia wide. We use the Pixel RF machine that uses radio frequency technology. The Pixel Radiofrequency applicators deliver electromagnetic energy to the skin’s surface which creates micro-perforations in the skin to deliver a deep heat injury to the tissue resulting in new collagen formation with minimal downtime. We have a video on our website under the Anti-Ageing tab in the 'Skin Resurfacing' option which gives a visual on the hand piece and what it looks like when the treatment is performed. Our Dr Philippa McCaffery also gives a brief explanation of the treatment. We hope this answers your questions! Please let us know if you'd have any further queries. Kind Regards, Clear Skincare Clinics

how much sessions does it take to do Brazilian and underarms and is there something for pores and acne scars
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Hi Elly, Thank you for your question! Generally for laser hair removal we recommend having between 6-12 sessions, however we would suggest visiting a clinic to have a complementary consultation to discuss further and ensure your hair type is suitable for the treatment. We also have a wide variety of treatments to assist with enlarged pores and acne scarring. The best thing to do would be to visit a clinic and discuss a suitable treatment plan with one of our expert therapists. If you would like help booking in a consultation, or have any further questions please call us on 1300880922. Kind Regards, The Clear Skincare Clinics Team

Hi - What is the process regarding refunds where I decided to not go through with the procedure due to personal reasons. I enquired about the refund through the store and was told I would receive a call and I am still waiting for that call.
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Hi Gillian, We apologise that no one from the clinic has called you back regarding your enquiry, if you would like to send us a private message with your name, contact details & the clinic you attend, we can have someone get in touch in the next 24 hours. Kind Regards, The Clearskincare Clinics teamDid you get a refund?

Hi, i went to the website to see the pricing for laser hair removal ( underarms) and it states $9 for single price and $9 for super 5 pack. If i were to purchase the 5 pack does it mean that it incldues 5 sessions of laser hair removal and it would be $45 in total? Or is the pricing on the website inaccurate?
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Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your question! The Super 5 pack for underarms is $45.00! If you would like to make an appointment for your laser treatment you can book online or call your chosen clinic directly. Kind Regards, The Clearskincare Clinics team

Hello I am already going through a 5 pack of laser hair removal and was recommended to buy another 5 pack as my hair is quite course. I am going travelling soon and was wondering how long the 5pack has till its expired, as I don’t know when i’m coming home and don’t want to waste money. Please advise?
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Hi Sammy, Generally a 5 pack of laser hair removal treatments expires after 12 months, however if you advise the clinic you usually attend for treatment you are going away they are able to put the treatments on hold until you return. I hope that answers your question, if there is anything else we can help you with please feel free to call us on 1300880922. Kind Regards, The Clearskincare clinics team

Hi, just wondering how long a session would go for? More specifically, the peel and LED treatments.
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Hi Zoe, If you were to opt for both a peel and LED treatment you would be in the clinic between 25-30 minutes. Kind Regards, The Clearskincare clinics team

I brought a laser voucher and was wondering is it transferable between clinics in different locations but in the same state?
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Hi Bec, The vouchers are transferable between clinics, however a administration fee of $35.00 does apply upon requesting the transfer. Kind Regards, The Clearskincare clinics team

Hi would like to know do you offer Afterpay?
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Hi Mel, We do not offer Afterpay, but we do offer Zippay as a payment method! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

Hi I've seen a feedback remarks good and bad on Clear Skin Clinics has anyone tried the 3 products you use after the Gym Skin treatment and the Peel and LED treatments?
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Hello just wondering what qualifications your staff have that do the injectables? Are they nurses?
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Hi BecG, Our Injecting Staff are fully qualified Nurses and Doctors, so rest assured you are in safe hands when you come in for Injecting at our clinic! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

Anyone had Laser Pigmentation removal from Clear Skincare Clinics? After some feedback as I am a bit nervous before I try! https://clearskincareclinics.com.au/freckle-pigmentation-removal-pigment/
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Hi Marg, Thank you for submitting a question about our treatment. Our Laser Pigmentation Removal helps to even skin tone and maintain a glowing, clear complexion. You will find that immediately after the treatment the pigmentation treated will darken before fading and flaking off within 7-14 days. Heat bumps may appear in the treated area, but this will clear within 48hrs post treatment! This treatment is suited to those with redness and rosacea but is best suited for those with freckles, sun spots, or melasma. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call 1300 442 632 and one of our trained consultants will be able to advise further. Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics.

I prepaid some treatments for my daughter but she has since had reactions to the products and her GP has referred her to a Dermatologist. How do we obtain a refund?
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Hi Liz, Thank you for your question! The best thing for you to do would be to give us a call on 1300 880 922 so that we can discuss this further with you! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

Can I do my prepaid multi-session of treatment at another Clearskincare Clinic if I am not so happy with the original clinic that I was paying to? I've tried to reach client support by e-mail, but no response.
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Hi Annie, If you are wanting to transfer your pre-paid treatments to another clinic, you are definitely welcome to do so but it will incur a $35 transfer fee. To set this transfer up you can contact the clinic you have your pre-paid treatments at or you can call our Client Support Team on 1300 880 922. We look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

Hi, I was just wondering if I could get laser hair removal on my underarms and legs even if I have red lumps from shaving, scarring from plucking hairs with tweezers, and ingrown hairs. I just have a red lump on my underarm, which I think is from an ingrown hair (or shaving) and have ingrown hairs on my legs as I have thick skin. I’ve tried to get rid of them by plucking the ingrown hairs out but it’s just resulted in more ingrown hairs and scarring from trying to dig into my skin to get the ingrown hairs. I just wanted to see if I could laser my hairs away to get rid of this ingrown hair problem, Thanks :)
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Hi Kay, Yes! You can definitely get laser hair removal over those ingrown hairs & red bumps! Laser hair removal will actually assist with getting rid of these ingrown hairs & red bumps! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

Hi just wondering if you have payment plan options for your treatments? Specifically your acne treatments. Thanks
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Hi Emma, We have packages for our Acne treatments that save you money if you are able to purchase them up front rather then as you go, & for all transactions over $195 we offer Zip Pay as a payment option which allows you to pay off the amount weekly or monthly! We hope this was helpful! Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

can i use copper peptide right after skin extraction/ pricking?
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Hi Bong, Thank you for your question. It is best to wait 24 hours post treatment before applying the copper peptide serum. Kind Regards, The Team at Clearskincare Clinics

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