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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

3.3 from 32 reviews

Terrible cream

I used this for the first time and my eyes started smarting and I tried again using it a few days later but same thing happened. Gave up and just use it up now as hand cream. The worst experience of a moisturizer I have ever had.

Red and swollen face after used 2 times

Bought May 3rd 2018 used 2 times. Face red and swollen. Used cleansing bar first as directed and then applied Frantically different lotion. Face became red and swollen and itchy. Discontinued took back to place of purchase. They were not going to refund but give me another product in exchange. I declined and they finally have me a gift card for the store that I had to use immediately so I stocked up on my previous products I used for past 50 yrs and cashier very rude and said it was terrible that I use that on my face. I said it has worked for 50 yrs and I should not have deviated. I will continue my old regimen and never use Clinque products again.

Good for Dry Combination Skin

I find it good for dry combination skin. though it is not suitable for oily skin. I am in late 20 and has a very dry t-zone area. I tried other moisturizer but this suits me best. Though it left little oily-ness on the skin. but work fine for me.

Not worth the price

I have sensitive skin and my friend recommended this to me years ago claiming it to be fragrance free, alcohol free and the most gentle moisturiser ever existed. I tried some on my facial skin, it felt greasy and sticky. It wasn't long until my face turns pink and I felt like it has to be washed off.

The entire time I had it on my face it felt like I had one of those lubricant oil for cars applied over my face. Not a great feeling at all.

Would not recommend this product, not at all hydrating. perhaps Ok as an occlusive moisturiser.

Use this for an oil slick on your face

I decided to try this instead of my usual Dermalogica. I have mature skin -in my 50's but a normal complexion. After 2 days of use I had broken out like a spotty teenager. This stuff is greasy but doesn't seem to absorb into the skin and feels like your pores are suffocating. The smell is terrible - like a cross between car fumes and fresh tar.
Two of the top 4 ingredients are mineral oil and petrolatum. Yes indeed = you are putting by-products of the petroleum industry on your face ! It explains the smell.
Just to make it worse - this formula is so outdated - it has no sunscreen, or vitamins, minerals, no hydration boosting ingredients. It needs to be made extinct, mine went straight in the bin - I would not even use it as a body moisturiser

Bring Back The Original

I used the original lotion for nearly 30 years with no issues, loved it! This new one makes my face itchy and my eyes sting. So disappointing. I have to trawl the internet for the original and struggling to find any now.

Wouldn't use it at summer

Got gifted this for my bday and only started using it recently because when I tried it the first time it felt like my skin couldn't breathe & my skin was greasy all day! I thought using it during winter would help since the cold weather's been hell on my skin and I was right! Helped with the chapped skin. Still, wouldn't use it in warmer weather lol

Good moisturiser without all the bells and whistles

I just turned 40 and I still have skin that is prone to breaking out from a lot of moisturisers. This is a great basic moisturiser that keeps my skin looking and feeling good and goes well under foundation. All of the fancy anti aging creams just irritate and breakout my skin, this moisturiser just keeps it soft and supple without all of the bells and whistles that I don't think are needed.

Broke me out!

I never use mosituriser and I never break out. I decided to use this lotion one night as a friend had recommended it to me and the next morning I was seemingly transported back into the greasy acne ridden teen phase.


Broke my skin out!! I have never seen my skin react this way to a product. I loved the 3 step Clinique products but i will not be using them ever again!

Not the best for me

Overpriced and gooey. It takes ages to feel that it's really penetrated the skin. Not a product I would buy again. It's very small in size, though admittedly you don't need to use a great deal either.

Good product, but lacking SPF

I've used this product for years and I've always been very happy with it. It gives the right amount of moisture and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. It absorbs fast. Makeup goes on well over the top. Pump bottle makes for easy application. It's a good all-round daytime moisturiser (I've recently switched at night to using a more intensive night cream), however, I really wish it had some SPF to give a little protection from the harsh Australian sun.

The Must Have Daily Moisturiser

I've been using Clinique dramatically different moisturiser for many years and truly love the product. It's light and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Good moisturising but..

This a really good moisturising cream, and i did notice a definite difference in appearance of my dry skin after several days. However it is very greasy… and for this reason i stopped using it. It is ok to use at night (if you don't mind the greasiness on your face or pillow) but i wouldn't use this as a day cream as it is too oily and it doesn't have SPF anyway.

This is perfect ! Can't live without it.

Such a great moisturiser for summer or winter. Glides on lightly but still very nourishing. Make-up can be applied straight after with no greasiness what so ever. Being able to get this from Cosmetics Now is such a bonus, as the price is always great. The prompt service and delivery, is fantastic.

Not for me

I love Clinique and most of their products, I use their soap, mascara, lipstick, foundation and clarifying lotion but I hate this product it makes my skin so oily! I have combination skin and after I use this moisturiser at night I wake up in the morning with oily pimply skin! But my friend adores it! I guess it depends on ur skin - personal I prefer Estée Lauder hydra moisturiser
Causes breakouts

I didn't like this

I have combination skin and have given this a try a few times over the years. Each time I am disappointed. This just seems to sit on top of my skin and not really absorb or do anything. It is mild and fine for me to use but I just don't like it. Clinique make some great moisturisers but this is just not one of them!
Fine for sensitive, dry skin
Won't suit skin unless it's very dry

More suited to dry dry dry skin

I am 25 and my skin gets small blemishes year round, can be a little oily in Summer but gets quite dry in Winter. I was "diagnosed" as skin type 2 (dry combination) so I purchased a trial skincare pack which had the mild liquid facial soap, type 2 toner and the DDML. I figured Winter would be a great time to try this moisturiser (I would never consider use this in Summer), but I found it to be a bit heavy on my face and broke out the first time I used it and haven't used it on my face since. I could have tried the gel formula but I chose not to just in case. I now use the lighter Anti Blemish moisturiser, but I use DDML on my neck over the AB moisturiser and I have found that the lines/creases on my neck are not as deep. My neck doesn't feel greasy or sweaty after it soaks in. I was always one of those people that cleansed/toned/moisturised my face and forgot my neck and I'm noticing a difference there, however I won't use this on my face again in the near future. I would only recommend this to people with dry or normal skin that doesn't break out as it is deeply moisturising. Unfortunately I can't comment on the gel formula.
Highly moisturising, soaks in without leaving a greasy residue on your skin, a little goes a long way
Not recommended for skin that is even slightly oily


I would choose DDML everytime. I always ask for it for birthdays etc from hubby; even if I do have to pay full price I don't mind too much because I see it as an investment in the future of my skin. I am often told that I have great skin, I give most credit to DDML.
DDML is an amazing product. It feels silky-smooth, almost like warm butter and makes me feel as though I'm nurturing my skin rather than just 'putting on moisturiser'.
It is more expensive than a lot of other products - but this product is not similar in what it offers.


i just keep going back to this moisturiser and clinique in general. It is very gentle on my skin and doesnt irritate it at all. It caters for all skin types, doesnt make my skin any more oily, also balances the oil. Will make my skin tone look more even and smoother over time. Doesnt make my face feel sticky and hot in summer.
This moisturiser is fabulous, i have noticed a difference in my skin after one week of using it, i only need one pump to spread around my face so it will last ages!
little bit pricing

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Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
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Skin TypeDry and Combination
Day/Night UsageDay
Release dateApr 2009

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