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Kerri A

Kerri ACentral Queensland, QLD

Disappointed in The new version of Aromatics Elixir


I have also worn Aromatics Elixir Parfum for 30 years, I spoke to the lady in Myers in Mackay that assured me that nothing has changed with the formula of the perfume and that it must be hormone changes in my body. I use to get people stop & ask me what I am wearing - not anymore & it is nothing like the original. Nice to know that it wasn't all in my head. I am looking for a new signature perfume, not having a lot of luck though.

New formula is a complete disaster


Totally agree with the previous comment. I also have been purchasing the perfume for at least 30 years. So disappointed with the product.. I feel customers should be advised when buying the perfume that it has changed. Unfortunately when I questioned the assistant THEY
HSD NO IDEA THAT IT HAD BEEN CHANGED. The reason I knew it had changed was that I contacted Clinque.



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It’s definitely not the same ...


I’ve been buying this fragrance for over 30 years. I just started using a new bottle and the smell is nothing like what it used to be. It smells like fly spray. I used it once and had to scrub it off my arm. It’s putrid. I called Clinique who confirmed it has changed. Clinique should not be allowed to change the formula of this fragrance and dupe customers into thinking it’s the same by still using the Aromatics Elixir name and packaging. It is false advertising. If you know and love this fragrance from years ago don’t buy it again. It’s totally different.

Asked my husband


Have been using AE for more than 30 years as the only perfume I had no reaction being asthmatic - my husband had noted my last bottle was different and on reviewing comments he appears to be correct.
What can we do and what other fragrance is there on the market that I can try?
Very disappointed and angry.

What have you done??????


What on earth have you done to the perfect Aromatics?
It’s NOTHING like it was, I’ve been wearing it for 30 years why would you change it?
Cost cutting I suppose like everything else!
I’m absolutely gutted as I’m sure thousands of other people are

Elixir all gone


I’ve been using Clinique Elixr since back in the 80’s and this new junk is not the elixir that I loved over all of the years. I won’t be buying it anymore. You can’t smell it when you spray it on...my favorite cologne, shame it is messed up.



Almost identical to Claire Burkes Original scent love it i spray it all over my house, on my pillow cases i can't get enough of it i will wear this fragrance forever

Smells changed for the worst


Used this perfume for years, so disappointed that it had to change, I used to get so many nice comments about what perfume I was wearing, so lets face it your profits have gone down it seems reading everyone else's comments we all feel the same, please bring this back.

Aromatics has definitely changed


I have worn aromatics for years. I was given a new bottle as a present. I sprayed it on and the smell was awful. Clothes smellèd disgusting. So bad I had to change blouse before going to work. So disappointed. Will not wear again. What a waste of money

Fraudulent dud perfume.


Fraudulent practice elixir perfume has falsely been sold to thousands of repeat customers without any word or warning of the change of ingredients. This sadly is flagrant fraud.. I am feeling exceptionally angry that a warning was not out on the perfume paper details, that would have given members of the public a decent warning which would have in turn stopped clients buying a dud perfume. This practice of selling a bottle of perfume that is not of the signature perfume is illegal. If elixir cannot be kept up to the original standards then it needs to be legally challenged if this deviation is not pointed out to the public.





I had noticed for the last few years that my beloved Clinique Aromatics, which I have used since it first arrived on the scene, just doesn't last or smell as good on me as it used to. I assumed, wrongly, that I had become so accustomed to it or my body chemistry changed. I guess Clinique operates on the assumption that if it isn't broken...break it.

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What a loss!



AngieMarket Harborough

Sad at the change


Contacted Clinique as the bottle I bought smelt "not right" and I was assured that the formula had not been changed. I had returned the perfume to John Lewis who refunded me. I love, (loved) this fragrance so took a chance and purchased a 2nd bottle. It was just as bad as the 1st. Needless to say I won't be buying a 3rd. I am sad to have lost one of my favourite perfumes.

Changed for the worst


Was a present as this is my favourite perfume. The smell is nothing like it was, thought it was a fake it smelled so bad. Why cheapen such a 5* product. Will not be buying either perfume or body lotion again after using 25 years. So disappointed.



So Disappointed


Have worn Aromatics Elixir for 40 years and its not the same, just purchased a new bottle and its bad, lost me as a customer if they don't change it back so sorry as I loved this perfume

Bad smell


I have used aromatics for many years I had lots of comments how lovely it was, not anymore it smells as if it has gone off! I have purchased bottles from different stores to see if they were different but all of them smell bad. So disappointed as this was such a lovely perfume will not buy anymore until it changes back!

You changed the scent!


The new scent is terrible. Want the old scent back! I loved the old scent! So did everyone else! The new scent fails! I returned the new bottles! Bad ugh

Change for the worse


I first noticed the change on someone else who said she was wearing aromatics. I thought there must be something wrong as I've been using aromatics for about 25 years and didn't recognize it on her. I was due to buy a new bottle so just to be on the safe side, I sprayed one wrist with the one I have and asked at the perfume counter for a sample spray on my other wrist for a comparison. Just as I thought, they were very different ... I didn't like the awful new formula at all so needless to say won't be buying any more. I'm devastated to lose my favourite perfume and about to try some copys of it that may have a better chance of smelling like the original than the new formula. Goodbye Clinique !


DianeSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Where is the original Clinique?????????????????????


Have returned 2 bottles as they are completely different to the original Clinique that I have used for many years, I always got plenty of comments about my beautiful perfume & it would last all day. I don’t know what you have done to change things but it now smells disgusting. I read all the other reviews so I am not the only one with the problem, you must be losing so many customers. The sales assistant tried to tell me that it was a hormone change in my body that changed the smell, RUBBISH.Diane.


KIMBAPendle Hill

Scent has changed


Like many reviews l have read l thought my bottle of clinique aromatics had gone bad in store but after buying another l realise this signature scent has been changed. I now have two 100ml bottles that smell vile. This is so disappointing as this has been my favourite scent for many years. Time to change to another brand.

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Sue Taylor

Sue Taylorasked

I, too, have noticed the change in the perfume Aromatics Elixir. The perfume does not last as long and I have to use much much more to retain any kind of smell. Please please, will you be reverting to the original formula? I THINK but do not know, if it was the oakmoss which has been omitted. I no longer get compliments on the fragrance and will not be buying any more until I am sure the original formula has been restored. Many thanks.

No answers



Will your company be remaking this once most beautiful perfume in the old formula again.

No answers



Is there a chance that the original fragrance will be restored? And if so, when? Will not purchase again.. so sad... Loved this perfume.

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