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Clinique Happy To Be

Clinique Happy To Be

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I got a sample of it years ago and it's still half full. I can't put my finger on it but it just STINKS! Smells like toilet spray with lollies.

Cheap looking bottle and boring design as well.

Never did like it and can't even give the sample away because no-one i know likes it either. It's been around for years so someone must like it or they just keeping giving them away as samples?

Clinique should stick to skin care products and leave the perfume products to the professionals.
none for me
Hard to find, stinks like toilet spray, boring bottle


i love this one, i love the unique container too. this one is my favourite of the clinique series as it gives you a fresh nice fragrant without being too overpowering. it really is a boost to start your day, you can walk out confidently. all my friends complimented me when i wear this. but definitely not a night time perfume as it is very light
i love this perfume! its scent is so fresh and lively, really make your day! this one smells much better than the first on the range 'clinique happy'
a bit pricey if you want to wear it as everyday fragrance

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