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Gumption Multi Purpose Cleanser

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Simon J.

Simon J.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews



Gumption is an ABRASIVE and will DULL the Surface of Engineered Stone Benchtops ----- DON'T USE on Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz etc

There is only one way to repair the Damage.... and about $550.00 to do so

Will make the Stone Benchtop DULL, Harder to Keep Clean, and More Prone to Staining....


dp29Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 15 reviews

Excellent for cleaning kitchen


Tried many expensive cleaning agents but nothing worked, Gumption worked like magic. Perfect for cleaning stone bench top, sink, kitchen tiles and grouting. The instruction on the box said to make a paste but i applied it straight from the box as the stains on the stone bench top were very stubborn. All stains and marks came off in one application and it looks new now.

Barbara C

Barbara CVictor Harbor

Fantastic for glass top electric stove


I boiled over some jam leaving burnt stains on stove tried my usual cleaner but a lot of marks were left. My son suggested I try Gumption, WOW all marks gone & my stainless steel sink gleams as when it was new.
Can not give enough praise to Gumption.

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lucysredshoesGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 5 reviews

the best all purpose cleaner ever!


I love this product, I use it for so many things especially when doing vacate cleans.
It is my go to cleaner for everything!


BBWE16Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 7 reviews

I love this stuff


I use it for so much! Stainless steel, sinks, fibreglass, bench tops, tiles and grout (not stone), and I got thick old grime off my shower glass doors with gumption :) you just need a little elbow grease and a good non scratch souring sponge to get it nice and clear.

Barry T

Barry T

  • 3 reviews

Gumption all purpose cleaner


I have used this product as all purpose cleaner,brought older cooking pots back to looking new. Outdoor ceramic tiled bench near BBQ, which is under a large tree back to looking as if they were brand new. Any small jobs around the house, read the label on what is good for and I found it very easy to use.

  • Verified purchase

It is perfect in every way!


Cleans everything!! And it does it with ease! Never going back to the regular stuff that struggles to be consistent



  • 2 reviews

Works when everything else doesn't!


Great product


I had some red wine stains on a stone kitchen bench top and was so happy when Gumption got it out! Great for kitchen benches.. DON'T use it on walls as previous reviewer suggested, it rubs away the smooth surface of the paint!! Especially if you have gloss paint.

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I use nothing else now bit Gumption.


I kept hearing about this product called Gumption so finally decided to buy and try. Amazing cleans just about everything even things I could not get clean before. Will alway keep Gumption in my house.



I work in a child care centre and we use this for everything, cleaning texta, crayon marks off floors walls and furnture.

Stainless Steel Sinks


Being a commercial cleaner, we stumbled across a unit that was cleaned by another cleaner. Some cleaners just don't know. They used bleach to clean the sinks, obviously in reaching distance after cleaning the bathroom. It made the sink discolour and look old. Using this stuff made the sink look brand new!

not sharp

not sharp

  • 4 reviews

gumption multi purpose cleaner


the best stuff ever and this is one product I've never heard a bad review about not like Sharp latest 990 model convection microwave oven. I even use it for model train wheels to clean them and they come out like new, unbelievable, you can clean anything and especially stains they just disappear
nothing at all, its just magic



Used in the bathrom and kitchen for years but now i have a new use


NeddySSydney, NSW

  • 14 reviews

I don't know what is in it but it works.


My mother (would be 101 today if she was alive) used it and I followed her lead.

I don't know what is in Gumption, but I suspect there is a bleach or something similar. It is great for cleaning all sorts of things, especially when there is a bit of staining. I had some terrible Ikea bench tops one time that were forever getting marked and stained, and Gumption always fixed them. One container lasts 5 to 10 years for me so it is very economical. It also seems to be a fairly mild abrasive.

Good for odd cleaning jobs like leather upholstery (purists would object though, I am sure).
Great cleaner, removes stains that others don't.

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Completely agree with the 5 star ratings and peoples raves about what it cleans. I will add it also cleans urine stains off white toilet seats (thanks to toddlers)!

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Melbourne_3000Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 62 reviews

A must have cleaning product


The perfect multipurpose cleaning product, many people still do not know about Gumption.
It is an old product and a must have in every home.
No where near as toxic as many other cleaning products.
Love using this on the stainless steel sink, bathroom sink and shower, great for marks on walls.
*Slightly abrasive so do not use on some surfaces like two pack kitchen cupboards and varnished wooden floors.
It works!... Versatile, long lasting tub.
Does not seem to come on special at the supermarket.

I swear by it! Don't ever stop making it!


My mum introduced me to Gumption years ago and I have never looked back. Amazingly, no "elbow grease" required. You know that thick greasy grime around the stove and extraction hood? GONE! Long term soap marks on the shower screen? Gently smear it over and let it sit for a while and rinse it and the marks away! Greasy BBQ? Not a problem! And those impossible stains like turmeric, pollen, red wine - a gentle rub and the kitchen bench is white again!

So old-fashioned looking - I'm worried it won't be around for much longer, so when my stock runs out I buy six more tubs! Long live Gumption! With a bit of luck my kids will be raving to their kids about it too!
Great smell, reliable, not toxic or damaging to skin


IsabellaGold Coast, Queensland

  • 2 reviews

Gumption for mirrors and windows!


I tried everything to clean what we thought was a damaged mirror in the bathroom. My husband wipes it with his hand when it is steamy leaving a swathe of film across the middle. I even scrubbed with other cleaning products including stainless steel soap pads to no avail. A good scrub with gumption left it sparkling like new. I noticed windows acquire build up to and with a bit of elbow work and gumption the results are amazing!
It works!


reviewingforyouHunter Region, NSW

  • 10 reviews

Best thing in the history of ever!


Lasts forever! It cleaned rust stains off my white sink, red hair dye off my white tub, pink house paint off my tiles floor tub and sink, pot scuffs in my white cupboards, i use it on a mop to clean oil stains off my kitchen wall from cooking. Doesn't scratch. You do not need gloves it really isn't strong at all unless u have a super sensitive nose/skin.

Shines stainless steel pots up like new, in fact anything silver/stainless steel. Use it on your cups and plates to get out coffee stains and counters to get out betroot coffee or curry stains. Put some on a toothbrush for in between your tiles. To avoid a cloudy residue make sure you wipe your bench after with a damp cloth. It really is the best.

An oldy but a goody!


Gumption has been around for years. I have been promoting it to my friends, family & work collegues. Just a little cleans a lot. Iclean everything with it. Those hard to shift stains & marks are gone. It can leave a residue, which can be removed with some vinegar on a cloth.


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Questions & Answers

niyathi s.

niyathi s.asked

Can I use this to clean my Essastone Benchtop which has some old aged strains. Will it affect the stone ?

1 answer

Hi Niyathi,
I shouldn’t say yes, because gumption damaged my vinyl flooring. I asked people at Bunnings and they said that gumption is not recommended to use in any stone tables/floor.
Good luck’ Ana

Jim H

Jim Hasked

Is Gumption safe to use on golf cart perspex windscreens

2 answers

I've never used it on Perspex! The trick with Gumption is to always wet the area you wish to clean first, then use a wet cloth with a small amount of Gumption on it, like a 'smear' and apply gentle force BUT I'd imagine Perspex is easy to scratch, so remember Gumption IS abrasive, albeit a very fine abrasive. Perhaps try a VERY small section first but if in doubt, don't!

Jim H
Jim H

Thank you for your prompt advice.

Jilda L.

Jilda L.asked

Can you use this on Marble tile to clean the grout without damaging the marble?

1 answer

I've not used Gumption on marble but I have used it on glass and stone benchtops, what I do is Wet the surface I'm cleaning first then use a wet cloth (paper towel) then apply some Gumption and use light to moderate pressure. I'd imagine marble tiles are pretty tough. Just Do Not use a scourer pad as Gumption is already a very fine abrasive. Ive even used gumption on a glass splashback to remove grease, the trick is, wet the surface you're cleaning first.

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