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Coldstream Cider

Coldstream Cider

2.8 from 5 reviews


Tastes like cheep carbonated goon. Nothing like cider at all. Will not buy again. I don't recommend this unless your into that 80s cheap spumante

Coldstream Pear Cider

Dry,crisp and utterly delish.
If I could buy this product in 6 or 8 can packs I would! Sooo good!

Bloody Awful

After reading several internet reviews, I can only conclude that either most people don't know what cider tastes like or the four cans my wife purchased were off.

There is an underlying apple in a slightly sweet cider, the flavour suggests a comination of a poor choice of yeast, high temperatures and very poor quality apples, possibly a stalled ferment. On the nose, it reminds me of windfall apples rotting on the ground.

Nasty and a waste of hard earned dollars.

One of the worst ciders I've ever tasted.

Not a fan

Can say I really like this cider and I have tried many. Has got a strong apple taste and I feel this is below your 5seeds and strongbow ciders but priced bait higher. I'd stay clear there's much better and this while not drinkable, it's not what you want in a cider
I didn't spit it out
Not a great taste. Much better out there

I lovely refreshing drink that can be easily devoured in summer.

I've only recently tried Coldstream, and on first taste it seems like good value for money and a viable alternative to the more expensive premium ciders out there.
I think I may need to buy some more and further my testing!
Coldstream Cider is fermented with a champagne yeast and, afterwards, undergoes six to eight weeks of cold conditioning at close to zero degrees.

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Size is deceptive as only 330 ml

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