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Coleman Event 14 with Sunwall

Coleman Event 14 with Sunwall

3.0 from 32 reviews

Easy ripping

Ripped 3rd day up. It has 3 different patches on it now. Can't handle a little bit of a breeze. Tears at the velcro then down the seam. The poles are good just the velcro and cheap cover. Have to take it down as soon as a breeze comes up or it will RIP somewhere else. Sad state of affairs Expected more for the price. Was purchased for a shelter for the kids tent and table in back yard. Not buy again.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


I bought on of these last year and it ripped after a few uses , took it back to anaconda who gave me another one. Put the second one up this year several times and again it has ripped. Absolute rubbish

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Total piece of...

On its first use it collapsed from a wind gust. Broken poles pierced the fabric and its now useless. Returned to Anaconda who had Coleman assess and it apparently poles are not a warranty item...

$150 down the drain.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Don’t buy it

Poles jammed together and one broke on first use.
Tarp cover barely stretches over poles so is too tight.
Tent pegs bent on first use as they are so thin.
Instructions are virtually non existent.
Takes several adults to put up

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Poor quality.

I purchased this as a shade for my pool and I had no illusions. For $148 (Annapurna club member discount) I didn't did not expect it to last very long but given that I have spent significantly longer periods camping, I did expect it to last longer than it has. I bought this on 23/10/2018. Today is 7/12/2018 and it now stands in shreds in my backyard.

It took a lot of work for two people to put up. If you're used to the time it takes for a standard gazebo, this will come as a bit of a shock. The poles are steel with very poor quality paint. By the end of putting them together, I had pain on my hands and they were easily scratched simply laying them out on the grass. I have put up every type of tent, from 2 person hiking tents to circus marquees. For me it was fairly strait forward, but the printed instructions are completely worthless. Working out what went where and how took a little time. For someone with little experience, the unlabeled different sized poles will definitely provide a challenge.

The fabric is not UV stable. You get your first hint from the cheap guy ropes provided. Within a couple of weeks of being put up, there was noticeable fading of the fabric. within the first month, there were numerous small tears forming. Now, with some light breezes the entire fabric is in shreds.

This is obviously not designed for long term use and it says so right on the box. What you have to ask yourself though, is whether you're happy to get less than 60 days of total use over the months or years you may own this. As I said, I bought it, knowing it wouldn't last long. If I were to purchase it for camping, I'd get 5-6 week long camping trips out of it. If you pay $148 as I did, it's probably an OK investment. If you were to pay the $400ish RRP, you might want to consider looking for something of higher quality.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Excellent shade

Fantastic shade shelter. Packed bag is smaller than a gazebo of same shade size (i.e. 4m x 4m) for those with limited car space. It also is a roomy bag for repacking catering for the messy folders (1 person folding compared to neatness achieved by 2 people). We (2 people) got it up in 10 minutes without instructions (found them attached to the inside of the bag when packing up). Used for water's edge shelter when skiing. The sidewall is easy to attach/remove (if you didn't use the 'feet rope guide', you'll need to adjust the legs) - especially useful for the shifting morning to afternoon sun for ultimate shade. Made sure it was packed dry for storage. With proper care, should last a few years. Friends with an older version have been using theirs for 7 years for camping/skiing trips with no issues.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Good shelter

Top item that was used on 43 occasions (days) and the material has finally given out (last week). The frame is in excellent condition and if available we will seek out a replacement cover although I am aware that the cost of a new dome now is a lot less than the original cost.

Date PurchasedJan 2006

Good bad and costly

I have purchased 2 of these shelters in the last 2 years and placed them over the pool so the family can swim throughout the day. The only problem is that they have only lasted 2/3 months as they have torn near the velcro tie downs on each occasion. The product idea is great but the quality of the shade is very poor. $200 for 2/3months - not very good. Improve the quality Coleman and I will try it again.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Very disappointed

Only just got around to putting this up. Left over pool for one week in no winds and whole canopy disintegrating and torn. Expected better from a Coleman product. Understand it's for occasional use but seven days in total in eleven month period is occasional.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Wonderful Product recommend to anyone

We have had our event 14 for at least seven years and love it. It is common sense not to have the skin on in very windy weather. Thanks Coleman

Date PurchasedApr 2010


I bought one of these a few years ago and have used it many times since. Its great and a very good shape for a shelter - we've had ours up in a number of storms and its stood up well (I do peg mine down pretty well). I find its easy to set up too (as long as you follow the instruction and use the measure thingy that comes in the bag). I'm not a fan of the side panels, but friends who we camp with regularly use them on 3 sides and they like them.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Good Shelter. Make sure you don't use original ropes.

I have been using the Event 14 for all around living in my holiday land. I ended up buying another one. Now I have two. Unfortunately the ropes that hold the gazebo down do not handle sun conditions very well. All of them bro in the list wind we had and the gazebo got completely damaged. I tested the ropes, sure enough they are all disintegrated in my hand. I hope I will be able to get canopy replacement cheap. :-(

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Worst product ive ever wasted my money on.

Thought being Coleman it would be a quality product.WRONG! Used for a total of about 4 weeks and it literally fell apart. Cheap ,cheap chinese junk. Last Coleman product I will ever buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

We liked it so much we bought two for our Car Club

We have now purchased 3 Coleman Event 14 Deluxe, first time setting up took around 30 mins following their instructions, after that I can now do it on my own in around 10 to 15 minutes, and dismantle it just as quick, love how compact it is when packed away, and when set up so much more shade that other square type gazebos and yes we still have two of these too, we liked it so much we convinced our local car club to buy a couple of them, last event we have 40 people under the two, was terrific, many great comments from the members, even cooler than the other square type Gazebos too. For the $269.00 we paid they are cheap enough, after a couple of years of use if ours finally breaks, we would buy another.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Also adding to my comment above, we too had some windy blustery conditions in the time it was up, I did not use or trust the supplied pegs, I own some stainless steel pegs that are four times longer than the supplied, this kept it from moving at all, the small ones supplied I think are used only for light windy conditions, nothing severe. When ours was set up we had a tropical storm pass over, we did not get wet and out pegs had not moved, if we used the supplied pegs we may of had an issue, so please use common sense when picking any shade tents like this, always use common sense when buying this type of product, and add bigger and better pegs just in case.

Buyer Beware!

I wish we had read these 'bad' reviews before 'investing' in what turned out to be a completely dud product.

We initially only saw the 'glowing' reviews and unfortunately were duped to spending $$$$$ (RRP is over $400 for the Event 14 Deluxe!).

We were led to believe this was going to be a superior gazebo that would last. Especially with their trademarked "Steel Windstrong™" shockproof frame. We had a similar issue as others have mentioned. In our case an unexpected rush of wind in otherwise normal weather conditions managed to pull the gazebo out of its pegs (we were using the pegs provided with the product on both the foot pads and guy ropes). The structure still managed to take off like a parachute (wind opening shade material should have stopped this) and tumbled on its side, with the poles becoming damaged. Windstrong? Shockproof? Hardly.

A number of pole sections snapped, others became twisted, and a few others were jammed. Not very shockproof or windproof at all. Only after its third use in only 9 months.

The worse part has been dealing with Coleman's warranty department, having the audacity to accuse us of "swinging off the poles" to cause such damage. Really Coleman?? Is this what you think of your once-loyal customers?

Needless to say that if we don't come to a solution with Coleman, we will take this up with the ACCC given their misleading advertising.

Given the premature failure of the Coleman components, we will not be looking to replace the parts. In future we shall revert back to old-fashioned tarp, poles and ratchet straps for our camping shade.

Save your hard-earnt money, do NOT invest in this inferior product.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Excellent Product, Easy to use.

Contrary to some reviews, we have used ours several times, we have found this product to be excellent.
My wife can assemble and dismantle in around 15 minutes.
BUT do yourself a favour, read the instructions. It is most important secure the feet correctly, which is very easy with tapes supplied. This ensures the feet will not spread out and rip the cover or joints. Easy !!
Excellent Product, Easy to use.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Event 14 deluxe

I have the deluxe and cant fault it, it has survived big winds, raging storms and even hail. This is not a cheap instant fold out gazebo you must take your time to set it up correctly, or as others have mentioned it will flap around and tear itself apart.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Never had a problem

We have had 2 event 14s. I don't expect them to last forever. When I say "had" I mean still have but the first one was used so many times, for so long that the fabric had stretched too much to be usable in all conditions - no tears, just stretch. I've had them up in some fairly strong winds and no problems WHEN PROPERLY SECURED. This thing really is a tension structure - you need the frame located correctly as others have said, and the guys secured, the pull down straps in each corner done up etc. for it to be robust.
Only criticism I have is that erecting/taking down is, ideally, a 4 person job (one per corner) so it can be done without stressing the frame. It can be done by 2. It's not that the frame is too weak WHEN ERECTED it's just not great if pulled out of shape during erect/lower).

Similar to other bad reviews

Only used our one 4 times for a few days each time, the cover has gone very brittle in the sun and it has ripped in several places. Very unhappy about it as it was expensive.

Dont waste your hard earned money

Have had the shelter for 1 month and it has disintegrated at the seams and is torn with touch from fingers. It has been up permanantly for that time. When coleman was contacted they stated it isnt meant as a permanant fixture. Do they not realise people camp for that period of time.
Always thought coleman where a reputable camping name!!!!!!!.

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Questions & Answers

Can anyone tell me where I get an event 14 insert so that I can join two gazebos together? Thanks Donna
1 answer
Hi did you get answer on this?

I have an event 14 and I love it. Not had any problems until last weekend camping under trees and I think a sharp twig or branch from above pierced the canopy. Not happy Jan, I can tell you. Does anyone know if you can patch them and if so what is the best thing to use.? Or how much does a replacement canopy cost? Cheers Robyn
1 answer
Nor Coleman or BCF would confirm a replacement cost you can purchase a sail amount of Sail Tape from either yacht supplies or wind surfing kite surfing repair businesses But Robyn it sounds to me your cover is on its way out so don't spend to much and you are up against the same problem as all of us , the replacement cover is exactly the same , you would think Coleman would cop it on the chin and admit they era and supply proper uv protected covers but no they continue to deceive the public

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