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Coca-Cola no sugar tastes too flat and too sweet


Bring back Coke Zero. This Coca-Cola no sugar tastes like a regular bottle of coke that has been left in the fridge with the cap off for a couple of days. Why change a good thing when all were happy with Coke Zero?

Consistency? Flat


Why is Coke always flat lately? Over different stores at many locations I find it flat and lacking flavour. Can sometimes get a good drink but too regularly it's disappointing and certainly not the drink I remember.

coke no sugar is coke zero with a new name


all i need to say is it has the same artificial sweeteners that zero has...not to mention diet coke, also both have adverse effects and 1 is linked to cancer. Drink this stuff at your own risk..
Me personally i'm going back to regular coke and stevia coke..
Might live longer

coca-cola no sugar- disgusting!


Recently I tried the "new" coca-cola no sugar which is intended to replace Coke Zero. It's awful, with that soapy aftertaste that many diet drinks have. We switched to Coke Zero and were so happy that it was not like many diet drinks in taste. Now, if Coca-Cola Amatil stays with Coca-Cola No Sugar, we'll switch to water. Coke has lost our support.



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coca cola sucks



MangaLogan city

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My partner is obsessed with coca-cola coke each weekly shop we do, we buy in bulk just so we don't run out, he can easily drink 4 litres a day he absolutely loves it. #1 soft drink in the world.

Sprite Cranberry


This new product is great. It is an adult flavor. Its tartness flavor reminds me of Pellagrino's sodas. The tartness transcends the sweet. It won't attract kids, so thank you to create such a sophisticated drink. Wow, I'll buy more. Thanks



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Same old delicious taste


I love this cola. It is the same old taste that seems to perk me up especially on hot sunny days. I always have this in the fridge. If I feel hypoglycemic, I just chug a half coke and it is the fastest to up my blood sugar. Just don't drink too much as its sugar content is too high. I only drink half a can or settle for the less sweet Coke Zero.

Rude distributors


This drink is excellent and refreshing, however the distribution team could be more friendly while delivering the products to the stores.

This is the worst thing ever now


Coca Cola used to one of my favorite drinks but now it complete trash I swear each time I drink this I always regret it. I would rather drink Pepsi, 7up, and Sprite then this. Each time I drink this I swear and not being dramatic it hurts me I go through a Terrible pain in my chest and go away after 20min. Man I really hope they start making the old Coca Cola because this drink is a sorry excuse of soda.



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Great taste and cleaning product


Not only does it quench my thirst, you wouldn't believe how great it is for cleaning purposes. Example..my stove top air filter which is covered in grease. I soaked it overnight with hot water and half a litre of coke. Straight away the grease lifted off floating to the surface..if you see it on special..grab some more for when your in the mood for spring Cleaning.

Coca-Cola is the best soft drink ever


Yes, the taste's changed a little over the years and it tastes better in glass bottles than cans and plastic bottles. But no matter how or when I consume it, it's incredible. I couldn't imagine a life without Coke!

No matter what, it's a lot better than Pepsi, which isn't really garbage either, but there's just something about Coca-Cola that makes it a lot better than Pepsi.



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The quality has changed


I’ve always been a consumer of Coca Cola coke. For me, coke means only Coca cola – it’s definitely way better than Pepsi. But I find that the quality has changed over the years. I don’t know what it is but I can’t put my finger on it. The taste seems a little different. The packaging of Coke cans and bottles are amazing but the taste has changed and this has put me off from drinking coke for a while.



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tasty but bad


Very tasty, nice. The composition of the product is not very good. Under the alternative I would choose a more healthy drink.

Crazy price for cola!


I used to be a huge fan of cola in my younger years and lately I've had a craving for the drink so a few weeks ago I had gone into one of the supermarkets to grab a bottle but as I came across the shelves I was shocked by the asking price for the product as for a 500ml bottle the price came to £1.25, which in my opinion is ludicrous! and I don't intend on paying that amount any time soon!

If you like blandness, this is the drink for you!


Veronica Viera

Veronica VieraSydney

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Refreshing as Always


Coke is Coke. There's lots of food and drinks that give a sudden surge of sugar into the bloodstream but nothing beats Coca-Cola in quenching thirst and relieving the need for sugar in my body. On a hot day this is the ultimate comfort drink.



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Still Amazing


Can't go wrong with coke it goes well with everything. I avoid 2L bottles though, It goes flat very fast. 1.25L Bottles more practical. Coke seems to be on a special a lot more often then ever before. I never bought it much as Pepsi products were always much cheaper. I guess they came aware of Pepsi and their competitive pricing and the cola wars continue.

Be Careful


I love the taste of Coke, no complaint there. Wins over Pepsi, no contest for me.
However, a few months ago I bought a bottle and when I opened it up, there were about two dozen ants inside of it. The bottle was sealed, and I noticed them immediately after I opened it, so they didn't crawl in when I wasn't paying attention or anything like that. It hasn't happened since, and I don't know whether the Coca-Cola company is responsible or whoever bottles it, but I only buy my Coke from a machine now.

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And by machine, I mean soda fountain, not a vending machine. Thought I'd clarify.

Ok taste


Has made it into its own artificial natural flavor product good tasting flavor and it lasts for more than 100 years.

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When will you make Coke with real can Sugar affordable?

No answers

Roze Mason

Roze Masonasked

Why did coke stop sending people out to the vendors in brevard county, Florida?.... Now I have to drive way out of my way to get a tall can of coke and the store I usually go to is a block away.... Coke has been stocking the store for almost ten years and just stopped out of the blue.....

1 answer
Sarzie Mac
Sarzie Mac

you would need to ask Coca-Cola this question. This is a site where people review products and services and so no-one from Coke will see your question.

The Gold Drink

The Gold Drinkasked

I love coke. Can somebody please tell me why the coke at the bottom of a can tastes so horrible? The rest is good. Thanks

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Snack King
Snack King

The coke at the bottom of the can is a mixture of coke and your spit. Try to be more careful as you drink the top half of your coke so that less of your spit goes in the can corrupting the taste of your final few sips.

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