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Agree about change in scent!!!


It's not the same.


I have been wearing this perfume for years also and I loved the way you could still smell it hours later and on your clothes days later. I can even smell it in the morning when I get into my car. But I have just brought a new bottle and it's not the same. It seems like a lighter smell and the old one had a slightly oily feel on the skin which I think added to the lasting power. Why did it change? If it's a price thing I would be happy to pay extra to get the old formula.

Louise Purvis

Louise PurvisBrisbane, Queensland

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Love It


I've worn this fragrance for years and get comments all the time. It IS a bit unusual but I think that's part of the appeal, I can't warm to those sickly sweet flowery scents. A guy in his 70's told me that it smells like something that was in the old fashioned shaving balm they used to use in barber shops. Maybe that's why men like it! The body smoother cream lasts for ages and you only need to use a tiny bit. Good value for money.

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Missing perfume in the perfume bottle


I agree. I bought some perfume recently and noticed that the perfume didn't last any more than 15 minutes. It used to linger on my clothes and body for hours, and brought many compliments and enquiries as to "What is that lovely perfume?" Dear Clinique company , I used to be a walking advertisement for you. Pleas return the missing perfume to the bottle.

Sue P

Sue PMelbourne

  • 9 reviews

Change in fragrance/?


I have loved this fragrance for many years however I've noticed a change in the product recently and am wondering is it just me or has anyone else noticed the same. Initially I was concerned that perhaps I'd copped a 'copy' even though I'd purchased it from and Australian on line Pharmacy, however I went to Myer and was given a small sample to compare them both and the sample is the same. It used to be that after having worn the fragrance I could still smell the beautiful scent on my clothes when I went to wash them however now find it actually seems a different scent and doesn't seem to last as long. As i am 64 I thought perhaps my body had changed with age however spraying both bottles on to sample swabs they are the same.


TangyNSW, 2035

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queenofshebaSouth East Queensland, QLD

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I have worn only this fragrance for over 16 years. It would be a rare week if someone didn't stop me and ask me what I was wearing (in a good way!)Male, female, young, old. The Body Smoother (creme) draws the most comments. I am proud to call this my signature scent.
not popular
average packaging

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Have worn this for many, many years and it's the only perfume that I am asked what it is........... strangers in the street to shop assistants...... never felt it's too strong though, guess I'm used to it


MotherMoonWA, 6210

  • 455 reviews



Love at first sniff!! What a beautiful essence in a bottle... a woodsy, earthy and romantic aldehyde. Makes you feel like a fairy tale princess, just stepping out of the magical forest. This is captivating, classy and completely unique. I receive compliments every time I wear this gorgeous perfume, and cannot go more than a few days without putting some on. Addictive, with a sultry drydown. Lovely and lovelier throughout the day. Sherwood forest in a glass bottle! I would wear this as casual wear, but we are all different, I just love the smell of it and wear it when I want to.
Its sensual, its evocative and it is intruiging.
Nothing at all.



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I like this prodcut. I first used it when I borrowed it from a friend. It grew on me the longer I wore it. Atr first application it smeels almost industrial and you wonder what you have put on. It soon warms and interacts with your skin so it smells quite unique on each dofferent wearer. I like this. It is not something I wear everyday but over the years, I have purchased and enjoyed it may times
Oldie but a goodie. This has been around for a long time. Simple packaging and high qukaity ingredients mean this fragrance lasts for ages on the skin.
A bit harsh when first applied. It soon warms to your skin.

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memengNot Australia nor New Zealand

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It's a classic that's different from others around. The herbal-like aromatherapy scent is invigorating, mysterious, and warm at the same time. The perfume smells can be too heady in hot days, so I prefer the Eau de Toilette instead.
Unique scent, long lasting.
The perfume can be too overpowering.



A little dab is all you need. Has been around for years and fragrance never changes. Pretty overpowering during the day. Perfect for night use. The body wash and body cream are lovely in the same fragrance.
Slightly exotic and has a very different fragrance. Woody.Slightly floral. Hard to describe.


ollieohVIC, 3350

  • 77 reviews



I had this given to me and I only worn it couple of times as it just wasn't me. I'm only 30 and I find this to be for older women as it has a quite strong, flowery aromtatic smell. It can be a bit overpowering if you're not careful when spraying it.
I've smelled it on other people to and it just doesn't do it for me. I guess I'm just not into the aromatic smell. I'm also a person that doesn't like the smell of incense.
It's a unique perfume
Too aromatic and overpowering



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I was given this as a present and i was delighted to find that it is such a great product - when the bottle runs out i will even buy myself another one.
I really love the fact that this is such an individual product and that it seems to smell a little different on each person who wears it. I also like the fact that a small amount of this scent goes such a very long way and lasts for ages - perhaps this helps to make up for the cost
it is a bit too expensive for such a tiny bottle

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Questions & Answers

Leonie C.

Leonie C.asked

Please brin6gthe original formula back for Aromatics Elixir. I have used the perfume for as long as I can remember. We need it in our lives.

2 answers

Yes,please do. What I purchased was not the original formula. It seemed watered down....didn't last...needed to replenish too often


Wholly agree

Sue Taylor

Sue Taylorasked

I, too, have noticed the change in the perfume Aromatics Elixir. The perfume does not last as long and I have to use much much more to retain any kind of smell. Please please, will you be reverting to the original formula? I THINK but do not know, if it was the oakmoss which has been omitted. I no longer get compliments on the fragrance and will not be buying any more until I am sure the original formula has been restored. Many thanks.

No answers


Will your company be remaking this once most beautiful perfume in the old formula again.

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