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Nordic Mist by Coca Cola

I first tried this flavored water in NY. I was hooked!!! It is the best sparkling water I have Ever tasted!! I moved to Ohio, looked for it in the stores and no luck. So, I called Coca Cola and asked why they don't carry it here!. No help what so ever.

Lime coke....adding ginger will cause me to leave Coke

Why would Coke take a loved product...lime coke, and make it undrinkable! Adding ginger is awful. Unless they go back to the orginal, I will be going back to Pepsi.

They are falsely advertising the amounts of liquids in their products

So i contacted coke regarding my boredom issues where i had bought 10 of each 2L, 1.25L and 375ML cans all from different stores (about 15 stores all up). I measured all 30 items each 5 times in different measuring items to conclude that 2L = 1.8L, 1.25L = 1L, 375ML = 350ML.
They basically came back saying it was a bad batch and they apologise for the inconvenience.
If i had bought all the items from the same store i would believe them but the fact is i bought the items from all over Sydney just to make sure they weren't from the same batches (also checked batch no. etc).
They are denying all evidence i have provided them saying i didn't tip whole contents into measuring cup. I then sent videos of me opening the items where you can see the seal breaking etc and they still say i rigged it -.-.
I am reaching out to the public so everyone knows that the company are falsely advertising their quantities of products to make extra $$.

Coke has gone flat

Last two 30 packs of coke cans I bought from different supermarkets were very disappointing with over 50% of the cans flat. Don't want to buy anymore just to end up pouring them down the sink. I am hoping coke does some quality control at their canning plant soon and realises there is a problem.

Yuk! Rasberry Coke, It tastes like cough medicine.

I got a free raspberry coke and after one taste I threw it away, the fake raspberry tastes just like cough medicine to me.

Raspberry coca cola is awesome

Hated coke ginger,hated coke with coffee but love coca cola raspberry.Worth the two dollar gamble+hope its a permanent flavour.
Comes in 1.25 litre and mini cans.

Coke is always flat

I’m no longer buying coke as every bottle I’ve bought from coles and woolies in last 18 months has been completely flat - all 1.25L and 2L bottles. No wonder sales are bad! Fix the problem please.

If you're starting a business go with Pepsis!!

If youre starting a business go with pepsis!!
All this company cares about is getting your money! Once they have your business they have the worse customer service I've ever seen! The representative will never call you back until you go to someone above him and complain, then instead of fixing the problems they make them worse! They want your money when your order is delivered bit if they owe you money it takes about 4 months! And then they still cant get your check right! I've already recruited 3 businesses not to go with coke and order from Pepsis! Pepsi has great customer service and representatives that will call you back within minutes if they don't answer when you call!
What a joke, that's coke!!!

Coca Cola Zero No Sugar - What were they thinking?

Plain and simple: I hate it bring back the Coke Zero!! I have a group of friends who also did not like it. Don't try fixing what already works!!

Coca Cola Zero Sugar- not an improvement

Seems flat. The flavor is good, but where did the fizz go? I liked the original Coke Zero better. If you fix that, I'll still love yoy! You have been my favorite soft drink!

Coca Cola Zero Taste

I have been an avid consumer of Coke Zero for years, and now the shelves are empty of it, apparently making way for the "new and improved" Coca Cola Zero Sugar. It should be called Coca Cola Zero Taste. OK, I'll try everything, once. If I don't like it, I won't buy it again. This new version, Coca Cola Zero, only tastes sweet, and does not have the flavor of Coke Zero. Why can't you just bring back Coke Zero, as it was?


I have been drinking Vanilla Coke forever and still to this day think it's the best tasting soda drink on the planet simples"

Coca-Cola no sugar tastes too flat and too sweet

Bring back Coke Zero. This Coca-Cola no sugar tastes like a regular bottle of coke that has been left in the fridge with the cap off for a couple of days. Why change a good thing when all were happy with Coke Zero?

Consistency? Flat

Why is Coke always flat lately? Over different stores at many locations I find it flat and lacking flavour. Can sometimes get a good drink but too regularly it's disappointing and certainly not the drink I remember.

coke no sugar is coke zero with a new name

all i need to say is it has the same artificial sweeteners that zero has...not to mention diet coke, also both have adverse effects and 1 is linked to cancer. Drink this stuff at your own risk..
Me personally i'm going back to regular coke and stevia coke..
Might live longer

coca-cola no sugar- disgusting!

Recently I tried the "new" coca-cola no sugar which is intended to replace Coke Zero. It's awful, with that soapy aftertaste that many diet drinks have. We switched to Coke Zero and were so happy that it was not like many diet drinks in taste. Now, if Coca-Cola Amatil stays with Coca-Cola No Sugar, we'll switch to water. Coke has lost our support.

coca cola sucks

The last 6 cartonsof 8 pack of Coca Cola of the 200ml size has been dead flat.
My letter to Coca Cola.......
For the last 12 months approx, I have bought the 200ml sized coca cola's from Coles and Woolworths at Sugarland (now called Stockland) before trying Coles at Hinkler place, and each time there is no gas in the cans, it's like sugar water. As I use your product for medical reasons, it needs to work efficiently.
It's no good me moving to an alternative product (Pepsi) as it is the direct fault of the stores who persist in keeping the coca cola in the sun or outdoors in the shade, which makes it go flat. Over the 12 months, I would have bought at least 6 or more of the 8 packs of 200ml. All have been the same. Until someone starts jumping on these stores to demand they are put into a cold room immediately or the delivery drivers demand or forcefully place them in the cold rooms themselves, these stores will continue to sell flat coke!
Kind Regards
By the way, they haven't even bothered to reply and this letter was sent March 10th 2017.
Gone are the days when their product needed people to keep buying it, as this happened once before about the mid 90's and a salesman came to my door and replaced the flat coca cola.

The last time I bought Coke was about 4 months ago and no longer have the receipt. But then who would have expected a good product to go down the tube.


My partner is obsessed with coca-cola coke each weekly shop we do, we buy in bulk just so we don't run out, he can easily drink 4 litres a day he absolutely loves it. #1 soft drink in the world.

Sprite Cranberry

This new product is great. It is an adult flavor. Its tartness flavor reminds me of Pellagrino's sodas. The tartness transcends the sweet. It won't attract kids, so thank you to create such a sophisticated drink. Wow, I'll buy more. Thanks

Same old delicious taste

I love this cola. It is the same old taste that seems to perk me up especially on hot sunny days. I always have this in the fridge. If I feel hypoglycemic, I just chug a half coke and it is the fastest to up my blood sugar. Just don't drink too much as its sugar content is too high. I only drink half a can or settle for the less sweet Coke Zero.

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Why did coke stop sending people out to the vendors in brevard county, Florida?.... Now I have to drive way out of my way to get a tall can of coke and the store I usually go to is a block away.... Coke has been stocking the store for almost ten years and just stopped out of the blue.....
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you would need to ask Coca-Cola this question. This is a site where people review products and services and so no-one from Coke will see your question.

I love coke. Can somebody please tell me why the coke at the bottom of a can tastes so horrible? The rest is good. Thanks
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The coke at the bottom of the can is a mixture of coke and your spit. Try to be more careful as you drink the top half of your coke so that less of your spit goes in the can corrupting the taste of your final few sips.