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Earthshakingly Poor

Red Dog

Red DogPerth

  • 3 reviews

This what I Love Coke Zero only the best.


I have been drinking Coke Zero for a long time now I love it, Tried the new one hate it literally makes me sick! once Zero runs out that’s the end of coke for me will change for sure..


GrumpybumAdelaide, SA

Coke: No Sugar = No Flavour


I don't get it, Are all the positive reviews paid for? Maybe my taste buds are all screwed up, but for me Coke No Sugar is the least satisfying diet drink I've had. Carbonated (sparkling) water has more of a taste experience. I'll definitely stick to Pepsi max now.

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  • 3 reviews

Coke Zero, why was it replaced with No Sugar Coke?


Why was Coke Zero replaced with No Sugar Coke? In my opinion it tasted great for a drink that contained no sugar. Far superior to Diet Coke. Coke Zero wasn't 'broken' so it should have been left on the market so the loyal consumers had a choice. No Sugar Coke it just helping me to give up drinking Coke!

Coke NO SUGAR is horrible COKE ZERO was great - what happened


I am suspicious because why would they remove Coke Zero without consultation with it's drinkers. Coke No Sugar goes flat after the first drink and it tastes horrible, it actually gives me a headache. Cannot understand why they didn't introduce it separately. I've been drinking coke zero for so long, years and years and now I think I will stop altogether drinking coke at all.
I'm suspicious because I'm thinking they must have a reason for doing this, was there something found in coke zero to be not fit for human consumption?
Anyone know where there is some old stock coke zero around as I will drive far to get it instead of this foul tasting coke no sugar.


CharlieSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Coke Zero Great; Coke No Sugar Awful


I am not sure which Australians Coca-Cola used when taste testing Coke No Sugar, but I am pretty sure they did not ask Coke Zero consumers. They even proclaim “Australia has chosen”, lol what idiots?!

No one I know, likes the new Coke No Sugar. It’s absolutely awful, its tastes like Diet Coke and earth.

I guess though, Coca-Cola is doing me a favour and I will finally stop drinking soft drinks.

It used to be good. Something changed.


When Coke Zero first came out, it was delicious. I drink 2 cans of zero sugar cola every day and buy cans for home, in cartons of 24. Something changed. Every second carton that I bought seemed to have less cola taste. It became a bit of a gamble and a family joke. Once the first can was sampled it would be declared "All good" or "Brown water!" (i.e. no cola taste at all). After a year or so of 'taking the gamble' I switched to Pepsi Max. Some service stations don't stock Pepsi Max, so Coke Zero is our only choice. Even now, when travelling, we crack a can and either declare it "All good! " or "Brown fizzy water!" Just wondering how an international brand can be do inconsistent?

Coke Zero is great but Coke No sugar is awful.


I have been drinking 1-2 cans of Coke Zero a day for as long as its been around. I like it's taste, I've tried Coke No Sugar a couple of times and stopped drinking it after a few sips. It tastes terrible and it goes flat very quickly. I will not be drinking Coke No Sugar again and when Coke Zero finally exits the shelves I won't be buying any other Coca Cola products either.



why did they change coke zero...now it taste flat ....what the heck, this will not go well with consumers...we want what we want you gave us a great product then ruined it...i will not waste money on this garbage..

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Coke Zero Was Great Coke No Sugar Big Mistake!


The new Coke No Sugar is garbage. If I want water I will drink it out of the tap. No Taste No Fizz. Not a fan of Pepsi Max but that is the best alternative. Big Mistake Coke.

Not. The Coke you are looking for!


I will take the perfectly effervescent miracle that is and always will be Coke classic. Regular coke is perfect. This new coke gives the smallest incling of coke, although watered down, but only for a second. The lingering sweetness is far from pleasant, and I am looking for something, anything to get rid of the sweetened fake tasting aspercrap that stays to remind you NOT to ever drink this again!! Next!


AndyMcSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Coke No Sugar. Big Mistake - Bring Back Coke Zero


I have been drinking 3-4 cans of Coke Zero a week for as long as its been around; I like the taste. I've tried Coke No Sugar twice now. Both times I stopped drinking after few sips; it tastes terrible and the after taste just lingers. As others have noted; it also goes flat very quickly.

I won't be drinking Coke No Sugar again and when Coke Zero finally exits the shelves I won't be buying any other Coca Cola products either.

Would gladly give Coke No Sugar a zero rating if possible; it's as big a mistake as 'New Coke'.



Why ruin a good thing?


I have no problem with a company bringing out a new product. But why replace something you already have that tastes great? Just market the product as something new while keeping regular Coke Zero. Pepsi does this all the time and that makes new products more exciting. Every time Pepsi comes out with a new Mt. Dew, I'm all over it and love trying the new flavors...but they don't get rid of their existing Mt. Dew to do it. How can Coke make the same mistake they made with "New Coke"?



  • 3 reviews

Coke no sugar


I have never complained about a product or manufacturer until now. I buy a case of coke zero every week and now it is becoming rarer and rarer. Coke No sugar is the worst move Coke has made since new coke. I would rather drink any other product on the market. Coke Zero is my favorite and at work and with friends its unavailability is now a topic for conversation. I won't be buying coke no sugar as it is vile. Pepsi Max is my next choice goodbye coke it's been a good 50year run with me.



What happened with old taste?


I really do love my coke zero, and I usually drink a few cans a day.
Today I purchased 4-pack new improved taste...and i was shocked. It tasted so off. It tasted like those cheap pub coke mixers. It tastes like normal coke diluted in water. It literally made it impossible to drink.
I am not a big fan of diet coke, but even a diet coke would taste better.
I have no idea why they ruined the flavour.


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Goes Flat Within Minutes


After a few cases of the new version, my husband and I can't bring ourselves to purchase Coke Zero anymore. As loyalists to the original formula, we assumed we had just bought a bad batch of the new Coke Zero Sugar. After buying three cases each from a different store, it's all the same. Unless you drink it within 15 minutes, it goes flat so ridiculously quickly! We won't be purchasing again, which is very disappointing.



  • 2 reviews

This ends soft drink consumption for me.


Lets face it, soft drinks whether diet or full sugar are not good for you. I cant believe Coke Zero is being replaced. I adore this product and hate the new Coke No Sugar. Once Coke Zero finally disappears from our stores I will probably just go back to water (and it wont be Mount Franklin which is owned by those make Coke products).

Not Happy Jan

Not Happy JanQueanbeyan

  • 4 reviews

Coke No Sugar, that's a zero!


I can not believe that the Coca-Cola company is not listening to their customers where the new Coke No Sugar is concerned. No one seems to like it, everyone wants Coke Zero and yet they are no longer making it. I am yet another customer Coca-Cola has lost. I loved my Coke Zero and drank more of it than I really should have, they have made a lot of money from me and my family over the years but no more. Coke No Sugar is truly disgusting, that after taste lingers and not in a good way! And seriously, who likes their soft drink flat? Coke No Sugar - bad move Coca-Cola, bad move!



Why change a good thing


Coke Zero used to taste great, now it's not even drinkable. It was such a popular drink, why change it especially for something that tastes like it is off

New Coke Zero sugar is NOT improved taste


Yes, taste is subjective I guess, but they went the wrong direction here. Put my in the line of folks who prefer the rather yummy black label Coke Zero.

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Questions & Answers



Has anybody had any bad batches of Diet Coke or Coke no sugar in SA this past month.
It tastes an looks anemic!
Can’t drink it.
I’ve kept a can of the Diet to send back but the No Sugar was in a restaurant tonight and they checked the whole crate!
I think the chef found it more repulsive then I did. He nearly barfed when he tasted it.
It was exactly like the Diet. Washed out and pale.
Could it be heat affected? Or are they grey imports?

2 answers
Ray S
Ray S

All batches of CZS taste bad. This product was repulsive from day one.


Zero sugar



Does the Coke Zero has asid

No answers


Is Coca Cola "Safe" to drink ? I have had many people tell me it has Petrol products in it or other nasty products that will make me sick or cause caner or evwn death. What do you say about this?

1 answer
Jane F
Jane F

Coke No Sugar isn’t safe to drink. I believe you’re right that it may have petrol in it. Hopefully it will soon be discontinued and its brief life will be remembered as a kind of terrible dream.

On the other hand, Coke Zero was a fine drink and had no health risks.

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