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Best Christmas present

My straightener was given to me as a present. I have long hair below my shoulders so straighters are something I use a lot. I found after using the GHD it gave it a nice finish and less frizz. I really love the clips I got with mine to help sectioning the hair.

Excellent for thick hair or people with a lot of hair

Love this product I have a thick head of hair shoulder length and I can straighten in 15 mins . easy heats up fast, peole compliment and comment my hair is swishy and healthy. a good buy !

That’s gorgeous

I am overall very happy with this produce as it is so easy to use
You only have to reheat your thing(so fast) and put it on your hair. That’s it!
And it will not snag on your hair:))

cant live without it with long hair

i was extremely happy with my end result after i started using it. its takes less then a minute to warm up. i first bought it because i had really long hair needed something quickly easy to use. i found the cloud nine wide iron really good to use when you are in a rush and have very long hair. worth spending your money on.


i was extremely happy with the end result. very easy to use and glides through the hair smoothly. takes less then a minute to warm up. defiantly worth the cost.

Love it!

Absolutely amazing. It is fast and really smooth. My hair feels better after it. I dont put it on full heat as I will frazzle my hair but Its better than my GHD

Great for long coarse and unruly hair

I bought the cloud nine wide plate when my hair was long to cut some time from my routine.
Perfect for my hair which is coarse and curly/wavy. I would even say it was better than the GHDs i have owned.
Ended up cutting my hair and gave to my daughter.. wish i didn't now cause ive grown it out again.
Wont make that mistake again!! Loved this straightener. Not good for making curls though, straightening only :)

Good looking

I am overall happy with this product! It is so easy to use! All you have to do is to heat it while your brushing your teeth then it is ready to you the next minute

Best Hair Straightener

Easy to use, perfect temperature and works without repetition. My hair remains straight and feels a lot healthier (no burning smells). I seriously wouldn't use anything else on my hair anymore.


Would recommend!! This is such an amazing hair straightener! It perfectly straighteners your hair and my sister and I have different hair types but it still works perfectly! Love it

Perfect love this item

This product is amazing and works perfectly for my thick hair. Would and do highly reccomend to anyone looking fora great hair straightener. Also quick postage from the company I purchased from was a bonus.

Best straightner ive owned!

Used to use GHD but once they sold to another company the quality went down fast, the Cloud 9 straightners are designed by the original GHD creators, the paddle is amazing for my thick curly hair, leaves it feeling soft and silky.

The first one i purchased a few years ago had a slight issue and the company replaced it with a new straightner no questions asked, reallygreat customer service!

Best straightener I’ve owned

I love this straightener, it leaves my hair shiny and soft. The iron heats up fast and the lights signalling the temperature are a nice touch. One of the best things about this straightener it’s the temperature control feature, for example when I do the majority of my hair I use a high temperature but when straightening baby hairs around my face I will use a low temperature. Love this straightener I would definately recommend!

Finally straight hair

I have frizzy and thick hair no straighter can usually tackle it, this straightener doesn’t snag like many, it heats up quickly and the wide plates tackle my thick hair with ease.


I love this straightener! Going to a wider plate was definitely a good option, it cuts the time it takes to straighten my hair down from an hour to 30 minutes. I really do love this product.

L O V E ! !

I was extremely hesitant to change from a GHD but I am so glad I did! The cloud nine wide iron straightens my hair so beautifully and it's done within 5 minutes. I hope it is going to be a good investment as I have only had it for a month but so far so good

Absolutely AMAZING!

I love my cloud nine, I literally can't live without it, coming from an italian background having thick curly hair the cloud nine wide iron makes my hair look like its been done by a professional, it also makes my GHD look pretty average in comparison. The heat settings are great as one can make the iron as hot as they like I use the hottest setting when straightening my hair and to re-straighten the next day I use a less hot setting. Fabulous can't beat it. Highly recommend.

Easy to use and great results

The cloud nine wide straightener is super easy to use, has adjustable heat settings and has great results.

I have long curly hair, and after a quick blow dry I can straighten my hair dead straight and with only the occasional touch ups, can last for up to a week.

No hair snagging or issues.

It heats up within a couple of mins. Is definitely an upgrade from my GHD straightener I had previously.

It's great!

I bought a stylist pack, it's great. I love the wide iron as I have super thick hair, and it's hard to manage. If I don't have time to blow dry it I use the wide iron to straighten it. I don't even need it on the highest temperature. The only thing I don't really like is the waves/curls it does and I guess it's because it's the wide iron. It's salon quality and only hairdressers can purchase it or if it's for sale in salons. Comes with a warranty you just need to provide proof of purchase.

Great results!

I bought the Cloud Nine wide iron due to ongoing problems with my GHD platinum iron. I am so happy I did as the results are excellent, pretty much as good as if I get my hair done at the salon. The wide irons are great as I can do more hair at once which speeds up the whole process. I also don't have to go over the same bits of hair multiple times as I did with my GHDs. Overall, I'm very happy but am hoping that the curse of the flashing red light, beeping and failure to heat up does not hit me with the Cloud Nines.

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my cloud 9 hair straightners just keep beeping fast and not heating up what it the problem?
2 answers
Hi Dawn, How long have you had the straightener? I have not had that problem with mine I turn it on and press the button to make sure the green light goes to the top and then it beeps that it is ready! I would take it back to where you bought it and see if it still under warranty! I am sorry I cannot be more helpful SallyanneHi Dawn, mine has never done this, so I haven't an answer for you. I would maybe try pushing the Hi/Lo button. But I think it best to return and ask the supplier. Sorry I am not more helpful. Good luck with this. Mel

How long will the cloud nine keep for me
4 answers
Not sure. I've had mine for nearly a year now and it has not skipped a beat. Still very happy. Make sure to buy a heat spray for your hair though as I have found that it can dry your hair out a little. Hope this helped :-)All flat irons will dry your hair out but a lot less than blow drying I have been straightening my hair for 40years and have purchased a Cloud 9 and so far this has been the best product I have used and it makes my hair feel incredibly soft and silky but I also use very good quality hair straightening products for John Freida all their products work so well with the straightener! Hope this help you!My Cloud 9 only lasted 2 years which was disappointing, especially as I paid $300. I am not a heavy user either, I sometimes go 1-2 months without straightening. At first it worked really well, made my thick curls dead straight and shiney. One day I went to use it, plugged it in and it started constantly beeping and flashing. However, I have a theory that all straighteners have a max life span of 2-3 years, conviniently just after the warranty has finished. In the past, I've had 2 GHDs and both died after the same time frame. I bought a cheaper branded straightner (Diva) and that also didn't last. In my opinion, it works well just be prepared to buy a new one in 2 or so years.


Wide Iron
Price (RRP) $330
Heat Settings3
Max Temperature200°C
Release dateOct 2011

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN14: 08809254800471

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